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Nov. 27, 2023
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Erciş is a touristic district connected to the city of Van, located in the Eastern Anatolia Part of our country. There are many historical buildings in the district, which stands out with its cultural riches. Many local and foreign tourists from outside the city come to the district, which attracts attention with its natural beauties as well as historical places, for sightseeing purposes throughout the year. The district is also one of the central districts of the city of Van. There are many different alternatives for transportation to the district, which is approximately 100 kilometers away from Van city center.

There are road, air and railway options for transportation to Erciş district. Transportation by road is available from every point in Turkey. You can easily reach there with your private vehicle. Visitors who want to come with their private vehicle or who do not prefer a private vehicle can take intercity buses. There is a bus station in the district where you can reach by bus. You can comfortably reach the district by purchasing an Erciş bus ticket from your location, especially in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.

If you want to come to the district by plane, you must land at Van Airport, which is closest to the region. To do this, you can contact the companies that organize flights to the city and then buy a flight ticket to come to the region in a shorter time. After arriving at the airport, you can reach the district by using shuttles or taxi services. Transportation by rail is just like transportation by air. Since there is no train station in the district, you should come to the train station in our city of Van. Then, you need to go to the bus terminal in Van and then take the shuttle vehicles to reach the district.

Among the places to visit in Erciş, especially historical places stand out. If you do not know where to visit during your planned trip to the district, this article may help you. Among the places you must see when you come to the district are Erciş Castle, Deliçay, Cuneiform Inscriptions, Kara Yusuf Pasha Tomb, Zortul Tomb, Kadem Pasha Hatun Tomb and Çelebibağı. You can visit these places during your town trip or holiday, and get lost among the natural beauties while making cultural explorations.

Erciş Castle

When preparing your Erciş travel list, the first place to be included is Erciş Castle. Located in the Çelebibağı Town of the district, this historical castle offers its visitors an unforgettable historical journey with its cultural riches.

The fact that the castle is on the shores of Lake Van has made it a perfect tourism spot. Since it is under the lake water, it also looks like an island. Every corner of the historical castle, built by Kılıç Arslan in 1127, literally tells the history of the district. If you are interested in history, we recommend that you start your trip from this region. There is no day restriction or entrance fee to visit the castle.


In addition to historical beauties, we recommend that you add natural beauties such as Deliçay to your list of places to visit in Erciş. The region, which is among the frequent destinations of those who want to spend quiet and peaceful times, is only 10 kilometers away from the town center.

You can come with your private car or use public transportation. Deliçay fascinates its guests with its unique view that is as beautiful as a postcard. You should especially see the place in the region known as Erciş Balık Bendi.

You can have a picnic with your family or friends in the area, walk to explore the natural beauties of the surrounding area, and have a wonderful day away from the city crowds.

Cuneiform Inscriptions

We recommend that your next stop on your Erciş trip is the Cuneiform Inscriptions, which are located on the Van and Erciş Highway and reflect the Urartian period.

These inscriptions, which are one of the regions widely visited by history enthusiasts, are an important historical structure from the time of the Urartians. If you want to have detailed information about the history of the district, you can visit these inscriptions and have a pleasant historical journey.

Tomb of Kara Yusuf Pasha

Another important historical building that you will route during your Erciş trip is the Kara Yusuf Pasha Tomb. This historical building, located on the Erciş and Patnos Highway, is close to the Çatakdibi District of the district. For transportation, you can use your private vehicle or take advantage of taxi services.

This tomb, which stands out with its technical and architectural features, is thought to belong to the Karakoyunlu Emperor Kara Yusuf Pasha. Various figures and decorations on this important historical building, which reflects the traces of the 15th century, attract the attention of visitors. If you are among those who are interested in history, you should also visit this place. We recommend adding it to your list.

Zortul Tomb

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Erciş is Zortul Tomb. You can choose private vehicles, taxis or public transportation to reach this tomb located in Zortul Village of the district.

This tomb, which has become a popular destination for history enthusiasts, consists of two floors in total. The most striking part of this building, which is of great importance in terms of cultural tourism, is its body. The lion, bird and double-headed eagle figures on its body have a dazzling beauty. You can take photos in the area and closely examine the historical inscription under the cone located right above the tomb.

Kadem Pasha Hatun Tomb

There are many historical buildings in the district, especially from the Karakoyunlu period. Kadem Pasha Hatun Tomb is one of these important historical structures.

Located in the town center, this tomb was built by Cihan Shah in 1458. This tomb, which is one of the rare historical structures that has survived until today with its originality intact, consists of two floors. During the construction phase, smooth cut stones were used.


The last stop on our list of places to visit in Erciş is Çelebibağı, which fascinates people with its natural beauties. Located at the intersection of Lake Van and Zilan Stream, this region is visited by many tourists, especially during the summer season.

When you come to the region, you will be greeted by birds of different species and colors. In this region, which is described as a bird paradise, you can have a great time with the sounds of birds and the view of the lake. After completing your visit to this region, you can visit restaurants where you can try the local flavors of the region and have a pleasant dinner. 

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