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Kanberoğlu Turizm

It is possible to make your journeys more enjoyable with a Kanberoğlu Turizm bus ticket. Founded in Trabzon in 1969, the company has been providing road transportation for many years. In its early years, the company was organizing flights from Trabzon to a few cities such as Ankara and Istanbul. With the increase in the number of vehicles in the company's fleet, the number of flights to which the company operates has increased.

About Kanberoğlu Tourism

Kanberoğlu Turizm was founded by Yaşar Kemal Kanber. The company has expanded its transportation network with its innovative perspective and started to organize Turkey's transportation network. Within the framework of its mission, the company aims to keep up with technological developments and provide better quality service to its customers. The company's vision is to provide quality and safe service. In order to provide quality and safe service, the company provides various training to its personnel.

Kanberoğlu Tourism Company Imprint

·         Title: Kanberoğlu Tourism and Travel Ltd.Şti

·         Address: DEĞİRMENDERE BUS NO:5 TRABZON/Türkiye

·         Phone: 0462 325 22 83

·         Website: [email protected]

Kanberoğlu Tourism Vehicle Features

It is possible to travel pleasantly and comfortably by purchasing a Kanberoğlu Turizm bus ticket. The company has more than 40 buses and the buses are on average 10 years old. The company's vehicles are equipped with the latest technological devices. All vehicles in the Kanberoğlu Tourism fleet have wide seat spacing and comfortable seats. Each seat has TV screens and headphones. The TV screens are intended to enable customers to have a pleasant time throughout the journey. Free internet service is provided during the journey.

Sockets for charging smart devices and reading lamps for reading books during the journey are also among the services offered to customers. To travel with Kanberoğlu Tourism company, you can visit the company's website or branches. Providing service with its friendly and professional staff, the company has taken all precautions for a safe journey. In order to ensure customer satisfaction and safety, employees undergo a training process.

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Year of foundation:1969
Bus Count:-
Head Office:Trabzon
Founder:Yaşar Kemal Kanber
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