Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal

People who purchase Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal bus tickets land at the bus terminal in the northwest district of Yozgat province, located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. Akdağmadeni is located approximately 100 km away from the city of Yozgat and is adjacent to the provinces of Çorum and Ankara. Due to its location, it becomes part of the transportation network of thousands of people throughout the year. The district, which is intertwined with nature, is among the must-visit districts of Turkey with its healing waters and local delicacies. If you want to witness the natural beauties and historical architectures, you can travel by purchasing an Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal bus ticket.

About Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal

People who have tickets by following the steps to buy Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal bus tickets may have questions about the bus station. Located in the Kızılırmak Basin, the bus terminal is among the transportation centers served by different companies. The bus station has taken extremely precautionary measures for the safety of its guests. Apart from this, belongings lost or forgotten at the bus terminal are kept safe in the left-luggage office. There are also information desks where you can contact a consultant and ask for help in any situation.

Those who buy Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal bus tickets have the opportunity to spend their time with free Wi-Fi service during their time at the bus station. Inside the bus terminal, there are large and comfortable rest areas, a baby room that considers the privacy of mother and baby, an ATM in case of urgent cash needs, and a luggage storage area where you can leave your luggage. You can ensure your comfort by leaving your belongings there that you do not have to carry with you constantly during the day.

Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal Transportation

People who want to reach the bus station by purchasing Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal bus tickets should have an idea about which buses or means of transportation they will use. It is possible to reach the bus station, which is approximately 1 km away from the city center, within 5 minutes by private vehicle. You can benefit from the free parking facility at the bus terminal. It will be useful to use the D130 highway when going to the bus station and follow the signs.

People who want to reach the bus terminal by purchasing a bus ticket for Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal can use the buses provided by the Municipality to reach the city between 00.06 and 22.00. It takes approximately 10 minutes to reach Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal by bus. Apart from this, you can also reach there on foot or by taxi. Due to its proximity to the city center, you can reach the bus station in 20 minutes.

What Hours is Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal Open?

Akdağmadeni continues to provide active service 24 hours a day. It also includes businesses that serve in different time zones.

Is There a Masjid in Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal?

Yes, there are areas within Akdağmadeni bus terminal where you can perform ablution and pray.

Is Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal Located in the Center?

Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal is located very close to the city center.

Is There Vehicle Parking at Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal?

Yes, free parking is available.

Where are the Bus Platforms at Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal?

At Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal, the bus platforms are on the inner side after passing the toll gate. You can reach there by passing through entrance security.

What's Around Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal?

It is the transportation center of the place surrounded by natural beauties such as Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal, Akdağmadeni Castle, Akdağmadeni Grand Mosque, Akdağmadeni Thermal Springs, Akdağmadeni Nature Park and Çam Kesen Lake.

What are the cities with the most frequent flights from Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal?

The cities with the most frequent flights from Akdağmadeni bus terminal are Ankara, Sivas, Yozgat, Van, İzmir, İstanbul, Kayseri, Bursa, Diyarbakır, Sakarya and Uşak. Apart from these cities, bus services are also organized to surrounding districts and villages.

Which companies are located at Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal?

More than 10 national companies provide service at Akdağmadeni Bus Terminal. Apart from these companies, local companies also continue their services.

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