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Oct. 5, 2023
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Dubrovnik is known as a tourist city in Croatia, located in the Southeastern part of the European Continent. The city is especially rich in terms of culture. There are many historical buildings reflecting the Middle Ages in the city, which is visited by millions of tourists every year. This city, which is famous for its natural beauties as well as its historical buildings, is quite crowded, especially in spring and summer. Since the winter period is very cold, it is commonly visited in the spring and summer periods.

There are many transportation options for those planning to come to Dubrovnik from other countries. One of these is transportation by road and private vehicle. If you have a visa, you can easily reach the city without any problems. Those who want to come by bus can come to the region by purchasing bus tickets from many points in our country. However, to come by bus, you must first arrive in Croatia and then move on to the city. Additionally, the bus journey can take up to 24 hours on average.

Another transportation alternative to reach the city is by air. However, there are no direct flights to the city. Especially those who plan to come from Istanbul should first come to Zagreb, known as the capital of Croatia. You can buy a flight ticket and reach the region with connecting flights from Zagreb. It is also possible to reach by sea. There are frequent cruises to this region, especially from Italy, which is located in the European continent.

You can easily visit the most popular places in the region by spending approximately 2 or 3 days. Places to visit in Dubrovnik include Dubrovnik City Walls, Stradun Street, Bell Tower, Lovrijenac Fortress, Franciscan Monastery, Sponza Palace, Lokrum Island, War Photo Limited, Cable Car and Onofrio Fountain. In the continuation of our article, we touched upon some important points about what awaits you, along with the prominent features of these places. We wish you pleasant travels in advance.

Dubrovnik City Walls

The first place you should visit in this city, formerly known as Ragusa, is the Dubrovnik City Walls. It is impossible not to be fascinated by the magnificent atmosphere and view of this place.

These walls, which are approximately 1,940 meters long, were built in the 13th century to defend the city against possible dangers from the sea. Each point of these walls, which have become the symbol of the city, tells a different history. Additionally, the region is home to the Adriatic Sea and a magnificent city view. You can enjoy the view while traveling through history.

Stradun Street

The second place on our list of places to visit in Dubrovnik is the famous Stradun Street. This area, also known as Stradun Street, is the main street of the city.

On this street, officially known as Placa, you can come across houses with many motifs reflecting baroque architecture. While wandering along this street, which is always crowded, you can also visit the important historical buildings on the way, and when you want to take a break from your trip, you can sit in the cafes and have a drink.

Bell Tower

After visiting Stradun Street, we recommend you to visit the Bell Tower located in the eastern part of this street.

This historical tower, which was built in 1444, was seriously damaged due to the earthquake disaster and was rebuilt in accordance with the original by renovation works in 1929. After seeing this tower, built in the Renaissance style, closely, you can also visit the Orlando Column, located close to this area.

According to a rumor, the figure on this column was made in reference to a knight named Orlando who protected the city against dangers. You should add this column, which is considered a symbol of freedom, to your list of places to visit.

Lovrijenac Fortress

Another tour stop in Dubrovnik is Lovrijenac Fortress, located in the western part of the city walls. It is also known as the location where the world-famous Game of Thrones series was filmed.

It is of great importance in terms of tourism as it is the place where this famous TV series was filmed. Many tourists flock here and participate in guided tours to explore the places where the TV series was shot. If you wish, you can participate in these tours and have a great time.

Franciscan Monastery

The Franciscan Monastery is an important historical building that houses the 3rd oldest pharmacy in the world. A large part of this monastery, which is among the spots frequently visited by history lovers, was damaged due to the earthquake disaster in the region.

Although a large part of the monastery has been destroyed, the appearance of the inner courtyard and garden is still the same as in ancient times. This historical site is located close to the Pile Gate. We definitely recommend you to see the building closely.

Sponza Palace

Sponza Palace, built in the 13th century, is among the important historical buildings of the city. It is possible to come across many historical artifacts in this place, which today serves as a museum.

This palace, which is one of the structures that survived the earthquake disaster in the region; It was used for many different purposes, from an arsenal to a bank, from a customs building to a school. Today, since it serves as a museum, many historical artifacts reflecting the history of the city are exhibited.

Lokrum Island

One of the places that should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Dubrovnik is Lokrum Island. You can reach this island, which is among the natural beauties of the city, via the Old Port located on the east side of the city.

The Old Port is also a frequently preferred place, especially for evening walks. If you wish, you can explore this harbor first and then go to the island by taking the boats departing from the harbour. Beautiful beaches await you on the island. You can spend a wonderful day in this place, which is very suitable for enjoying the sea, sand and sun.

War Photo Limited

War Photo Limited Museum, which contains an important collection reflecting the negative effects of war, consists of two floors in total.

The works in the museum consist of photographs taken by Wade Goddard, a New Zealander known as a photojournalist. We strongly recommend that you examine these photographs closely, which mostly represent the bad traces left by the war.

Cable Car

The next route on our list of places to visit in Dubrovnik is the cable car, which gives you the opportunity to watch the magnificent views from the top. With this cable car, you can climb a hill called Srd Hill, which is located at an altitude of approximately 412 meters.

Until you reach the top, you will be accompanied by a magnificent view of the city and the wonderful view of the Adriatic Sea. When you reach the top, a restaurant will welcome you. If you get hungry, you can taste delicious food while looking at the wonderful view.

Onofrio's Fountain

Before finishing your Dubrovnik trip, we recommend you to visit Onofrio's Fountain. Especially if your trip is in the summer, you can drink the cold water of this fountain and cool yourself down a little.

There are many visitors around the fountain during the summer. This historical fountain, consisting of sixteen taps, was built in 1438. When you go to the area where the fountain is located, you can take photos and sit on the edge and rest for a while. 

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