Ordu Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Ordu Bus Terminal

You can visit one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea Region by purchasing an Ordu Bus Terminal bus ticket. The Black Sea Region is preferred by local tourists for holidays at any time of the year with its natural beauties. In addition to local tourists, foreign tourists also want to visit the city to see the natural beauties in Ordu closely. People who want to travel to Ordu can start a colorful Black Sea trip with the bus ticket they purchase.

About Ordu Bus Terminal

People who buy Ordu Bus Terminal bus tickets can travel to Ordu from different cities of Turkey. People who want to reach Ordu do the necessary research to get information about the location of the bus station. Ordu Bus Terminal is located in the city center and attracts attention as it is one of the easiest bus terminals to reach. Located on Atatürk Boulevard, this bus terminal has been serving the people of Ordu for more than 15 years.

You can also visit the sales offices at the bus station to purchase Ordu Bus Terminal bus tickets. Many sales offices of national bus companies can be accessed within the bus terminal. People visiting sales offices can travel to different provinces and districts of Turkey from Ordu. People who reach the bus station can choose the minibuses at the bus station if they want to visit the touristic spots of Ordu. Thanks to minibuses, transportation to the touristic points and villages of Ordu is provided in a short time.

People who go to the bus station to buy a bus ticket for Ordu Bus Terminal can witness the advantages offered to them. The bus terminal, which has a modern style, has been designed so that passengers can spend time comfortably. The bus terminal, which hosts large bus platforms, was designed to enable passengers to get on and off their vehicles more easily. Inside the bus terminal, there are stalls where you can taste local flavors of Ordu and shops to buy souvenirs. Especially people visiting Ordu should definitely visit the hazelnut stands at the bus station and taste the hazelnuts.

Ordu Bus Terminal Transportation

People who purchase Ordu Bus Terminal bus tickets should not worry about how to reach the bus station. The bus station located in the city center hosts open and closed parking lots for passengers to access more comfortably. In this way, people traveling to the bus station with their own vehicles are saved from the hassle of looking for a parking space.

People who purchase Ordu Bus Terminal bus tickets can take a 10-minute walk from the city center when they want to reach the bus station. The bus terminal was built on Atatürk Boulevard in the city center and is accessible by public buses, passenger services and minibuses. Especially since municipal buses provide service until late at night, they are preferred by people who want to reach the bus terminal. Passenger shuttles are provided to passengers free of charge by the bus companies from which tickets are purchased. People who prefer minibuses can reach Ordu's districts such as Çarşamba and Altınordu in a short time. In addition to minibuses for traveling to the districts, there are also minibuses at the bus terminal for traveling to the villages.

Where is Ordu Bus Terminal Located?

Ordu Bus Terminal is located on Atatürk Boulevard in the city center of Ordu.

Is There Parking in Ordu Bus Terminal?

Ordu Bus Terminal is one of the rare bus terminals that hosts both indoor and outdoor car parks.

How can I reach Ordu Bus Terminal from the District?

People who want to reach Ordu Bus Terminal from the districts of Ordu can choose minibuses. You can easily travel from the district to the bus terminal in the city center by minibuses. Since municipal buses pass through many neighborhoods of Ordu, they may be the choice of people who want to travel from the districts.

How to Reach Ordu Bus Terminal in the Fastest Way?

Since Ordu Bus Terminal is located in the city center, it is possible to reach the bus station from the city center even on foot. People who want to reach the bus terminal faster should prefer taxis or rental cars.

Is There a Souvenir Shop in Ordu Bus Terminal?

People who visit Ordu and leave buying souvenirs to the last minute look for places to buy souvenirs at the bus station. Inside Ordu Bus Terminal, there are many shops where you can buy souvenirs and stalls where you can buy hazelnuts, the local flavor of Ordu.

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