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The city of Yozgat, which can be reached both easily and comfortably with Yozgat bus ticket opportunities, is located within the borders of the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. The first community to rule in the city, which has a history of approximately 5 thousand years, was the Hittites. Later, the Kingdom of Lydia, Phrygians, Macedonians, Persians and Kimmerians ruled in these lands. Although many different communities raided the region, Yozgat lands were now included in the Ottoman lands by Çelebi Mehmet in 1408.

In this city, where semi-arid continental climate effects are observed, the average precipitation amount is known as 538 mm. The hottest months of the year are known as July and August in this city. The temperatures, which hover around 19 C degrees in these months, decrease to -2 C degrees in January. It is recommended to prefer the spring and summer months in order to visit the city in a much more ideal way without being affected by the weather. Especially during these months, many festivals are held. You can also get the chance to feel the culture of Yozgat closely with the festivals where you can taste local dishes and have a fun and enjoyable time.

There are many places and structures that must be visited and seen in the city of Yozgat, which has managed to survive without being destroyed and reflects dozens of cultures and civilizations. In order to fully explore this city, you may consider dedicating 2 days to the city. With Yozgat bus ticket deals, you can easily reach the city.

Yozgat Clock Tower

Clock Tower, which is among the places to visit in Yozgat and is located in the very center of the city, was built by Şakir Usta. The clock tower, which has 7 floors including the ground floor and the bells, is considered the symbol of the city. There are 4 different clocks on each side of the castle, which was built from cut stone materials. Since this tower is the only clock tower in this area, the importance of the tower is enormous. Since the bells on the clock tower ring every hour, they can be easily heard from all over the city.

Yozgat Museum

The second route of the list of places to visit in Yozgat is the Yozgat Museum. The museum, which was used as a residence for a long time in 1871, later served as an art school and warehouse. The museum, which was finally decided to be expropriated in 1979, has started its activities under the name of Yozgat Museum since 1985. The first floor of the museum, which consists of a two-storey building, completely exhibits archaeological artifacts, while ethnographic artifacts are exhibited on the upper floor. By adding this museum to your travel lists, you can both have interesting information about the 19th century painting art and have the opportunity to closely monitor the entire historical development of the city. It is known that there are 2802 ethnographic works in the museum. You have the chance to closely examine many artifacts such as various kitchen utensils, wooden materials, manuscripts, rugs and carpet weaving in the museum. In the hall of the museum called Islamic artifacts, bronze items and lodge items are also featured.

Karslioglu Mansion

The mansion, which reflects the best examples of the city's traditional house architecture, is also accepted as an example of civil architecture. Karslıoğlu Mansion, built in 1883, consists of three floors. It is also known that Atatürk stayed here during his visit to the city of Yozgat. Later, it was decided to expropriate the building and turned into a museum where archaeological artifacts will be exhibited. It is also very interesting that all the works are exhibited in a chronological order in the museum, where you can examine the archaeological artifacts closely on the first two floors. In the large garden of the mansion, various stone artifacts, inscriptions as well as tombstones are exhibited.

Saraykent Thermal Springs

The thermal springs located in the district of the same name are visited by many tourists every year. It is possible to find healing for many diseases in the hot springs, where the water temperature reaches 74 degrees. It is known that waters containing plenty of calcium sulfate, sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate are good for rheumatic diseases, various skin diseases and gynecological diseases, and these benefits have been confirmed by some tests. Moreover, there are many accommodation options in the area where the hot springs are located.

Bride Rock

The rocks are called by this name because the local people liken these rocks to a bride who looks like a camel. It is even known that the rocks are the subject of many stories and legends. In the region where these rocks are located, which both offer a very impressive appearance and attract a lot of attention with the stories told, red tulips bloom in the spring months of the year.

Yozgat Camlik National Park

Yozgat Çamlığı National Park, Turkey's first national park It is recognized as a park. Declared as a national park in 1958, the par is spread over an area of 264 hectares. It is possible to come across many different tree species, from larch, in this park. There are exactly 212 plant species, 30 of which are endemic. In addition, many animals live in the park. With its rich vegetation, magnificent view and wide recreation area, the park is one of the parks preferred by the local people to relax in all seasons of the year, especially in the spring months. You should definitely visit this park where various cultural and tourism activities are organized. Moreover, there are picnic units, restaurants and playgrounds in the park. You can use public transportation vehicles via Yozgat Bus Terminal to reach the park, which is very close to the city center.

Akdagmadeni Forests

Akdağmadeni Forests, which is considered to be the largest green area of the city with its lush appearance and spread over a wide area, is located within the borders of the district with the same name. The forests, which take on a quiet and calm atmosphere with the cooling of the weather, offer an extremely energetic atmosphere in spring and summer. The forests, which attract a lot of attention in the summer months with their wildlife, clean water and abundant oxygenated air, are also known as an important source of livelihood. Moreover, many different types of trees live in the forests. If you prefer to come to the city of Yozgat in spring and summer, it is strongly recommended that you visit these forests and take nature walks.

Kazankaya Canyon

Kazankaya Canyon is located in Kazankaya Town, which is known to be connected to Aydınlık district of Yozgat city. The canyon, which is considered one of the most important natural beauties of the city, has a length of about 10 km. Together with the Alan Mountains in the southern part of the canyon, this place offers a view of unique beauty. In addition, the fact that the Çekerek River passes through the middle of the canyon makes this unique beauty even more valuable. If you happen to be in Aydınlık district, you should definitely consider exploring this canyon and its surroundings.

Sebekpinari Picnic Area

Şebekpınarı Picnic Area is also connected to the bright district of the city. It is also known that the picnic area, which has been used as a picnic place for many years, has been renewed and arranged over time. In this way, you can have a picnic here by meeting all your needs completely. It is recommended to choose this place to enjoy nature and spend a quiet and peaceful time in the summer months. Moreover, it is possible to reach here easily via Yozgat Bus Terminal.

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