Kalemya Bay Entrance Fee

Dec. 31, 2023
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Many points of our country are very important in terms of both natural beauties and historical places. There are many regions that stand out especially with their deep blue sea, unique beaches and lush nature. One of these regions is Kalemya Bay located in Fethiye. Fethiye is a touristic place famous for its beaches and bays. Many local and foreign tourists come to this region during the summer and spend their holidays here. One of the prominent bays of this region, which is also of great importance in terms of tourism, is Kalemya Bay. Location and transportation information are of particular importance for those who will come to this bay for the first time. In this article, you can find a lot of important information, from which means of transportation you can use to go to the bay to what you can do in the bay. Also, one of the curious questions is whether there is an entrance fee to this bay. You can find all this information from the rest of our article.

Where is Kalemya Bay?

Kalemya Bay is one of the touristic spots of Fethiye district of Muğla province, located in the southern part of the Aegean Region of Turkey. As it is known, Fethiye is a touristic district that stands out with its cultural heritage that has witnessed history, natural beauty areas, beaches and magnificent bays. Every year, many tourists come to this district for holiday purposes. This district, which is one of the holiday destinations of our country, has many prominent bays. One of these bays is Kalemya Bay, which attracts attention with its lush forests and magnificent beaches.

How to Get to Kalemya Bay?

Transportation information is a very important detail for visitors who will come to Fethiye for holiday purposes. There are multiple alternatives for transportation to Kalemya Bay, located in Fethiye district of Muğla. In order to come to the bay, which is approximately 10 kilometers away from Fethiye town center, you must first get transportation to the town. The transportation options you can choose to reach the district are road or air. In fact, you can also come here by traveling by train. However, you may need to make a connecting journey for this. Those who are considering the option of transportation by rail should first arrive in Aydın or Izmir and from there take the buses to go to the district. If you are coming with your private vehicle, you can easily reach every region of our country with navigation help.

Another alternative for road transportation is to take intercity buses. Since there is already a bus terminal in the district, you will not have any problems in transportation. To the district; Visitors come from many cities such as Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara. There are frequent bus services to the region, especially from these points. All you have to do is choose one of the bus companies operating from your location to Fethiye district and buy the applicable bus ticket. After arriving at the terminal, you can take a taxi to the town and then to Kalemya Bay by sea, or if you want to go to the city center first, you can take public transportation. The last transportation alternative is by air. This option is especially suitable for holidaymakers coming from more distant provinces. However, it is not possible to reach the district directly. Because there is no airport in the district. For this purpose, Muğla Dalaman Airport, which serves in the closest location, is preferred.

You can buy an affordable flight ticket by choosing one of the companies that organize flight travel from your region to this airport. Arrival time at the airport depends entirely on the starting point. For those coming from very remote areas, the journey may take a little longer. If you want to go to the city center after landing at the airport, you can choose the minibuses operating between Marmaris and Muğla. To reach the district, you can take public transportation departing from the airport or rent a private car and go to the district and then to Kalemya Bay by boat. Of course, another alternative is to take a taxi. If you wish, you can reach the district by taking advantage of taxi facilities.

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Can you swim in Kalemya Bay?

Kalemya Bay is known as one of the most popular bays of our Fethiye district. When the bay is mentioned, a peaceful atmosphere may come to mind. However, this is a very crowded place, let's say that from the beginning. Since it is a lively bay, you can have fun and enjoyable times. Since the region is home to a magnificent bay, there is also a blue flag beach here. So, you can swim in the sea and swim to your heart's content from Kalemya Bay. The beach serving here is not a public beach. It is managed by a private business. There are also many accommodation facilities in the area where the sheep are located.

Is There an Entrance Fee to Kalemya Bay?

There are many holiday villages in the area where Kalemya Bay is located. In addition, there are also facilities that offer accommodation. Entrance to the bay You can find out the clearest information about whether a fee is charged or not when you reach the region. The bay also includes a beach affiliated with Hillside Beach Club. We would like to point out that in order to swim from here, you must stay in one of the facilities in the region. If you are planning to stay in one of the hotels serving here, you can also swim at the beach of the facility. You can also benefit from facilities such as umbrellas and sun loungers. Of course, we would like to remind you that you have to pay a certain rental fee when taking advantage of these opportunities.

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