Places to Visit in Alexandroupoli

April 5, 2024
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Alexandroupoli, also known as Alexandroupolis in Turkish, is a port city located in the center of the Evros Region of Greece, located in the Southeastern European continent. It is possible to reach here from many different regions, especially Istanbul. Of course, in order to enter here, you must first complete your passport and visa procedures. Even though it is abroad, there are many different options in terms of transportation. One of them is to buy a bus ticket and travel by bus, and the other is to buy a plane ticket and have a pleasant plane trip. It is also at a point where you can easily reach if you have a personal car. Alexandroupoli is also a city rich in terms of places to visit. Before giving information about places to visit to visitors who plan to come for sightseeing or holiday purposes, we would like to touch on the issue of transportation in more detail.

The first transportation option you can consider to come to this city, also known as Dedeağaç, is a private vehicle. However, if you do not want to come with your private vehicle or do not have any vehicle, you can also travel by bus. Visitors who plan to come from Istanbul can buy a cheap bus ticket by choosing one of the companies that provide bus services to this region from Esenler Bus Terminal. Another transportation method is to travel by plane by purchasing a flight ticket. There are companies that fly directly to the Athens region. After reaching Athens, you can transfer to Alexandroupoli city from here. We would like to point out that you will not have any problems in transportation to this city, which is located approximately 40 kilometers from the İpsala border gate. Now let's talk about the prominent places of this city and the places to visit.

When it comes to places to visit in Alexandroupoli, the first place that comes to mind is the Lighthouse. Among the most popular spots you can visit afterwards are Makri Village, Dedeağaç Historical Museum, Güvendik Village, Thrace Ethnology Museum, Dadia Forests and Altınalmazı Park. You can have great times and accumulate beautiful memories in this port city, which has a special importance for those who love international trips. The best time to visit this region, where the Mediterranean climate prevails, is spring and summer. We recommend that you come during the summer, especially if you plan to swim. Also, if you have the opportunity, do not coincide your trip or holiday with holiday periods such as holidays. Because many local and foreign tourists flock to this region during these holiday periods. Yes, now we can move on to the popular spots on our list of places to visit.

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Deniz Feneri is located on Demokrasi Street, which stands out as one of the liveliest streets in the region.

This lighthouse, which has become the symbol of the city, is a very important historical building built during the reign of Abdulhamid II. When you think of a lighthouse, you may think of a lighthouse located in the middle of the sea. However, this lighthouse is quite eye-catching as it is located right in the middle of the street. While walking on Democracy Street, there are various cafes along the way. If you wish, you can sit in one of these cafes and have a drink.

Additionally, many shopping malls are also located on this street. After eating and drinking something, you can visit the shopping malls and have a pleasant shopping experience for both yourself and your loved ones.

Makri Village

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Alexandroupoli is Makri Village, which stands out with its beaches. It is located at an average distance of 10 kilometers from the city center.

Not only tourists but also local people often come to this village. Because the sea of this region is both very clean and beautiful. This village, also known as the Fishing Village, becomes quite crowded, especially with the start of the summer season. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun on the most beautiful beaches of the village, and have fun by participating in various beach games.

Alexandroupoli Historical Museum

There are many options for transportation to the city of Alexandroupoli, also known as Alexandroupoli. Especially those coming from Istanbul can provide transportation by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket. One of the important places you should visit after coming to this city is the Alexandroupoli Historical Museum.

This museum, which is one of the places where St. Nicholas stayed, is also known as the church museum. When you visit this museum, you have the opportunity to examine many important works, from holy books to various historical works reflecting Christian art. It is among the must-see places for those who love visiting historical places.

Guvendik Village

In order not to be deprived of the flavors unique to Greece, the next point you should visit is Güvendik Village, located approximately five kilometers away from Makri Village.

There are many important Turkish Villages in the region. This place appears as one of those popular villages. of the region A tavern serves right in the heart of it. Here you can taste various Greek delicacies along with Turkish dishes and have a pleasant time.

Thrace Ethnology Museum

Reflecting the traces of Thracian culture, this museum is an important museum built in 1899 using stone materials.

In this museum, which is among the places frequented by millions of tourists, you can see many works that reveal Thracian traditions and culture. You should definitely add this museum, which is open to visitors on days other than Mondays, to your list of places to visit in Alexandroupoli.

Dadia Forests

If you come to the city and want to spend time away from sight and in touch with nature, we recommend you to go to Dadia Forests.

You can go for a nature walk in this forest, where there are many tree species such as chestnut, beech, pine, fir and oak, see rare bird species and have a peaceful time. You can buy a bus ticket from your location to come to this area, which has been under protection since 1980.

Altinalmazi Park

The last stop on our list of places to visit in Alexandroupoli is Altınalmazı Park. We recommend you to see this park, which is the summer theater of the city, closely.

Various and entertaining sports activities such as gymnastics can also be done in this park, which hosts lush green areas. There are also hiking trails where you can walk. Travelers who prefer to travel by air to come to Alexandroupoli, one of the popular regions of Greece, can purchase an affordable flight ticket and then go to Athens and then to this region.

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