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June 14, 2024
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Cide is one of the touristic districts of Kastamonu city, located in the Black Sea Region of our country. This district, which is famous for its foods such as walnut halva, chestnut honey and apple molasses, is one of the coastal regions. There are many touristic spots that you can visit in the district, which contains many important historical buildings and areas of natural beauty. You can reach Cide, which is of great importance in terms of summer tourism, by purchasing a flight ticket or a bus ticket. Located approximately 150 kilometers away from Kastamonu city center, the district is among the regions that stand out with its deep-rooted history. It is commonly visited here in spring and summer. You can have a wonderful travel experience in this district, which hosts many guests throughout the year.

Before moving on to our article on places to visit in Cide, we would like to give you some important information about how to reach the district. If you have a car, you can easily come to Cide district by using the navigation system. Travelers who do not have a private vehicle or do not want to travel by car can choose to travel by bus or plane. There are companies that provide direct bus services to this district from some points in our country. However, you also have the opportunity to come via transfer without direct transportation. For connecting bus trips, the destination is Kastamonu Bus Terminal. To come here, you can buy a bus ticket that suits your budget. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can move to the district by using other means of transportation. Travelers who will arrive directly can reach the district from here after arriving at Cide Bus Terminal.

Since there is no airport in Cide, those arriving by plane should first land at Kastamonu Airport. For this, you can buy a flight ticket that suits your budget and have a pleasant flight. After arriving at the airport, you can go to Kastamonu Bus Terminal and then to Cide with other means of transportation, or you can reach there directly by taking a taxi. Going back to our topic of places to visit in Cide, popular destinations that you should definitely see when you come to the district include Gideros Bay, Okçu Castle, Kerempe Lighthouse, Loç Valley, Kılıkçı Cave, Rıfat Ilgaz Museum, Malyas Canyon and Aydos Canyon. In the rest of our article, you can learn about what you can do in these places and shape your travel list according to these points.

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Gideros Bay

When you come to Cide, the first place you should visit is Gideros Bay, which stands out with its untouched nature.

Located within the district borders, this region hosts a magnificent and unique bay view. You can come across various tree species in this region, where the deep blue color of the bay and the greenery of nature meet. You have the opportunity to swim in this bay, which is frequently visited in the summer.

Archer's Castle

Another touristic spot you can visit by purchasing a Cide bus ticket is Okçu Castle. This castle, located in the Okçular Village of the district, is among the important cultural values.

There is no clear information about this castle, which is located on a natural rock. Although it is unknown when and by whom it was built, it is thought to date back to the Roman and Byzantine periods, as a result of some investigations in the region. If you are one of those who like to visit historical castles, you can also visit this castle, Çoban Castle in Çayyaka Village, Timle Castle in Uğurlu Village and Karasu Castle in Ağaçbükü Village.

Kerempe Lighthouse

Kerempe Lighthouse, located in the Aydınlık Village of the district, was built on a high hill and is one of the important tourist spots that attracts attention with its appearance.

Located at an average height of 82 meters above sea level, this lighthouse was built to guide sailors. The name of this lighthouse, built by the French in 1884, is also mentioned in Nazım Hikmet's work, The Epic of the War of Independence. We recommend you to visit this area, which has a wonderful sea view.

Loch Valley

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Cide is Loç Valley, located in Çamdibi Village of the district, which stands out with its natural beauties.

This valley is especially suitable for those who want to spend time in touch with nature. There is also an observation deck here that offers you the opportunity to watch the unique nature view. You can take a nature walk in the region, examine the surrounding plant species, and if you wish, pitch a tent and stay. Cide is one of the spots you can explore by purchasing a flight ticket.

Kılıçlı Cave

Another touristic spot located in Çamdibi Village of the district is Kılıkçı Cave. There are many natural beauties you can discover in this cave, which is one of the frequent destinations of many local and foreign tourists.

This cave, which you can have the chance to see by purchasing a Cide bus ticket, has an average depth of 350 meters. he has. When you enter the cave, you will first be greeted by small and large pools. Then you will come across stalactites and stalagmites that fascinate visitors with their appearance. A historical atmosphere awaits you at the top of the cave. In this part, you can see historical artifacts from the Byzantine and Chalcolithic times.

Rıfat Ilgaz Museum

Located very close to the town center, Rıfat Ilgaz Museum is one of the places you should definitely visit when you come to Cide.

We think that there is no one who does not know the Hababam Class movie series. Rıfat Ilgaz, known as the author of this film series, was born in this building, which today serves as a museum. You can come across photographs, personal belongings and works of the author in this building, which was converted into a museum after his death. You do not need to pay any entrance fee while visiting the museum, which stands out with its historical texture.

Malyas Canyon

Another travel route on our list of places to visit in Cide is Malyas Canyon, which is described as a natural wonder.

Located approximately 22 kilometers away from the town center, this canyon fascinates travelers with its various natural beauties. This canyon, which is among the spots you can explore by purchasing a Cide flight ticket, is frequently visited especially by those who want to escape the scorching heat of summer.

If you want to cool off a little in the summer, you can come here and immerse yourself in the cool waters of the canyon. You can also have a picnic with your family or friends in the area where the canyon is located and go for a nature walk.

Aydos Canyon

Aydos Canyon is one of the regions located on the Aydos Stream of the same name and stands out with its natural beauty.

Rafting is frequently done in this canyon, which is one of the routes preferred by those who want to spend peaceful times in touch with nature. If you are interested in river rafting, you can experience this adventurous river sport when you come here. In this canyon, which you can visit free of charge, you can collect unforgettable, fun-filled memories and photograph the natural beauties around.

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