Can I Take Make-Up on the Plane?

Jan. 15, 2024
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It is useful to know some important information before you travel by plane. Each airline company has its own set of rules. When you follow these rules, you can have a smooth flight. One of the frequently preferred means of transportation to go from one region to another is air transportation. There are many different airline companies today. By choosing among these companies, you can buy flight tickets at affordable prices. Because most companies run various campaigns, especially before the summer season. When you benefit from these campaigns, your flight costs may be lower. On the other hand, it is preferred for transportation by road as well as by air. If you have a private vehicle for road transportation, you can travel comfortably. If you do not have or do not prefer a private vehicle, you can also consider the bus alternative. Although bus travel is not as short as a plane ride, many people prefer this means of transportation.

You can buy bus tickets at affordable prices when traveling by bus, just like on a plane. In fact, if you buy tickets before the travel plan date, you will not strain your budget too much. Bus travel and plane travel are different from each other. You need to follow some important rules when traveling by plane. One of these rules is what items can be taken into the luggage compartment. Cosmetic products have a special importance, especially for women. The most important of these cosmetic products are undoubtedly make-up materials such as lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, liquid lipstick and eyeliner. There are generally two different luggage compartments on airplanes. One of these is located at the bottom of the aircraft and the other is inside the aircraft. While the part inside the plane is called hand luggage or cabin baggage, the part at the bottom of the plane is called checked baggage. At this point, it is among the issues that are wondered whether make-up materials, which are important for women, can be taken on the plane. We will discuss this issue in more detail later in our article.

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Can You Take Make-Up in Airplane Luggage?

Each airline company has its own set of rules. These rules are also accepted internationally. Regardless of international or domestic travel, every passenger must strictly comply with these rules. Air baggage issue is also included among these rules. While some foods or items can be placed in the luggage compartment, some cannot due to their size or weight. On the other hand, it is strictly forbidden to take sharp, poisonous, explosive or flammable substances that put human life at risk onto the aircraft. Especially people returning from a certain region take more belongings with them. The reason for this is that they buy gifts for themselves or their loved ones from where they are. However, some of these gifts may not be suitable for air travel. If these gifts consist of make-up products and comply with the airline company's rules, they can be placed in the luggage compartment. In fact, it all depends on whether the items you take with you comply with the rules.

Can You Put Make-Up in Your Suitcase on a Plane?

There are two different sections on planes where items can be stored. One of these is the check-in baggage, where larger suitcases are placed. Another one is the cabin baggage, which is located in a location close to you on the plane. A computer, laptop or some food items are often placed in cabin baggage. On the other hand, cosmetic products are also allowed to be carried on the plane. However, in order for cosmetic products to be placed in luggage, they must comply with certain rules. There is no problem in keeping cosmetics or make-up items with you if they do not exceed 100 milliliters. The important thing here is that these materials do not flow out. For example, if you have a liquid foundation, you should close the mouth of this material tightly and also put it in a ziplock bag. If you have makeup over 100 milliliters, it is not possible to put it in your suitcase or cabin baggage.

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How to Carry Makeup on a Plane?

There may be many personal items you want to take with you on your plane trip. Cosmetic products are of great importance, especially for women. At the beginning of our article, we talked about how important makeup products are for women. However, men may also buy make-up items as a gift for their mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives or any of their friends, and may want to deliver this gift by air travel. There are many items that can be carried on the plane. One of these items is make-up materials. However, these products are allowed to be transported within certain rules. You can put your cosmetic products up to 100 ml in your cabin baggage on the plane. It is important to close these products tightly when placing them in this trunk. You should also place these materials in one-liter ziplock packages and put them in the trunk. If you comply with all the rules, you can pass the checkpoints safely and have a pleasant flight experience.

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