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The city of Karaman, which you can easily reach with Karaman bus ticket deals, is located in the southernmost part of the Central Anatolia region. The city, whose history dates back to 8,000 BC, was an important trade center during the Hittite periods. The city, which later came under the rule of both Phrygians and Lydians, was declared the capital in 1256. The city, which was connected to Konya after the declaration of the Republic, was accepted as the 70th city of Turkey in 1989.

In the city known as the agricultural city, the industrial sector has also developed and, accordingly, the city's economic resources have increased significantly. The city, which is also very developed in terms of religious tourism, is home to many sacred sites. When we look at the climate characteristics of the city, it is observed that the summer months are hot and dry and the winter months are cold and rainy. For this reason, the most ideal times to visit the city are considered to be spring and summer months. It is also recommended that you spend at least 2 days in the city to explore the city ideally. Many festivals and events are held in the city during the spring and summer months, and thanks to these events, it is possible to interact with the locals and try local flavors. You can buy your ticket to reach the city by taking a look at Karaman bus ticket opportunities.

Karaman Museum

Karaman Museum, which stands out when it comes to places to visit in Karaman, should be visited to better understand the history of the city and to see many historical buildings on site. As a result of the excavations in all the ancient sites in the city and its surroundings, many artifacts were unearthed, and each of these artifacts was transported to the museum in a protected manner and started to be exhibited. Historical works reflecting many periods, from ancient times to the Republican period, attract the attention of history enthusiasts. You may consider including the museum in your travel plans to see many works and take lots of photos in the museum, which also has 2 exhibition halls.

Aktekke City Square

Aktekke City Square, considered the largest square in the city, is also known as the square where the pulse of the city beats. The square, which always has a lively and energetic atmosphere, has many shops and businesses that will meet everything you need. You can also browse the souvenir shops in the square, which is visited by both locals and visitors to the city in every season of the year. You can buy gifts for your loved ones from these shops and also have the opportunity to try local flavors from various restaurants.

Olive Market

The history of Zeyve Market, which has managed to make a name for itself in the lists of places to visit in Karaman, dates back 600 years. There are around 300 plane trees in this unique market. The market, which has managed to impress everyone who sees it thanks to its cold water, natural beauties and residential areas, continues its services between June and October. Fruits and vegetables grown by local people are sold to both local and foreign visitors during these months. Handicraft products that reflect the cultural characteristics of the region are also sold in the market. When you come to visit the city of Karaman, you can stop by this market and buy organic fruits and vegetables, and consider buying many handmade products to gift your loved ones.

Kuğulu Park

As one of the city's most popular parks, Kuğulu Park is one of the city's locals' favorite places to spend time in the spring and summer months. There are many cafes and tea gardens in the park, so people can visit this park to relax and have a pleasant time. There are also children's playgrounds and walking tracks in the park, so it is possible for you to take pleasant walks and have fun with your children.

Ermenek Turquoise Dam

It is very interesting that this dam, which is approximately 160 km away from the city center, is located in a completely green area and has a turquoise color. While the combination of green and turquoise tones manages to fascinate everyone, this place is also ideal for taking lots of photos and getting fresh air. The dam, which also has an important place in terms of energy production, has a body of 272 thousand cubic meters. In the area where the dam is located, you can have a picnic, try various water sports such as sailing and diving, and have a pleasant time in the water with water bikes. Canoeing and boating are also very common here. Moreover, it is extremely easy to reach here via Karaman Bus Terminal.

İncesu Cave

İncesu Cave, located in the Taşkale town of the city, has a length of 1356 meters. The cave, which was formed completely naturally, contains travertine pools, stalactites and stalagmites, thus creating a visually magnificent feast. It is also possible to find traces of settlements reflecting the Roman period in the area where the cave is located. It is also said that the water in the cave is healing for many diseases, so the cave is also used by heart patients and asthma patients. It is frequently visited. It is possible to move around the cave, which is 6 m high, without any difficulty. You can choose to include this place in your plans both to benefit from the healing water and to closely examine the traces of the past.

Manazan Caves

The caves, which are considered one of the historical symbols of the city of Karaman, are approximately 40 km away from the city center. There are also many human-made carving chambers here and the limestone cliffs attract a lot of attention. The caves, whose history dates back to the Byzantine Empire, offer the opportunity to examine a kind of apartment model with their many passages. The cave rooms, which were used for completely different purposes when they were built, were also used as chapels. Although it has faced various weathering conditions until today, the general appearance of the caves and the rooms inside manage to attract attention.

Goddess Hidden Paradise

This place, which is ideal for fully enjoying the magnificent nature and examining the historical ruins closely, is located in the center of the city. Here you can spend quiet and peaceful times with your loved ones and take nature walks. There is also a dam here where you can fish. It should be noted that Gödet Hidden Paradise, which is frequently visited by locals in spring and summer to get away from the city crowds and relax, also attracts the attention of photography enthusiasts. If you are thinking of coming to this city, especially in spring or summer, it is recommended that you stop by here and enjoy nature. It is both easy and comfortable to reach here via Karaman Bus Terminal.

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