Konya Airport Flight Ticket

Konya Airport

You can visit Konya, which is among the cities that attract the most visitors in Turkey, by purchasing a Konya Airport flight ticket. This airport provides transportation services to especially Konya and the cities around Konya. Since it is close to both the city center and the touristic spots in the city, the number of people traveling to Konya by air is quite high.

About Konya Airport

People who buy Konya Airport flight tickets land at the airport, which started operating civilian flights in 2000. This airport was built on a very large area and served as a military airport for many years. This airport, which serves as a military airport, started civilian flights in 2000. Located in the Selçuklu district of Konya, this airport is located in a location that is easy to reach from different points of the city. There are 2 runways in this airport and it received the title of green establishment in 2015.

You can travel to Konya at different times of the year with the Konya Airport flight ticket purchase process. Konya is visited by both local and foreign tourists at all times of the year, especially for the purpose of visiting religious places. This airport attracts attention with the organization of flights to both domestic and international lines. There is a single terminal building within the airport and all flights are organized from this terminal building. There are ATMs within the airport so that passengers can withdraw money and cafes so that they can have a pleasant time during the waiting period.

People who land at Konya Airport using the buy flight ticket process can visit car rental offices to reach the city center. Thanks to the car rental offices located within the airport, vehicles can be rented to travel to different parts of the city. Car rental can be done in a short time and thus, you can travel both to Konya city center and to different districts of Konya.

To travel between Konya Airport and the city center, it may take between 25 and 30 minutes, depending on the preferred means of transportation. Since the airport is located close to the city center, you can travel between the airport and the city center within 20 minutes by taxi. In addition to taxis, Havaş buses provide transportation from the airport to the city center within half an hour. The vehicles rented through the car rental process make transportation from the airport to the city center more comfortable.

Is it possible to fly abroad via Konya Airport?

Konya Airport is an airport that serves both domestic and international flights. Flights are organized from the airport to different points of the world at different times of the year. People who want to travel abroad from Konya or want to fly via Konya to travel abroad can choose this airport.

How to Travel Between Konya Airport and the City Center?

You can travel between Konya Airport and the city center by taxis, Havaş buses and rental cars. Depending on the chosen means of transportation, the time required to travel from the airport to the city center varies.

How Long Has Konya Airport Been In Service?

Konya Airport is an airport that has been in service since 2000. This airport, which has been operating as a civil airport for 23 years, also served as a military airport before.

How Many Minutes is Konya Airport from the City Center?

Konya Airport is approximately 16 minutes away from the city center. Depending on the traffic situation, the vehicle selected and the time of travel, travel time may increase.

Is There Parking at Konya Airport?

There is a parking lot within Konya Airport where passengers can park their private vehicles. This car park is a medium-sized car park and has saved passengers from the hassle of searching for a parking space. 

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