Lüks Artvin Seyahat Bus Ticket

Lüks Artvin Seyahat

By purchasing a luxury Artvin Travel bus ticket, you can have the chance to travel to many points in Turkey. Founded in 1997, Luxury Artvin Travel organizes flights to many cities and districts of Turkey. The company that uses buses when transporting passengers between cities uses shuttles when transporting passengers within the city. Founded in Artvin, the company has managed to ensure customer satisfaction with the service it provides.

About Luxury Artvin Travel

Luxury Artvin Travel organizes trips to many provinces and districts of Turkey. Among the provinces to which the company operates flights are many provinces such as Istanbul, Ankara and Eskişehir, as well as Trabzon, Samsun, Giresun and Ordu. This company, which has been in service since 1997, provides passenger transportation both intercity and intracity. Founded by Davut Aydemir in Artvin, the company has made a name for itself in the transportation industry.

Luxury Artvin Travel Company Imprint

·         Title: Luxury Artvin Travel

·         Address: Beştepe Mahallesi, Sakıp Sabancı Bulvarı AŞTİ, 06510, Yenimahalle/Ankara

·         Phone: 0541 843 91 04

·         Website: https://www.luksartvin.com.tr/

Luxury Artvin Travel Vehicle Features

You can travel comfortably to many provinces of Turkey by purchasing a luxury Artvin Travel bus ticket. The company has approximately 40 buses in its fleet and these buses are highly technological. The buses are on average 5 years old and are arranged so that passengers can travel comfortably. The company's buses have wide-spaced seats for passengers to travel more comfortably.

General music and general TV broadcasts are made on the buses of the Luxury Artvin Travel company. These publications are intended to provide passengers with a more enjoyable journey. In addition to the general TV broadcast, each seat has personalized television screens. Free wi-fi service, which can be accessed 24/7 on the bus, is also available to customers. People who want to buy bus tickets from the company can visit the website or buy tickets from the branches at the bus terminals.

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Year of foundation:1997
Bus Count:40
Head Office:Ankara
Founder:Davut Aydemir
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