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You can have a pleasant trip by buying a bus ticket to Denizli. It is the second largest city in the region and is a bridge between the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions. This culturally rich city is heavily flooded by tourists at certain times of the year. It is possible to come across different historical traces on the lands where different civilizations lived. You can have a pleasant time on your trip to Denizli by going to many places with its cultural richness.

It is one of the cities that talk about itself in the world with its natural beauties. You can witness extraordinary landscapes in this city, where there are many different geological formations. You can travel to the past while visiting ancient cities from civilizations that lived in the past. You may have chosen the right city for a trip with its impressive nature and history.

Travertines of Pamukkale

Pamukkale Travertines, which represent Denizli, is one of the world-famous formations. This place, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, is one of the few places to be seen in the country. Pamukkale, which is good for many different ailments with its waters, welcomes thousands of tourists throughout the year. It is a naturally occurring formation in the Büyük Menderes Basin as a result of earthquakes that took place 400 thousand years ago. Terraces were formed thanks to the carbonate minerals precipitated by the thermal waters. It is one of the most visited places by foreign tourists in Turkey.

It was formed by terraces consisting of spring waters and travertines. The spring waters that make up Pamukkale Travertines come from Çökelez Mountain. Travertines, named Pamukkale because of its color, are one of the places that have been the subject of scientific studies. Apart from its cultural and historical structure, it attracts a lot of attention thanks to its healing waters. It is the first place that people looking for places to visit in Denizli should visit.

Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City

It is one of the places on the must-see list of many people. The discovery of Pamukkale, which receives about 2 million visitors a year, dates back to the Roman Period. The ancient city, located next to the travertines, stands with all its splendor. Along with the travertines, it has been included in the Cultural and Natural Heritage List by UNESCO. It is seen that the Kingdom of Pergamon could not resist the naturally beautiful Pamukkale Travertines and established this city right next to it. The city of Hierapolis, which was built, was used as a health center at that time. People from many parts of Anatolia came here to find beauty and health.

Hierapolis has been very well preserved until today. This city, which has more distinctive structures than many ancient cities, is worth seeing. The Roman Bath, which is used as an archeology museum, is an area where artifacts and ruins found in the surrounding area are exhibited. The stories shared about the place called the Ploutonium and believed to be the entrance to hell during the Roman Period can be quite fascinating.

South Falls

Located next to the Menderes River, the waterfall is another natural beauty in Denizli. Located in the First Degree Natural Protected Area, this waterfall is worth seeing. Güney Waterfall is fed by the water sources coming out of Cindere Mountain. Since the water flowing from the waterfall is calcareous, there are limestone steps formed by the slowly flowing water. The green of the plants and algae around it and the blue of the water flowing flawlessly offer an insatiable view. The stalactite stalagmites have formed in the waterfall, which has been flowing for many years. Damlataş Cave is a very impressive natural formation. Denizli Bus Terminal becomes a place you do not want to return after you start your trip.

Akhan Caravanserai

It is one of the last caravanserais of the Seljuks, who lived in Anatolia, in the western region. Akhan Caravanserai has two inscriptions. Although it fits the sultan's inns due to its structure, it is a small inn. The courtyard of the caravanserai was completed in 1254 and the closed side was completed in 1253. The caravanserai, which has an asymmetrical plan, consists of closed and open sections. It has a rectangular hall and a square courtyard. One of the historical buildings in Denizli, the caravanserai is one of the must-see places.

Bitter Lake

The other name of this lake, which was formed tectonically, is Çardak Lake. It has an area of approximately 42 kilometers and is a lake located between Denizli and Afyon. The lake is fed by the spring waters coming from the Söğüt Mountains. Its altitude is 836 meters, it is also called bitter salt lake. In the water of the lake; salt, sulfate, potassium and sodium. It has a very rich water in terms of natural minerals. Acı Göl, which is a stop for different birds at certain times of the year, can be easily watched from the nearby bird watching tower.

Keloğlan Cave

Located on the Mallı Mountain, the cave is located on the eastern slope. The cave filled with stalactites, columns and stalactites was formed naturally. Due to the many cracks in the cave structure, it is very suitable for karstification. The cave, which was developed among the limestones, is a dripstone.

It is divided into many islets that unite with columns. In this case, it causes the cave to take a recessed shape. Keloğlan Cave, one of the natural beauties, should not be forgotten when buying a bus ticket to Denizli.

Pamukkale Hierapolis Archeology Museum

The Roman Bath, one of the largest and most ambitious structures of the ancient city, has been serving as the Hierapolis Archeology Museum for many years. All artifacts and remains from the archaeological studies in and around Hierapolis are exhibited here. At the same time, artifacts from ancient cities in Colossai, Attuda, Laodikeia and Çürüksu valley are exhibited in this museum. The archaeological remains unearthed from Beycesultan Mound, which has the most important examples from the Bronze Age, form one of the most important parts of the museum. The museum consists of three different indoor areas; The theater is divided into a sculpture and sarcophagus hall and a small find hall.

Temple of Apollo Lairbenos

It is a temple located on the hill known as Asartepe. It was built on a conical shaped hill, which has a wide command over the Menderes Valley. Although it creates a perception similar to many cult centers encountered in Western Anatolia, it is one of the points that has attracted the attention of experts working on the history of religion recently. You should add a point with so much interest to your list of places to visit in Denizli. As it is a very important temple in terms of the history of religions, it is a structure that has not been seen before in Anatolia. Although the temple is in a modest structure, one of the inscriptions that proved the Atonement tradition, which was considered important by the Christians, was found here.

Bogazici Town Old Mosque

It is a rectangular planned mosque with three naves. The wooden supports and the hand-carved decorations on the ceiling are quite impressive. It was built in 1811 Hijri. The walls feature geometric patterns and floral ornaments. It is a remarkable building with wall paintings containing architectural depictions. While an earthen roof was used on the mosque, it was decided to cover it with a sloping roof instead. Considering the years it was built and the details inside, it becomes a very fascinating place.

You have many different options to visit on your trip to Denizli. It is one of the cities where many people come to visit these places, especially with its historical structures and artifacts. Denizli Bus Terminal can be used to enter the ancient cities outside the center. It may be more comfortable to go in hot seasons, as it will be necessary to walk a lot in places to visit. Due to its region, Denizli does not fall below certain temperatures during all four seasons, you can choose the time to visit. The city, where many historical buildings are spoken by the world, welcomes local and foreign tourists throughout the year. There are places that will attract the attention of everyone who is interested in history. In addition, Denizli is very famous for its hot springs, it is one of the cities you can choose for a thermal holiday.

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