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Air Moldova

With Air Moldova flight ticket, you can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable journey with an experienced airline company. This airline company, based in Moldova, has become the largest airline in its country. Thanks to the system it has established by bringing together its employees who are experienced in their fields, the company has managed to maximize customer satisfaction.

About Air Moldova

Thanks to the Air Moldova flight ticket purchase process, you can find the flight tickets you need in a short time. This airline, serving the capital of Moldova, was established in 1993. The airline, which has been serving domestic routes for many years, started to operate international flights in 2004. You can go on one of the most comfortable journeys of your life with the flight tickets you buy from this company, which offers pleasant and comfortable flights to many destinations in the world thanks to its aircraft fleet.

What are the Limitations of Luggage Dimensions?

The company has imposed some limits on luggage sizes. Passengers must board the plane with their luggage within these limits. The size of the suitcases to be taken into the cabin by the company has been determined as 50 x 40 x 25 centimeters. It is possible to take luggage with these dimensions and below into the cabin. However, larger hand luggage cannot be taken into the cabin. In order to avoid problems before the flight, it is useful to pay attention to these measurements determined by the company. Otherwise, it is not possible to take your hand luggage into the cabin.

Does the company have flights to Türkiye?

The company also operates flights based in Turkey. Flights can be made from Istanbul Airport with a flight ticket purchased from the company. Thanks to the flights operated from Istanbul Airport, it is possible to fly pleasantly to many destinations in the world. In addition to Istanbul Airport, the company also operates flights from Antalya Airport and Dalaman Airport. In addition to direct flights from Turkey, it is possible to reach more than 30 countries in the world thanks to connecting flights.

How Can I Obtain Information About Reservations Made?

People who purchase Air Moldova flight tickets can visit the company's website to access detailed information about the tickets they have purchased. All tickets you have purchased to date will be listed in the reservations tab on the company's website. You can get more detailed information about the flight time and flight route by clicking on the ticket for which you want detailed information. In addition to the website, you can also obtain the necessary information by calling customer services.

How can I contact the company?

The first thing to do to contact the company is to visit the company's website. The company has established some communication centers to facilitate communication in all the countries it serves. It is possible to reach the company's contact center from Turkey and receive service in Turkish and thus have more detailed information about the problems experienced. You can also call the company's customer service and ask any questions you may have about the problems you have experienced, or you can get detailed information about the ticket purchasing process.

How to Cancel and Refund Purchased Tickets?

People who purchase Air Moldova flight tickets may have to cancel their tickets for various reasons. It is necessary to visit the company's website for cancellation and refund of these tickets. The company provides detailed information on its website about the time period within which flights can be canceled. If tickets are canceled outside this time period, some deductions will be made from the refund amount of the tickets. High deductions will be made for refunds of canceled tickets, especially if there is less than 24 hours until the flight.

About Air Moldova
Head Office:Chisinau
Year of foundation:1993
Airplane Count:8
Flying Point Count:33
Flying Country Count:-
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