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The city of Karabuk, where you can have the chance to travel easily with Karabük bus ticket opportunities, is known as the West Black Sea city. The city has an important position with its rich coal deposits and developed railway network. An iron and steel factory was established here in 1937. The factory, which is among the important livelihoods of the city, also has an important place in terms of the general economy of the country. In the city of Karabük, where the Black Sea climate characteristics are experienced, a humid air prevails as you go from the coastal areas to the inner parts. It should also be noted that the continental climate is felt from place to place in the city. The name of the city comes from the Turkmen tribes and the name of the city is mentioned as a community name in the Ottoman tahrir books.

An area of 68% of the city consists of forest areas. For this reason, when we look at Turkey in general, Karabük is considered to be the first of the provinces with the most expertise. There are many forests in the city, which has a magnificent nature and diversity of wildlife. Spending wonderful times in these forests and walking more are among the favorite activities of the visitors. It is recommended to spend at least 2 days to visit the city in order to dominate the whole nature of the city and enjoy the views. During your visit to the city, you can also participate in various festivals that are held in certain periods every year. Moreover, you can have the chance to reach the city in a short time with Karabük bus ticket opportunities.

Houses of Safranbolu

When it comes to places to visit in Karabük, Safranbolu Houses, which are considered as the symbol of the city and impress everyone with their cute looks, come to the fore. The houses, which have unique architectural features, also have an important place among touristic spots. The houses, which are among the cultural heritages of the city of Karabuk, are also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Lists and taken under protection. You can have the opportunity to closely examine all the historical textures by visiting the houses that almost reveal the Ottoman urban life of the 18th and 19th centuries. The windows and roofs of these houses, which are in the form of mansions, attract a lot of attention, and there are many tree species around the houses. The total number of houses exceeds 2,000.

It is also known that the shapes and sizes of their houses actually differ from each other. The factors that determine both the sugar and the size of the houses are the climate type, financial opportunities and the population number of the family. Even if the boy was married in the period when the houses were built, he continued to live in this house with his wife and family. It is also known that there are distinctions between harem and selamlık in the houses. It is known that the animals being fed are kept in the barns on the floor of the house. As the climate type is constantly rainy, as a result of the need for too many closed areas, various areas such as closed cellars were built on the ground floors and other corners of the houses.

Safranbolu Clock Tower

The history of the clock tower, which has an important place among the places to visit in Karabük and fascinates everyone with its appearance, dates back to ancient times. The clock tower still works today and was built in a square plan. The tower, which has a height of 12 m and has a simple structure, has a single entrance door.

High stairs must be used to reach the top of the tower. There are rectangular windows on all four sides of the clock rooms. The art tower, which is illuminated with special lighting, was repaired in 1999 by the Karabük governorship special provincial administration.

Crystal Glass Terrace Safranbolu

Safranbolu, which is one of the most popular and touristic districts of Karabuk city, has natural beauties in addition to historical values. Crystal Glass Terrace Safranbolu, which has a thickness of 3 cm and is designed from 3 pieces of glass, attracts a lot of attention from both domestic and foreign tourists. From this place, which has a height of 80 m and a width of 11 m, it is possible to fully watch the surroundings and enjoy the natural landscapes. The fact that the foundations of the terrace are built very solidly and that it is 100 square meters wide allows many visitors to watch the surroundings comfortably at the same time. However, it should be noted that a maximum of 30 people can go up.

The viewing terrace, which offers both fearful moments and great pleasure, should definitely be visited in order to have different experiences and to watch the sights closely. You can also consider including this place among the routes of Karabük visits. Moreover, you can reach here in a short time via Karabük Bus Station. It is also possible for you to.

Yenice Observation Terrace

Another of the viewing terraces of the city of Karabük, which has an important place, is known as Yenice Observation Terrace. Yenice Viewing Terrace, located in Yenice district of Karabük city, both fascinates those who see it with its natural landscapes and offers the opportunity to spend a quiet day away from the city center. The viewing terrace, which is located very close to the urban forests, thus helps to witness the landscapes of Oman. The observation terrace, which has made great contributions to the tourism point of Karabük city, also hosts many cafes and restaurants. There are also picnic areas and bungalow houses here. You can also enjoy the magnificent views by visiting this place and have the chance to try local flavors from many cafes and restaurants around.

Hidirlik Hill

Known as the place where Hıdırellez celebrations are held and the rain mountains are held, this hill is home to magnificent historical houses and reveals the whole life of Turkish society with its streets. It is possible to know that you can see the city from a bird's eye view on the hill, which brings together visitors with historical breezes and natural landscapes. There are also many tombs here.

Bulak Mencilis Cave

Bulak Mencilis Cave is also located in Safranbolu district of the city. It is possible to reach the cave, which welcomes many local and foreign tourists, with a staircase with 150 steps. While the lush trees and magnificent structure along the road fascinate those who see it, the scenery becomes more interesting as you climb the steps, giving you a completely different experience. Located approximately 7 km from the center of Safranbolu district, the cave is also the fifth largest neighborhood in Turkey. One of the interesting features of the pasture is that the thermometers always show 15 degrees both in the new apartments and in the winter months.

The cave, which has a height of 281 meters and a length of 6062 meters, can be visited only in the area covering a 400-meter part. In addition, a lot of lighting was used in the cave in order to explore the surroundings more easily. You can examine the stalagmites and columns in the cave and enjoy the view of the green trees on the walking paths. Moreover, it is possible to reach the cave and other places in the Safranbolu region by using various public transportation vehicles via Karabük bus station.

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