Places to Visit in Aladağ

Sept. 13, 2023
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Aladağ is one of the most visited districts of Adana province, located in the Mediterranean Region of our country. The district, which has great importance in terms of cultural tourism, is approximately 92 km away from Adana city center. There are many transportation alternatives to go from the city center to the district, such as private vehicles, buses or minibuses. The district attracts attention with its natural and historical areas.

There are many places to visit and see in Aladağ, one of the most beautiful districts of Adana. Among the places to visit in Aladağ, Küp Waterfalls, defined as a natural wonder, come first. Akören Ancient City, Meydan Castle, Kapuzbaşı Waterfall, Acı Su Plateau, Masiret Plateau, King's Tomb and Aladağ Martyrs' Monument are also among the places to visit. In the rest of our article, you can read the prominent features of these places and shape your holiday route.

Cube Waterfalls

When you come to Aladağ district, the first stop you should visit is Küp Waterfalls, which stands out with its unique natural beauty. This waterfall, located around the Küp Village of the district, offers a magnificent visual feast to its visitors.

There are many different activities you can do with your family or friends in the region. One of these activities is camping. It is an ideal region for those who love camping. You can camp among the sound of the waterfall's flow, enjoy swimming by entering the waterfall, or have a picnic against the unique view. There is no need to pay any fee to enter the area.

Akören Ancient City

Among the places to visit in Aladağ is Akören Ancient City, which stands out with its historical church ruins. Located in the Akören town of the district, a total of 2 residential areas, Akören one and Akören two, welcome you. It is one of the places that those who are interested in history must come and see.

There are different historical structures in the ancient city, such as church ruins and water cisterns, which are thought to date from the Byzantine period. The region also has an important place in terms of religious tourism. You can visit this historical place for free and take lots of photos.

Meydan Castle

One of the things you must see when you come to the district is Meydan Castle. The region, which hosts many local and foreign tourists throughout the year, is located approximately twelve kilometers away from the center of Aladağ.

Unfortunately, some parts of the castle, which is of great importance in terms of cultural heritage, such as the walls, are damaged. One of the prominent features of the castle is its bastions. The shape of one of the bastions reflects the peninsula. Entrance to the castle is free. There is no visiting hour limitation.

Kapuzbaşı Waterfall

Kapuzbaşı Waterfall is located in Kapuzbaşı Village, which is approximately 55 kilometers away from the district and has the same name as the district. This waterfall is the highest waterfall in our country.

The waterfall has a magnificent natural beauty. It is among the must-visit spots for those who want to get away from city life and have a quiet holiday. You can listen to the sound of the waterfall flowing in the area, get plenty of oxygen and take nature photos.

Bitter Su Plateau

Acı Su Plateau is one of the remarkable natural beauties of the district. Located around Dölekli Village in the district, this plateau is frequently preferred especially by nature lovers. The region is also known as Acıman Plateau.

It is said that the water in this plateau is effective in eliminating some diseases. That's why many tourists from outside the city flock to the region every year to benefit from the healing water. The name of the plateau is bitter because the water is also bitter. When you come to the region, you can benefit from its healing waters, spend peaceful hours and get plenty of fresh air.

Masiret Plateau

Another historical area among the places to visit in Aladağ is Masiret Plateau, which stands out with its centuries-old plane trees. It is possible to come across many different historical buildings in this plateau located within the district.

In the region where the plateau is located, there are settlements from the Byzantine and Roman times, sarcophagi and stone cemetery structures, as well as many different historical mosaic works. We recommend that you add this plateau region, full of history, to your list of places to visit.

King's Tomb

The King's Tomb, located in the Akören Town of the district, stands out with its ruins that smell full of history. It is among the must-see places for those who love visiting historical places.

There is an inscription right at the entrance of the cemetery. There are Latin writings on this inscription. Since the writings cannot be translated clearly into Turkish, it is not known which king the tomb belongs to. For those who are interested in historical cemeteries, you can have a pleasant historical tour in this region.

Aladağ Martyrs' Monument

The last place on the list of places to visit in Aladağ is the Aladağ Martyrs' Monument. It is happening. This important monument, located at the entrance of the district, is the center of attention of many tourists with its magnificent appearance.

The monument was built to commemorate our martyrs who fought and lost their lives for our country. You can visit and pray at this important monument, which has no entrance fee, at any time of the day. Additionally, since the monument is located on a hill, you can watch the district from a bird's eye view. 

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