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Sept. 4, 2023
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Alghero is located on the Italian island of Sardinia, located on the two largest islands of Europe, Sardinia and Sicily. It is located in the city of Sassari, on the island of Sardinia. Although Alghero is a small city, it has many natural beauties and historical places. There are many places worth seeing in this small city, which is approximately 248 kilometers from Italy. It is one of the most preferred places for overseas travels and holidays. The city of Alghero is among the most popular holiday destinations in Italy. Visitors from many countries come to the city, which is among the touristic spots.

Among the places to visit in Alghero, the first place is Neptune's Cave, which is called the city's tale of the earth and stands out with its magnificent beauties. Sea Walls, Bombarde Beach, Porto Ferro Beach, Nuraghe Di Palmavera, Alghero Cathedral, Museo Casa Manno and Museo Del Corallo are among the places you must see. If you are wondering what awaits you on your trip or vacation to the city, we recommend that you take a look at this list. The places on the list will help you plan your holiday route.

Neptune's Cave

When you come to the city of Alghero, the first place you should see is Neptune's Cave. Located at the foot of the cliffs of Capo Caccia, close to the city of Aghero, this magnificent cave offers a visual feast to its visitors. Found by fishermen in the 18th century by chance, this cave is known as an earth tale.

The cave is named after Neptune, known as the Roman god of the sea. When you enter the cave, stalactites and stalagmites with a wonderful view welcome you. There are also water pools in the area. You should definitely add this cave, which has a magical view, to your list of places to visit in Alghero.

Sea Walls

We recommend that your second stop on your Alghero trip be the Sea Walls, which stand out with their historical beauties. In this region, which is home to the cliffs of Capo Caccia, you can spend pleasant moments accompanied by a wonderful view.

This region, which is among the important historical points of the city, is frequently visited by history lovers. When you visit the region, if you are hungry, you can also stop by the eating and drinking places around.

Bombarde Beach

Alghero is a city that stands out with its magnificent beaches as well as its historical beauties. The most famous beach of the city is Bombarde Beach, located only half a kilometer east of Lazeretto. There are many pine trees around the beach, which draws attention with its white sand coastline.

The coastal part of the beach is completely sandy. The bottom of the sea is also covered with white sand. It is especially suitable for families with children as it does not deepen immediately. If you want to experience a holiday experience where sea, sand and sun come together, you can visit this beach.

Porto Ferro Beach

One of the must-see places in Alghero is the Porto Ferro beach, which attracts attention with its calm air. If you want to get away from crowded places and swim and enjoy the sun, you are at the right address. The sandy part of the beach consists of fine sand with a mixture of red and yellow tones. It is one of the most preferred beaches especially for weekend holidays.

The most striking feature of the beach is that it hosts two Spanish towers. In addition, waves often hit the shore of the beach. Therefore, it is an ideal place for adventure lovers who love to surf. This beach, which hosts many tourists, has areas where you can come with vehicles and camp.

Nuraghe Di Palmavera

Nuraghe Di Palmavera castle is one of the places you should not miss when you go to the city of Alghero. This castle, which is among the must-visit spots for history buffs, is around Porto Cente, just a few kilometers from the city.

In this important region, it is possible to come across historical ruins such as castles and huts, which are approximately 3500 years old. If you want to take a short journey into the mysterious history of the city, we recommend you add this region to your list of places to visit.

Alghero Cathedral

Alghero Cathedral is a church also known as Catterdale Di Santa Maria Immacolata. Located in the city of Sassari, this church reflects the traces of Late gothic art.

The cathedral, which is also called a Roman Catholic church, is also home to the bell tower known as the Campanile, which is at an average height of twenty meters. When you visit the church, you can also see the bell tower, which stands out with its magnificent appearance. You can also go up the Bell Tower and watch the city from a bird's eye view and have a great time.

Museo Casa Manno

The city of Alghero is a region famous for its museums as well as its magnificent beaches. One of these museums is the Museo Casa Mano. It is possible to come across many stories about the past of the city in this museum, which is located next to the Alghero Church. After visiting the church, you can enter this museum immediately.

The museum was severely damaged as a result of a bombing in 1993 and was renovated in 2004. It is a must-visit place for those who are curious about the history of the city. Therefore, we recommend that you add this place to your list of places to visit in Aghero.

Museo Del Corallo

Maritime has a special importance for the city of Alghero. If you are interested in maritime related subjects, this museum is for you! It is possible to see many important artifacts related to maritime in the Corallo museum.

In the museum, you can see and examine many artifacts from ancient coral fishing to jewelry symbolizing sea lovers. You should definitely add this museum, which sheds light on the history of the Mediterranean, to your list of historical places to visit in Alghero.

After completing your tour with this museum, you can visit the restaurants that stand out with their delicious menus and taste new flavors.

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