Zafer Airport Flight Ticket

Zafer Airport

People who buy Zafer Airport flight tickets land in Kütahya. This airport serves internationally and is the first regional airport established in Turkey. Thanks to its regional feature, the airport does not only serve Kütahya, but is also an airport used by people who want to visit Afyon and Uşak provinces.

About Zafer Airport

People who buy a Zafer Airport flight ticket land at the airport, which is 41 kilometers away from the city center. The airport is used by people who want to visit Kütahya at all times of the year. This airport, which is among the busiest airports, also provides easier transportation to the surrounding provinces. The airport, which has been in service since 2012, has many areas of activity. A health unit is provided for any health problems that passengers may experience while waiting for their plane. There are also bank branches within the airport to withdraw money and a lost property office to investigate lost items. There are also areas within the airport such as cafes and buffets where passengers can grab a snack while waiting for their plane. Additionally, people who want to buy souvenirs specific to Kütahya can visit the shops at the airport.

People who buy Zafer Airport flight tickets do not do this just to visit Kütahya. At the same time, this airport is preferred to reach Afyonkarahisar and Uşak provinces by air. People landing at the airport can reach Afyon and Uşak provinces by road in a short time. Zafer Airport is located 41 kilometers from the city center, 12 kilometers from Altıntaş district and 44 kilometers from Dumlupınar district. The airport is located within the borders of Altıntaş district and has easy access to all parts of the city.

People who purchase Zafer Airport flight tickets can travel to different parts of the city after landing at the airport. Since this airport offers flights to domestic and international flights, urban transportation options are quite diverse. Since the airport has its own parking lot, passengers can easily reach the airport with their civilian vehicles. In addition to civilian vehicles, it is possible to reach the airport quickly by taxis. Especially crowded families and people with a lot of belongings can choose taxis to reach the airport faster.

Buses can also be preferred to provide transportation between Zafer Airport and the city center. It is possible to reach the airport from the city center in approximately 45 to 50 minutes by bus. You can also reach the city center from the airport and the airport from the city center with passenger shuttles. Passenger services operate according to aircraft landing and departure times. In this way, passengers can be delivered to the airport faster.

Which Cities Does Zafer Airport Serve?

Zafer Airport is an airport built to serve Kütahya, the province where it is located. The airport is also at the service of the cities around Kütahya that do not have a civil airport. For example, since there is a military airport in Afyonkarahisar, people who want to visit the city can choose Zafer Airport. In addition, people who want to reach Uşak and are traveling from abroad can choose this airport and reach Uşak in a shorter time.

Is Zafer Airport Close to the City Center?

Zafer Airport is located 41 kilometers from the city center. For this reason, it cannot be said that the airport is very close to the city center. Although the airport is located a little far from the city center, it is possible to reach the airport in a short time with various transportation options.

What is the Most Sensible Means of Transportation to Reach Zafer Airport?

If you want to reach Zafer Airport in the city center, the most logical means of transportation is taxi. The reason for this is that taxis enable you to travel both faster and more comfortably.

Where does Zafer Airport fly to?

Zafer Airport organizes flights to provinces in Turkey as well as direct flights to different countries of the world.

What Facilities Are Offered to Passengers at Zafer Airport?

There are areas such as buffets and cafes within Zafer Airport where passengers can fill their stomachs while waiting. There are also areas within the airport such as a parking lot, a health unit, a shop to buy souvenirs and a sink where basic needs can be met. 

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