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With Uşak bus ticket opportunities, you can reach the city of Uşak in a very short time. Before discussing in detail the places to visit and see in Uşak, an overview of this city will be useful in creating more ideal travel plans.

This city, which you can easily reach with Uşak bus ticket deals, is located at the point where the Aegean and Anatolia connect to each other. The history of the city, which has been considered a popular center for settlement since ancient times, dates back to 4,000 BC. It is known that there were many settlements in the city, especially during the Bronze Age, and the Hittites, who managed to achieve political unity, ruled this city in 1000 BC. In the 7th century BC, the city was now included in the borders of the Lydians. The King's Road, which was considered one of the most valuable trade routes during this period, passed through the borders of Uşak province. After the sovereignty of the Lydians ended, the city came under the rule of the Persians.

The city was visited by many travelers during the Ottoman period and was the subject of many important works. Evliya Çelebi has many observations about the city of Uşak in his travelogue. Geographical information about the city is also mentioned in Katip Çelebi's work titled Cihannüma. This city, which stands out as having hosted many cultures and civilizations, promises unforgettable moments to its visitors and there are many buildings waiting to be visited and seen in the city.

When to Go to Uşak?

The effects of the continental climate are observed in the city, which forms the transition point between the Aegean Region and Anatolia regions. Winter months in the city are quite long and harsh, and they are also rainy. In the spring and summer months, city temperatures rise and precipitation is no longer observed. It would be much more ideal to visit the city in the spring months in order to be able to visit the city without being affected by the cold weather of the winter months and without being overwhelmed by the heat of the summer months. It is also recommended that you spend at least two days in the city in order to fully explore this city.

Historical Uşak Houses

Historical Uşak Houses, which have made a name for themselves when it comes to places to visit in Uşak, have managed to survive with their structure intact since the first years of the republic. All houses are two-storey, the first floors are made of stone and the second floors are made of wood. These houses, which you can directly encounter in many neighborhoods, bear all the features of Ottoman architecture. 86 of the houses, which are also considered the symbol of the city, are protected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. When you want to visit the city, you should definitely see these houses and consider closely exploring the features of Ottoman architecture.

Ataturk and Independence Monument

Atatürk and Liberation Monument, which is among the places to visit in Uşak and has an important place, was designed by Tankut Öktem. Located in the center of the city, the monument is approximately 30 meters long and 17 meters high. It consists of figures divided into three main groups. There are also many figures in the place where the narrative is located, and many objects symbolizing both heroism and courage are included. We recommend that you visit this area when you visit the city to closely examine the monument and all the details around it.

Uşak Archeology Museum

Its construction started in 1967 and has been opened to visitors since 1970, and many historical artifacts and structures are exhibited. Here you can have the chance to closely examine many items, from the works of famous emperors throughout history to various carvings and stones. Most of the items exhibited perfectly reflect both the Hellenistic period and the Roman period. Moreover, you do not need to pay any fee to enter the museum. It is recommended that you see this museum closely when you visit the city in order to have more detailed information about the past of the city of Uşak and to go on a historical journey.

Uşak City History Museum

Many artifacts and items are exhibited in this museum. The museum, which stands out with its modern presentation and narrative techniques and fully reflects the culture of Uşak city, including the life of all local people, consists of eleven rooms. The reason why the museum is so valuable and stands out is that the museum building was previously used as a TEK building. It is known that street lighting in the country first started in Uşak city. In this context, the building, which served as Tek Building, was later converted into a museum. In fact, a story about the arrival of electricity is included at the first entrance of the museum.

Uşak Carpet Rug Museum

In the museum, the value of carpet and rug weaving, one of the important values of the city of Uşak, is fully reflected. Many carpets and rugs, dating back 600 years, are exhibited here. It should also be noted that in addition to carpets and rugs, there are also many interesting paintings in the museum. The good news, which will attract the attention of culture and art enthusiasts, consists of a 2-storey building. In this museum, you can have the opportunity to closely examine mysterious motifs that have never been seen abroad and that no historian has ever heard of. You can easily reach here by public transportation via Uşak Bus Terminal.

Hamamboğazı Thermal Springs

The hot springs, which are famous for their healing waters and cure for many diseases, are located approximately 7 kilometers away from the Bana Dil district of the city. There are exactly 4 main springs in the hot springs, which are described as a thermal tourism paradise. In this place where it is surrounded by pine trees, it is extremely possible to both enjoy nature and benefit from the healing waters. There are many treatment pools and one-room houses within the hot springs. It should also be noted that healing waters are good for many diseases, from chronic rheumatism to skin diseases.

Çokkozlar Picnic Area

It is very enjoyable to enjoy nature and have a picnic in the picnic area, which currently covers an area of one square meter. You can take a walk and have a pleasant time with your loved ones in the area, which provides services entirely under the municipality. Moreover, there is also a playground for children here.

Ilıcak Subaşı Park

Located very close to the city center, the park is an ideal park for both relaxation and enjoyment. The park, which covers an area of one square meter, also has different facilities such as a swimming pool and tennis court. The park, which is frequently visited by local people, especially in spring and summer, is one of the parks where both families and groups of friends have fun together.

Ulubey Canyon

Located in the district of the same name, this canyon is known as the second largest canyon in the world. It is known that the canyon, which is 45 km long and 170 m deep, is approximately 30 km away from the city center. You can reach here by public transportation via Uşak Bus Terminal.

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