International Vehicle Exit Attorney Fee

Dec. 11, 2023
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There are many people who go or want to go abroad for either a trip or a holiday. While some people prefer their own vehicles for these trips abroad, others consider air or bus options. Going abroad, especially by air, is more frequently preferred in terms of travel time. To go from one country to another, you need to have some important documents ready. This rule applies not only to means of transportation such as planes and buses, but also when driving your own vehicle. It is important for those who want to travel abroad by plane to have important documents such as passports ready before purchasing a flight ticket. In addition, if you are going to countries that require a visa, visa procedures must also be completed. However, depending on the passport type, it is possible to travel to some countries without a visa. Another preferred means of transportation when going abroad is buses. International bus services are organized to countries such as Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

If you want to travel abroad by bus, you need to complete the passport procedures before purchasing a bus ticket, as in air transportation. All these rules apply when you go out with your own personal vehicle. It is very important to have an internationally accepted driver's license. In addition, it is important that you take out internationally valid insurance. Additionally, having the car registered to you is among the most important issues. If the car you will be traveling abroad with is not registered to you, the person who owns it must be with you. Even if that person is not with you, you must obtain a notarized power of attorney from that person or official organizations before you set off. We would like to point out in advance that if you try to go abroad without doing such a procedure, you will not be able to pass through the border gates. To pass through these gates, you must obtain an international vehicle exit permit. In the rest of our article, we will talk about where to get this power of attorney, fee information and other necessary documents.

Where to Get a Power of Attorney to Take a Vehicle Abroad?

If you are planning to go abroad with your own vehicle, it is useful to pay attention to some important points. One of these points is who the vehicle belongs to. If you are traveling with a car registered to you and have the necessary documents ready, you can complete your journey without any problems. However, if the car is registered to someone else and that person is not in that car, you are likely to encounter some problems. In order to pass through the border gates, the car you use must belong to you. If it does not belong to you, it is important that the owner of the car is in that vehicle. Otherwise, you must obtain a notarized power of attorney from the vehicle owner. The place where you can obtain this important document is notary institutions. You can go to one of these institutions together with the vehicle owner and obtain a power of attorney from the vehicle owner. If you do not do this, there is a possibility that you will have to go all the way back when you arrive at the border gate. Therefore, it is of great importance to ensure that all documents are complete before driving abroad.

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What are the documents required to go abroad with a private vehicle?

People who want to go abroad with their private vehicle must have prepared and obtained some documents in advance. We would like you to know that if even one of the documents is missing, you will not be able to go abroad with your vehicle. Along with these documents, it is also important that the vehicle is registered in your name. If the vehicle is not yours, you have no chance of passing through the border gate. Therefore, it is important that the owner of the vehicle is also in that car. If the vehicle owner does not come with you, you must obtain a power of attorney from that person before going on your trip abroad. Apart from this, the documents required to go abroad with a private vehicle are generally as follows:

• Passport document

• Visa

• Internationally valid driving license (also known as chip driving license)

• Vehicle registration

• Travel insurance policy

• Internationally valid insurance

It is possible to obtain all the documents listed above, in addition to the vehicle license, by applying to the relevant institutions. Anyone who owns a vehicle must already have a permit. If you are not traveling with your own vehicle, it is important that you have the license belonging to whoever owns the vehicle.

How much is the Foreign Vehicle Exit Attorney Fee?

The most important point that people who plan to go abroad with someone else's vehicle should pay attention to is that the vehicle owner is also in the vehicle or has received a power of attorney from the vehicle owner in the presence of a notary. When obtaining a power of attorney, the person to whom the vehicle is registered must also be present at the notary, and their license and identity information must also be submitted to the notary. There may be changes in foreign vehicle exit attorney fees. Therefore, you can get information about power of attorney fees from the institution you will go to. with power of attorney However, you must also pay a stamp fee.

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