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You can buy a Hatay bus ticket to set off to the southernmost part of Turkey. Hatay, the thirteenth most populous city in Turkey, is known as the city of togetherness. It has been chosen as a city of peace by UNESCO. Considering the history of humanity, many different cultures and beliefs coexist in Hatay, as it is one of the first settlements. As a result of the archaeological studies carried out in the region, findings dating between 100 thousand and 40 thousand years BC were found.

While the Akat Principality ruled in the Bronze Age, the Hittites dominated after the 17th century BC. After Urartu, Assyria and Persians, it came under the rule of Macedonia together with Anatolia, which was captured by King Alexander. While trying to establish the First Seleucid Asian Empire, his son founded Antakya near Hatay, and Antakya was the largest city after the cities of Rome and Iskenderun for 26 years. In the following period, the city passed to the Roman Empire, and after the division of the empire into two, it passed to the Byzantines.

Hatay Archeology Museum

When visiting many cities in Anatolia, archeology museums are one of the first places to go, but the situation is a little different for Hatay. Due to the fact that it has hosted many civilizations over the years, there are very important artifacts for world history in the museum. The second largest mosaic collection in the world is located in this museum. Artifacts found in the Antakya region in general; It has emerged as a result of studies carried out in Narlıca, Samandağ and Güzelburç regions.


The museum, which is definitely in the first place in the list of places to visit in Hatay, is open to visitors. The coin collection in the Hatay Archeology Museum is known as the third largest exhibition in the world. The total number of artifacts from the Hittite, Roman, Hellenistic and Byzantine periods is 35 thousand. Artifacts are exhibited in 8 different rooms, including the garden of the museum. The museum, which was opened to visitors in 1948, is very rich in terms of artifacts. It is one of the places that should be visited by people who are interested in world history during their visit to Hatay.

Saint Simeon's Monastery

St. Simeon's Monastery, which was built on a hill, has not been preserved as a whole, but its ruins are also very valuable. The monastery, surrounded by wind roses, also stands out with its landscape. According to rumors; Saint Simeon, the founder of the Stilit Sect, was educated in many monasteries. After the training, he went into seclusion in this monastery to get rid of the blessings and opportunities in the world. He lived here for a long time to be closer to God. The length of the columns in the monastery is about 20 meters. It is possible to see the long column there. After Saint Simeon died, his followers built the monastery here, the remains of the building, which has a history of 1500 years, can be seen today. Although it is one of the historical heritages, it has not been well-preserved.

St. Pierre Church

The fact that different civilizations have lived in Hatay throughout history has caused different religions to live on the territory of the city. Among the historical buildings, St. Pierre Church is located at the foot of Hac Mountain, west of the Orontes River. The church, which was carved into the Pilgrimage Mountain, has an important place in the religion of Christianity. Hz. St. Peter, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus, held the first congregation meeting regarding the religion of Christianity here. The congregation gathered in the church was called Christian for the first time. Saint Perus has been recognized as the pope within this church, a central position in the spread of the Catholic faith throughout the world. It has an important place in the history of religions. The world's first Catholic church can be visited by accessing the Hatay Bus Terminal.

Habib-i Neccar Mosque

It is one of the important structures for the religion of Islam, it is known as the first mosque built in Anatolia. It is one of the important structures to be seen in Hatay. It is of great importance not only by Muslims but also by Christians. When the Byzantines conquered the region, they used the mosque as a church. When Baybars ruled the region again in the 13th century, the church was converted back into a mosque. The exact date of construction of the Habib-i Neccar Mosque is not known.

In the mosque, St. There is the tomb of Habib-i Neccar, who is thought to have been sent by Jesus and was assigned to protect the apostles. Habib-i Neccar lived in Antakya in the 40s AD. Hz. He is the first person who believed in the apostles sent by Jesus and tried to protect these people. Although there are many rumors about his death, it is a mosque known as a symbol of peace and tolerance by Muslims and Christians. It is one of the places that attracts intense attention from both domestic and foreign tourists in the Hatay region. After buying a Hatay bus ticket, this mosque should definitely be included while preparing the list.

Titus Tunnel

The Titus Tunnel, which was built by the order of the Roman Emperor Vespasian, is a precaution taken against adverse events such as floods and overflows. Its construction started in 69 AD, and it was built in 81 AD. It was completed by Vespasain's son Titus. The tunnel, which was carved into the mountain, contains the ruins of the period it was built. The Roman Period has proven itself in water engineering. There are also rock tombs on the parts of the tunnel facing the sea. The height of the tunnel is 1380 meters and its width is 6 meters. It is one of the places that should be visited because it is one of the historically important buildings. Near the Titus Tunnel is the ancient city of Seleukeia. It is possible to carry out two separate visits at the same time.

Payas Castle

Located in Payas district, the castle has a very important place in terms of its location. Many civilizations, including the Byzantines, ruled in the Payas region. When Yavuz Sultan Selim went on the Egypt Campaign, Payas came under Ottoman rule. Being on the pilgrimage route increases the importance of the castle and the town. The castle, which was built by the Crusaders, was destroyed and rebuilt by the Ottomans. The castle has 4 corners and 8 towers, Ottoman lines can be seen clearly when the architecture is examined. The Ottoman Empire started to use the castle as a logistics and shipyard center due to its location. Payas, which was important in the Ottoman period, came to the fore with not only a castle but also a caravanserai and a port. It is one of the important historical buildings among the places to visit in Hatay.

Reyhanli Hamamat Thermal Springs

Hatay, which has made a name for itself with its history, is also very popular with its hot springs. Reyhanlı Hamamat Thermal Springs is a source of healing with chlorinated waters. The richness of the minerals in the water makes it a healing water. Hot springs, which have an important place in Turkish culture, are also seen in Hatay. Reyahanlı Hamamat Thermal Springs are similar to the hot springs in India in terms of water features. It is thought to have healing effects on different issues such as bone and muscle ailments, kidney stones and skin problems. There are different options for accommodation in the regions where the hot spring waters are located. It creates an alternative for a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.

Door Milled Waterfall

It is one of the locations located a little far from the city center. It is one of the natural formations located at the foot of the Amanos Mountains. Unnoticed for many years, the waterfall was discovered by members of the Amanoslar Environment Association. There are many waterfalls in the region, but Kapılı Değirmenli Waterfall is quite important. The waters pouring from a height of about 15 to 20 meters offer a very impressive view. Grain is ground in the mills located in the part of the waterfall. Transition to Dörtyol district can be made via Hatay Bus Terminal. Located among the impressive beauty of Amanos, the waterfall is one of the ideal locations to spend time with nature.

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