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March 7, 2024
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Many points of our country have important value in terms of tourism. Geyve is also among these important places. Geyve is a district of the city of Sakarya, located in the Çatalca-Kocaeli Section of the Marmara Region of Turkey. Travel lovers who plan to come to this district for a day trip or holiday can quickly reach there by purchasing a flight ticket. In addition to transportation by air, you can also travel by train or buy a bus ticket to come to the district. Geyve district, which is approximately 36 kilometers away from Sakarya city center, is a tourist district that stands out with both its cultural values and natural beauty areas. When it comes to places to visit in Geyve, many important points come to mind. Before touching on the notable touristic spots of the district, we would like to talk about how those who plan to come from outside the city can get there.

Geyve district, which stands out with its deep-rooted history, is a region that has hosted many civilizations in the past. There are many different alternatives for transportation to Geyve, which stands out as the largest district of our Sakarya province in terms of the area it covers. The first of these transportation options is undoubtedly to come with your own vehicle. If you want to come with your own vehicle, you can use the navigation application, which is the most preferred for directions. Since Sakarya is located especially close to Istanbul, many visitors come from this city to this region every year. Another transportation option you can choose to reach Geyve district is intercity buses. You can choose one of the companies that provide bus services from your location to the bus terminal serving in Sakarya and buy a bus ticket. After arriving at the terminal, you can choose public transportation such as buses and minibuses to go to the district.

Travelers who want to travel by air can consider Sabiha Gökçen Airport, which is closest to the region. This option is especially suitable for those who plan to come from more distant provinces. You can choose one of the companies that organize flights from your region to this airport and complete your journey by purchasing an affordable flight ticket. After arriving at the airport, you can take the shuttle buses to go to Sakarya and then to Geyve by using other means of transportation. Another transportation option is the train and is only valid for those coming from Istanbul. You can reach Sakarya Train Station by taking one of the trains departing from Pendik, and from there you can transfer to the district. Now, let's create our list of places to visit that are prominent in the district and that you are eagerly waiting for.

At the top of our list of places to visit in Geyve is the Ali Fuat Pasha Kuva-i Milliye Museum, which stands out with its historical atmosphere. Then, you can visit Sinan Bey Lodge, Kırca Plateau, Doğançay Waterfall, Acısu Thermal Spring and Ilıca Thermal Spring respectively. If you wish, let's start explaining the prominent historical and natural beauties of the district one by one. You can have a pleasant trip or holiday by adding these highlights to your travel list.

Ali Fuat Pasha Kuva-i Milliye Museum

When creating your list of places to visit in Geyve, we recommend that you first list the Ali Fuat Pasha Kuva-i Milliye Museum, which reflects the cultural structure of the district.

The building, located in the district's Ali Fuat Pasha town, which has the same name as the museum, consists of two floors in total. The place, which was used as the town hall until 1983, started to serve as a museum in 1989. When you enter the museum, you can both come across historical traces describing the district and closely see historical artifacts such as photographs and items belonging to Ali Fuat Pasha, known as the commander of the Western Front.

To go on a pleasant journey into the history of the district, you can buy a bus ticket from your location and have a wonderful historical tour by providing transportation to the region. We also recommend that you visit the Bayezid II Bridge, located between the district and Ali Fuat Pasha town, after visiting the museum.

Sinan Bey Lodge

Sinan Bey Lodge is located in the Geyve district center and is one of the remarkable historical buildings of the district.

Since it also served as a soup kitchen when it was built, it is also known as Elvan Bey Imaret. One of the most striking parts of this historical place, built in 1450, is its three domes. This historical building, where cut stones were used in its construction, is currently used as a library. When you visit this place, you can also visit the tomb of Elvan Bey in its garden.

Kırca Plateau

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Geyve is Kırca Plateau, which stands out with its lush nature and is among the frequent destinations of nature lovers.

Located close to the Ali Fuat Pasha town of the district, this plateau attracts attention with its untouched nature. Get away from the chaos of the city This plateau, which is one of the places frequently visited by those who want to spend a quiet day, is quite crowded, especially on weekends.

When you come to this region, you can not only get the air of the plateau, but also visit Kaymakamsuyu Cave, which attracts attention with its colorful rocks and stalactites. Additionally, if you plan your Geyve trip during the summer period, you can also participate in the festivities held in the plateau. That's why we recommend you buy flight tickets in advance.

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Doğançay Waterfall

Located in Maksudiye Village of the district, this waterfall stands out with its wonderful view and untouched nature.

You can admire the view of the waterfall falling from an average height of 600 meters. If you want to stay in nature when you come here, you have the opportunity to camp. You can have both peaceful and enjoyable times in this region, which became a Nature Park in 2013.

Acısu Thermal Spring

One of the places you should not leave without seeing when you come to the district is the Acısu Thermal Spring located in the Ahibaba Village of the region.

It is said that this hot spring water is especially good for stomach-related disorders. We recommend that those who want to benefit from the healing of this water come to this region. The hot spring takes its name from the bitter taste of the water. There are also places around the hot spring where you can have a picnic with your family or friends.

Ilıca Thermal Spring

Located approximately five kilometers away from Geyve, Ilıca Thermal Spring stands out with its healing water, just like Acısu Thermal Spring.

It is stated that this hot spring water is good for rheumatic diseases. If you want to benefit from the healing of this water, you can add this place to your list of places to visit in Geyve. Additionally, those planning a trip to this district can easily reach there by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket.

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