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This city, which you can reach by the Kırklareli bus station, is also known as the forty churches with its old name. This city, which was conquered by the raiders under the command of Demirtaş Pasha during the reign of Sultan Murat I and started to be known as Kırklareli due to the loss of 40 martyrs during the raid, is known as one of the must-see cities of Turkey.

Known as a city with great and rich natural beauties, which attracts attention due to the low population living outside the city and its small center, Kırklareli amazes those who see it with its natural beauties throughout 4 seasons. In addition, many different natural beauties and historical buildings in the city make your touristic trip much more enjoyable.

In addition, the fact that it is very easy to reach the city has made it one of the most preferred touristic cities. In this way, you can easily reach the structures that should be visited as a tourist attraction in the city and make your touristic trip much more enjoyable.

Kiyikoy Beach

Kiyikoy, one of the shores of the Black Sea, is known as a protected area of magnificent beauty, even though it is built on a rocky ground. This beach, which hosts the Pabuçdere and Kazandere lakes, which are protected as natural protected areas, is one of the most preferred spots by those who want to make your holiday in Kırklareli much more enjoyable.

You can go for rides on the Kiyikoy beach with motorboats or boats, and camp around the beach during the summer months. In addition to this, there are cafes in many restaurants in order to meet your needs in the region, which is also home to pensions and hotels.

Igneada Beach

Igneada Beach, located in Demirköy district of Kırklareli, is known as one of the most remarkable regions because it forms a border point with Bulgaria. Needle island beach, which is approximately 25 km away from the town and has a 10 km long clean beach, has many hostels and hotels around me. In addition, there are restaurants, tea gardens and toilets specially designed to meet your needs around the beach.

Fair Pier Bay

One of the places that must be visited in Kırklareli, which is known as a small but big city with its natural beauties, which you will have the chance to see with a bus ticket to Kırklareli, is known as the Panayır Iskelesi Bay. While continuing from Poliçe Bay to İğneada, the fairground, which attracts attention with its eye-catching beauty, also draws attention because it is one of the most popular spots for turbot fishing. While the coastal formations in the bay offer a unique view, it is located on a unique beach 200 m long and 20 meters wide in the bay covered with green forests. While it is possible to have a pleasant time in this bay, where it is possible to see every shade of blue and green, its calm and quiet environment becomes a unique option for those who want to leave the chaos of the city behind.

Ali Rıza Efendi Culture House

Although Kırklareli draws attention with its natural beauties, many cultural buildings in the city are widely preferred by those who want to get to know the history of Kırklareli more closely. Ali Rıza Efendi Culture House, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in Kırklareli, is one of the buildings under protection as an urban protected area. Rıza Efendi Culture House, which is located in Yayla District and which has undergone various restoration works to take its current form, provides a much closer view of the historical and architectural texture of the city.

The items on display with the contributions of 3 balkan countries consist of different rooms: Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro and Turkish. The building, which was created by the renovation of this building, which was known as a ruin in the 1800s, was dedicated to Atatürk's father, Ali Rıza Efendi.

Kirklareli Museum

Kırklareli museum, which is the most important of the cultural structures in the city and must be seen by those who want to get to know the city's culture better, has many artifacts from the tradition and history of the Thrace region in its collection. Although the concept of museum came very late in the city of Kırklareli, the Kırklareli museum, which is a very successful structure and attracts not only local but also foreign tourists, was used as a public house for a certain period, but today it serves as a museum.

It is known that the nature hall in the entrance section of the museum was tried for the first time in Turkey. At this point, you can have the chance to see the best examples of animal mummification and examine the animals that are not possible to see today in the collection where 76 different animal species are exhibited. In addition to this, excavation works in Demirköy foundry, visa amphitheater and lower spring The museum, where many artifacts from the wares are exhibited, also hosts very valuable pottery and Dionysos relief.

Lovers Hill

One of the most famous places in Kiyikoy district of Kirklareli and known as the most remarkable structure by tourists, the Lovers Hill is known as one of the structures that can be reached by car until a certain point, but requires you to travel on foot after a certain point. In addition, if you go with your personal vehicle, you can park your vehicle at the point you want and watch the view, or you can make it possible to spend a unique day with nature by walking towards the hill.

Provincial Square

This city, which you will have the chance to see with a Kırklareli bus ticket, is very important in terms of culture. Therefore, it would not be right to be caught in the natural beauties only and to stay away from the places that should be visited in the cultural sense. The square in front of the government office in the city center is known as the provincial square. The square, which attracts attention with the Atatürk Park and its monument in the square, as well as the F5 plane brought by Lieutenant General Dingiloğlu Pasha from Kırklareli, attracts the attention of tourists. The fact that there are many restaurants, tea gardens and cafes in the square helps you to have a pleasant time.

Lüleburgaz Sokullu Turkish Bath

Although Kırklareli has a very long list of places to visit, especially Lüleburgaz Sokullu Hamam is known as one of the must-see places. The hamam, which was built by Mimar Sinan the Architect between 1569 and 1570 with the order of Sokullu Mehmet Pasha, is also noteworthy because it was built together with the Lüleburgaz Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Kulliye. Lüleburgaz Sokullu Bath, which is actively used as a bath today and built in the classical Turkish bath type, offers a unique option for tourists who want to get to know the bath culture better.

Hell Falls

The Hell Falls, located in the bizle district of the city of Kırklareli, which you will reach with the Kırklareli bus station, is one of the eastern wonders of the city. Hell Waterfalls, which is widely preferred by those who want to spend time with nature, hiking or camping, also attracts attention because it offers a pleasant day trip to tourists coming from Istanbul and nearby cities and districts. It is possible to camp around the waterfalls of hell, which is known as an untouched natural wonder and attracts attention with the absence of any accommodation facilities in the region.

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