Chinese Cuisine

Nov. 30, 2022
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China's top popular foods, in addition to its fascinating customs and rich history, manage to stand apart. All of this makes this country one of the most popular among travelers. The most famous Chinese foods, which appear and taste distinct from Turkish cuisine, bring you together with new experiences and achievements.


Wonton, a classic Chinese dish, is among the most famous and extensively consumed cuisines in China. This snack-sized meal comprises of miniature pasta that have been folded in the middle and are eaten with meat. These doughs, which may be eaten fried or baked, resemble Italian pasta.

Spring Rolls

This meal, also known as egg roll, comprises of fried chicken or fried fish with side dishes wrapped in an unique dough. You must definitely taste this delicacy, which will save you time while deciding what to eat in China, along with bittersweet flavors.

Shanghai Xiaolongbao

Shanghai Xiaolongbao is quite similar to our country's meatballs and filled meatballs. In China, you will not need to worry about what you'll eat. This one-of-a-kind delicacy, which ranks high among China's most commonly eaten, is cooked with filling and served simple.


Jianbing is a flatbread with a similar texture that has a significant position among Chinese traditional foods. Jianbing, a favorite dish on Chinese breakfast tables, is made with egg, flour, and its own particular sauce. The Chinese jianbing delicacy, which is enjoyed by practically all international tourists, is China's favorite breakfast product.


Without a question, another taste on the list of China's most common meals; jiaozi iaozi grabs notice with its resemblance to pasta, one of Turkish cuisine's distinctive flavors. Meatballs are prepared by rolling out dough that has been packed with veggies or meat. This delicacy, which is popular in China, especially during the Christmas season, is shown on the streets of China with its unique taste.

Tea Eggs

Tea eggs are hard-boiled egg grains that are frequently marketed as roadside treats. This very fascinating meal is one of the Chinese people's favorite street delicacies. It's made with spices and tea sauce. This flavor, which is a unique blend of red and black tea, is particularly adaptable to a variety of palates. It is one of the most popular tastes in China.


Tanghulu, commonly named as bintangful, is a Chinese street sweet that can only be found in China. It is a delicacy comparable to the "apple candy" we have encountered in our nation since we were children. It's a long, thin sticks with fruit grains within. It is made by adding different syrups to the flour, such as sugar syrup, to provide sourness and sweetness, and you can find it on practically every corner of the street. It is suggested that you taste this delicious dessert while in China.


Baozi, a classic Chinese cuisine, is one of the many tastes that can be discovered in practically every Chinese city. This taste is cooked dough grains and was previously known as Chinese bread. After baking, the dough, which is commonly packed with cooked pork or veggies, is frozen in boiling hot water.

Huo Guo

It is among the most classic Chinese meals. In contrast to Turkish cuisine, a local Chinese stewed meal known as Huo Guo employs both the stew and its contents. This distinctive delicacy, also called as cooking pot, is created in different locations of China for varied flavors. The most well-known huo guo is the Chongqing stew, which uses Sichuan spice in the broth. Tanghulu one of the most popular meals in China if you're wondering what to dine in China.

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