How to Get a Kos Island Door Visa?

Jan. 22, 2024
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Many important documents are needed when traveling abroad. One of these documents is a passport, which replaces an international identity, and the other is a visa. Nowadays, there are many different visa types such as tourist, student, transit and work visas. Door visa is also among these visa types. However, one of the biggest advantages of this visa type compared to other visa types is that, as its name suggests, it gives the right to obtain a visa at the border gate. When going to some countries, visa procedures can be done at the door. This visa is presented to you by authorized persons at the airport. There are many countries and regions where you can benefit from visa on arrival. One of these regions is Kos Island. In the rest of our article, you can find information on how to get to this island and how to get a gate visa.

Where is Kos Island?

Kos Island is one of the twelve islands of Greece, located in the Southeastern European Continent. Every year, many tourists go to Greece, which is a neighbor of our country. The country stands out especially with the islands it contains. One of these islands is Kos Island, which is located very close to the Bodrum district of Muğla province in the Aegean Region. Located approximately eight nautical miles from Bodrum, this island is not only a tourist spot, but also frequently preferred for summer holidays. When you visit Kos Island, which has a deep-rooted history, you can both make a cultural trip and have a pleasant holiday.

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How to Get to Kos Island?

There are multiple alternatives for transportation to Kos Island, which is one of the islands of Greece. One of these transportation alternatives is transportation by sea, and the other is transportation by air. Since Kos Island is an island, as its name suggests, it is not possible to reach it directly by land. Those who want to come by road must first arrive in Bodrum district. There are regular ferry services from this district to the island. Apart from this, those who want to come by bus can choose one of the bus companies operating from their location to Bodrum Bus Terminal, buy a bus ticket and come to the district. From here, you can reach the island by going to the town center and taking ferries.

Another transportation option, as we mentioned before, is transportation by sea. Visitors planning to come from Bodrum can directly go to Kos Island by ferry vehicles departing from the district center or Turgutreis District of the district. While these trips are made every day during the summer, they are carried out on certain days during the winter. Since the island is located very close to Bodrum, many local and foreign tourists prefer this island for day trips. Visitors who plan to come from different or distant parts of our country can consider the transportation option by air. For this, you need to arrive at Kos Airport, which serves the island. However, there are no direct flights from our country to this island. That's why you first need to buy a flight ticket to Athens, known as the capital of Greece. After landing in the city, you can transfer to the island from here with local air company vehicles. Apart from this, if you wish, you can also consider the alternative of Bodrum-Milas Airport.

How to Get a Kos Island Door Visa?

It is possible to obtain a visa at the door to reach Kos Island. We recommend that you plan your visit to this island, also known as Kos, in May or September. Because these two months are very important for you to get a gate visa. Because visa application at the door is valid only in these months. In fact, this type of visa is a kind of temporary visa. Since it covers travel within a certain period of time, it can also be called a temporary visa. We would like to underline that the maximum duration of this gate visa to go to the island is seven days. Those who will go to this island from our country as tourists can benefit from this visa application. To obtain a gate visa, you can contact the companies that organize sightseeing tours to the island or request a gate visa through accredited agencies.

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Required Documents for Kos Island Door Visa

In order to go to Kos Island, you need to apply for a gate visa. Some important documents are requested during the application, just like other visa types. We think it would be useful to point out this as well. Once you have a gate visa, it is possible to travel to another region of Greece other than Kos Island. In addition, those who have a Schengen visa instead of a gate visa can easily enter and exit this country. Going back to our topic, the documents required for a Kos Island gate visa are generally as follows:

• Both the original and a photocopy of the passport document

• Rear part 2 biometric photographs with white color

• Current bank account documents

• Photocopy of identity card

• Greece gate visa application form

• Ferry tickets showing departure and return dates to Kos Island

• Confirmed hotel reservation

• Visa fee

Kos Island Gate Visa Fees

To go to Kos Island, you need to get a visa at the door. For this, it is important that you have completed the necessary documents and filled out the application form. Kos Island gate visa fee is currently 160 Euros. This fee includes the application form, health insurance, and double-sided document submission fees.​

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