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Thanks to the Çanakkale bus ticket, those who want to visit the unique city of Çanakkale can travel comfortably and safely. Before mentioning exactly the places that need to be discovered in the unique city of Çanakkale, giving important information about this city helps to create more ideal travel plans.

With an ancient history of thousands of years, Çanakkale is an impressive city that played a key role in the First World War and the founding of the Turkish Republic. With its unique coasts in the Marmara and Aegean Regions, historical parks erected in the region where the Dardanelles Wars took place, impressive martyrdoms and monuments, the city attracts many tourists. Çanakkale is also home to two of the most valuable cities of the ancient world: the ancient city of Troy and the ancient city of Assos. Every corner of this city has a different beauty with its popular holiday villages like Ayvacık, blue flag beaches, museums hosting many historical artifacts and small charming villages. Moreover, to reach all these places and more, Çanakkale bus ticket opportunities provide a lot of convenience and help you to make your travel plans comfortably.

Places to Visit in Çanakkale

There are many places to visit in Çanakkale. Many natural beauties and many historical buildings allow you to spend your visit to Çanakkale to the fullest. Exploring all the places in this city also contributes to adding new memories to your unforgettable memories.

Behramkale Village, Asos

When it comes to places to visit in Çanakkale, the village of Asos and Behramkale stands out. Behramkale village of Ayvacık, also known as Asos, is one of the must-see places in Çanakkale with its peaceful atmosphere, clean air, clear waters and historical treasures such as the world-famous ancient city. The ancient city of Assos is visited by history and culture lovers from all over the world. Assos; It offers a comfortable journey with its beaches, quality accommodation options and century-old stone houses that perfectly reflect the narrow streets of Lesbos.

Infantry Regiment Cemetery

Another important place that is frequently visited in Çanakkale is the Infantry Regiment located in Koca Dere in Eceabat. In addition to the mausoleum containing 628 soldiers and fascinating statues, the statue of martyred Hüseyin Kaçmaz is definitely worth seeing here. You can also get interesting information about the Anzac Landings from the Martyrs' Guide of the 57th Infantry Regiment, which you can visit as part of your historical tour.

Namazgah Bastion

Between the Cimenlik Castle, the narrowest part of the Dardanelles, is the Namazgah Bastion, one of the first points of the Çanakkale History and culture tour, the foundation of which was laid in 1770. This bastion, named after the Friday prayer performed during the Dardanelles War, was one of the key points of the Dardanelles defense. The castle, which was damaged in an attack on March 18, 1915, attracts many people and is constantly visited thanks to its impressive stone architecture and Bosphorus view. Located in the Namazgah Bastion, the museum has an impressive section of documents, shrapnel and figures representing the daily lives of the soldiers.

Çanakkale City Museum

Çanakkale Municipality Museum is among the frequent destinations of tourists coming to the city. Located in a historical building on Fetvane Street in Kemalpaşa district, the museum offers pleasant times from ancient times to the Ottoman period, with many photographs and local products. The museum, which draws attention with its works, library and activities, can be entered between 10.00-19.00 in summer and 10.00-17.00 in winter, except Mondays, and admission is free of charge.

Ayazma Beach

Restaurants, cafes and numerous beach clubs line the beach in this magnificent place and are open to tourists. Ayazma Beach, Bozcaada's most popular beach, is the first place where both domestic and foreign tourists enjoy the sea, and its clear turquoise waters are ideal for diving.

Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park

Established in 1973, the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park covers an area of 33,000 hectares in the south of the Gallipoli Peninsula and is one of the important visiting points of millions of people every year. Being a Special Protected Area designated by the UN, the national park is filled with numerous monuments. In the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park, which is under protection as a historical site, there are more than 150,000 New Zealand and Australian monuments and more than 60,000 Turkish monuments among the trenches, castles, fortresses and giant cannons. This place, which offers an interesting view, is always included in the travel lists. The park, which gives emotional moments while visiting the Martyrs' Graves, is one of the places that must be visited to see the Çanakkale Martyrs' Monument and to commemorate the thousands of martyrs who were martyred in the Çanakkale Wars with respect. Moreover, it is possible to reach here easily via Çanakkale Bus Terminal.

Adatepe Village

The famous Tru Adatepe, dating back to the Battle of Va., is one of the most beautiful villages of Çanakkale and hundreds of thousands of people want to visit this uniquely beautiful village every year. Adatepe village is one of the must-see places with its peaceful and calm atmosphere, cute sidewalk cafes and wide accommodation options. Located on the western slopes of the famous Kaz Mountains, Adatepe attracts tourists from all over the world with its relaxing air with plenty of oxygen, unspoiled natural beauties, clear waters and historical heritage. Zeus Altar is the most visited place of Adatepe. Impressive stone architecture, Olive Oil Museum, which is known to serve until 1985, and Küçükkuyu, which is a touristic place on the Adatepe coast, are among the places to visit in this village. Relax in Adatepe, with its authentic streets reminiscent of centuries-old plane trees and open-air museums, Taş Mektep, an important architectural work from the first period of the Republic. Add this unique village to your list of places to discover on your Çanakkale trip.

Anatolian Hamidiye Bastion

In 1892, Sultan II. The Anatolian Hamidiye Bastion, built by Abdülhamid in the Barbaros district in the center of Çanakkale to secure the Dardanelles, is one of the must-see places right next to the Çanakkale War History Museum. A part of the bastion decorated with the characteristic stone architecture of the Ottoman period is also a part of the museum, which was completed with a huge cannon. Visiting both a unique museum and the bastion allows you to take a closer look at the museum's collection detailing the Dardanelles wars. The bastion, which has walking and cycling tracks, children's playground, observatory, amphitheater, parade area and cafeteria, is easy to access due to its central location.

Kefalos Beach

Kefalos Beach, also known as Çanakkale's Aydınlık Beach, is located in Gökçeada, one of the valuable tourist attractions of this city. Kefalos Beach, with its 1,200-meter-long sandy beach surrounded by golden sands, is one of the best windsurfing spots in Turkey after Çeşme and Alaçatı with its windy structure and choppy sea. Kefalos beach surrounds restaurants, hostels and well-equipped campsites where you can windsurf, kitesurf, paragliding and other activities after a short workout at the beach's water sports centre. Kefalos Beach, which can be easily reached by minibus services twice, in the morning and evening, from the center of Gökçeada, is one of the places you must see on your water Çanakkale trip. You can easily reach Gökçeada via Çanakkale Bus Terminal, and you can access this exquisite beach from Gökçeada by minibuses.

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