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May 29, 2024
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Gölbaşı is a district of Ankara, the capital of our country. As one of the metropolitan districts of the region, Gölbaşı stands out with its historical streets and stunning natural scenery. Travelers planning to visit Gölbaşı can either purchase plane tickets for air travel or bus tickets for road travel. Additionally, if you enjoy train journeys, rail travel is also an option. Located approximately 20 kilometers from Ankara city center, Gölbaşı is known for its wealth of places to visit. This area, which was a town until the 1980s, gained district status in 1983.

For those coming to Gölbaşı for travel or vacation, transportation information is important. First-time visitors to the district need to be informed about the route, especially those planning to come by private car. For travelers who do not have a private vehicle or prefer not to drive, there are multiple transportation options available. The first of these is air travel. You can research airlines that operate flights to Esenboğa Airport, located approximately 50 kilometers from the district, in Ankara’s Akyurt district. Choose the option that fits your budget and purchase a plane ticket. After landing at the airport, you can take shuttle buses to Kızılay and then use public transportation to reach the district.

For visitors planning to come by bus, the destination is AŞTİ, the Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal, which is about 15 kilometers from the district. You can browse the bus companies that operate routes to this terminal and purchase a bus ticket from the one that suits you best. After arriving at the terminal, you can take the free shuttle buses to the district. For those who prefer train travel, the İzmir Blue Train or High-Speed Train options can be considered. Gölbaşı is one of the districts that stand out with its various natural beauties and historical structures. The must-see spots when you visit include Atatürk Coastal Park, Mogan Lake and Park, Bezirhane Village and Castle, Müze Evliyagil, Altınçanak Village, and Bağiçi Village. In the rest of our article, you can find more information about these places and shape your travel itinerary accordingly.

Ataturk Beach Park

When it comes to places to visit in Gölbaşı, one of the first spots that comes to mind is Atatürk Coastal Park, located just 2 kilometers from the district center. This park is particularly notable for its calm and tranquil atmosphere. During the Ramadan period, various events are organized here, and locals participate in these events, enjoying pleasant times. The most striking feature of this place is its unique view of Mogan Lake. You can spend peaceful hours in nature, go for a walk, ride a bike, sip your coffee against the lake view, and, if you wish, have a picnic with your loved ones.

Mogan Lake and Park

Mogan Lake and Park, as the name suggests, features both a stunning lake and a park. Located on the Konya-Ankara Road and sharing the same basin as Lake Eymir, Mogan Lake amazes visitors with its magnificent scenery. You can encounter various bird species here, and ducks swimming on the lake await you. Frequently visited by nature enthusiasts, the park includes children's play areas, picnic spots, and bike and walking paths.

This park is one of the places where you can breathe in the fresh air and lose yourself in the unique beauty of nature. Those coming from outside the region can purchase plane or bus tickets to visit.

Bezirhane Village and Castle

Bezirhane Village is one of the villages connected to the district, located approximately 40 kilometers from the district center. This village is particularly notable for its organic and local delicacies. When you visit, you can purchase organic products such as eggs, butter, cheese, and milk. The village's environment is a true natural wonder. Additionally, the Bezirhane Castle, believed to date back to the Byzantine period, is located here. During your visit to the village, you can enjoy both the historical and natural beauties.

Evliyagil Museum

Located in the İncek neighborhood of the district, Müze Evliyagil is a must-visit spot on your Gölbaşı sightseeing list. If you have an interest in cultural tours, you can visit this museum. Inside the museum, there is a library, a film hall, and art pieces with impressive features, as well as exhibition areas. Open to visitors since 2015, the works in this museum belong to Sarp Evliyagil, known as the Chairman of Ajanstürk. You can visit this museum without paying any entrance fee and enjoy pleasant times in a historical atmosphere.

Altınçanak Village

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Gölbaşı is Altınçanak Village. This village is located approximately 65 kilometers from the district center.

You can find many historical ruins in this village. As you approach the village square, you can see inscriptions bearing traces from the Roman era up close. The mounds and similar historical remnants in the village suggest that the region dates back to the Chalcolithic period. To visit such historical sites, you can purchase plane or bus tickets in advance and take advantage of discounted ticket prices.

Bağiçi Village

Before ending your Gölbaşı tour, another must-visit spot known for its cultural significance is Bağiçi Village, a part of the district. Formerly known as Zırva, this village contains mounds and various historical remnants believed to date back to ancient times. The name Bağiçi, meaning "vineyard," comes from the numerous vineyards in the area. Located approximately 35 kilometers from the district center, you can add this village to your list of places to visit and gain more insight into the district's history.

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