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Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines

By purchasing a Czech Airlines flight ticket, it is possible to travel with an airline that has been in service since 1923. Czech Airlines, the national airline of the Czech Republic, is headquartered in Prague. Thanks to its experienced employees and technological aircraft in its fleet, millions of passengers buy flight tickets from this company every year. Thanks to the purchased flight tickets, it is possible to have safe and comfortable journeys.

About Czech Airlines

In order to buy Czech Airlines flight tickets, you need to visit the company's official website. By visiting the company's official website, you can find the flight that best suits you among flights to more than 90 destinations in 36 countries. Approximately 3 million passengers travel with this company every year, and thus the company continues to prove how reliable it is.

Where can you fly with flight tickets purchased from the company?

You can fly to 36 different countries in the world with the Czech Airlines flight ticket purchase process. Passengers who buy flight tickets from the company have the chance to fly to many destinations in the world such as Belgium, Germany, Portugal, South Korea, England and Ukraine. The company also operates direct flights from Istanbul Airport in Turkey. It is possible to fly to Russia and Mediterranean countries on flights based in Türkiye.

Is it possible to take extra baggage?

The company offers passengers certain baggage allowances that can be taken in the cargo hold and cabin during the journey. Passengers in economy class can have a cabin baggage weighing 23 kilograms, while passengers in upper economy class can travel with 2 suitcases weighing 32 kilograms. Passengers whose baggage allowance determined by the company is not sufficient have the opportunity to take extra baggage. It is possible to purchase extra baggage by visiting the company's website up to 36 hours before the flight.

How to Choose a Seat?

Passengers who purchase flight tickets from the company can select their seats during online check-in or check-in at the airports. During seat selection, passengers can choose seats in different areas depending on the ticket class they have purchased. However, the point that should be taken into consideration when choosing a seat is that the company charges its passengers an extra fee for seat selection. It is necessary to pay an extra fee to fly, especially in seats located next to the emergency exit door. While there is a fee to choose a seat in economy class, it is possible for people traveling in over-economy class to choose a seat free of charge.

Are There Any Refreshments Provided During the Journey?

People who want to buy a flight ticket from the company wonder whether they will encounter any refreshments during the journey. The company offers different treats to its passengers depending on the destination and time period of the flight. On long-haul flights, passengers are served meals and drinks free of charge. In addition, breakfast is served to passengers on flights operated before 10:00 in the morning. Passengers who purchase flight tickets from the company can benefit from snacks and free drinks on short-haul flights. It is also possible to create personalized menus if the necessary information is provided to the airline company 24 hours before the trip. These menus may be preferred by passengers who are allergic to some products or who cannot consume certain products for religious reasons. The company continues to provide service thanks to the special menus it has created to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

What Features Are There in the Company's Aircraft?

By purchasing a Czech Airlines flight ticket, you can have pleasant and comfortable journeys with an airline company that has been serving for 100 years. The company offers two different ticket classes: economy class and over-economy class. People in the upper economy ticket class can travel with reading lamps, personal televisions or seats that can be converted into beds. In addition, the legroom of passengers with a ticket class above economy is quite wide. 

About Czech Airlines
Head Office:Prague & surrounding area
Year of foundation:1923
Airplane Count:-
Flying Point Count:90
Flying Country Count:36
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