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Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines

By purchasing a Delta Air Lines flight ticket, it is possible to fly with America's oldest and most experienced airline. Established in the United States in 1929, this airline company has managed to become the airline company that carries the most passengers in the United States, thanks to its planes and flights around the world. Thanks to the plane tickets purchased by the company, you can enjoy flights to more than 50 countries.

About Delta Air Lines

Thanks to the Delta Air Lines flight ticket purchase process, it is possible to fly with an airline company that has made a name for itself in the world, especially in the United States. The main building of this airline, which has been in service for more than 90 years, is located in Atlanta. Thanks to its flights to 6 continents, my company has managed to become one of the first airlines to fly to more than 320 destinations in the world. Delta Air Lines Company has managed to perform international flights as well as domestic flights within the United States or to be one of the companies carrying the highest number of passengers in the world.

Which ticket classes can be preferred for plane tickets to be purchased from the company?

When buying flight tickets from the company, it is necessary to carefully examine the flight classes offered by the company. There are 4 different ticket classes, economy class, first class, main canin and Delta Comfort Plus, in the ticket sales of the company. As the fares of these ticket classes change, so do the advantages they offer to their passengers. For example, while a passenger flying in economy class will not encounter any free treats on domestic or international flights, it is possible to access many treats, from hot meals to alcoholic beverages, free of charge, on airline tickets above economy class.

What is Delta Sky Club and what benefits do its members expect?

Delta Sky Club is a company-determined mileage program. Passengers who buy plane tickets from the company can become a member of this club in order to earn miles. Passengers who are members of the club can make use of the waiting areas free of charge in order to wait before the flight and have the chance to earn miles according to the distance they have flown. In addition, passengers can increase their membership in the club thanks to the miles they have earned, and thus have the opportunity to have more special services free of charge.

Which cities can you fly to from Turkey with the plane ticket purchased from the company?

It is possible to fly abroad from Istanbul Airport by purchasing a Delta Air Lines flight ticket. Thanks to the plane tickets bought from the company, it is possible to fly directly to the cities of Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Chicago and Charlotte. In addition to direct flights, many flight destinations operated by the company around the world can be reached comfortably and safely with connecting flights.

Can passengers who buy economy class tickets from the company have free refreshments?

Passengers who have bought economy class tickets from the company will not encounter any free treats and snacks. Passengers in economy class have to pay the fares written on the company's menu in order to get snacks and drinks during the journey. Passengers are offered the option of paying with a credit card in addition to cash, so that they can pay the fares written on the menu. If passengers in economy class want to buy a hot meal or an alcoholic beverage, they can have these food and beverages in a short time after paying the necessary fees.

What are the special services offered by the company to the passengers?

Passengers who buy a Delta Air Lines flight ticket can contact the company before their flight if they have any disabilities or allergies. Passengers who click on the support section on the company's website can inform the company about their obstacles and benefit from the special services offered by the company. The company gives priority to passengers with disabilities, such as wheelchair-bound passengers and visually and hearing-impaired passengers, both during boarding and during the journey. In addition, the company also prepares special meals that do not contain allergic foods, if the passengers with allergies indicate before the flight. 

About Delta Air Lines
Head Office:Atlanta
Year of foundation:1929
Airplane Count:-
Flying Point Count:320
Flying Country Count:50
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