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May 30, 2024
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Turkey is a country that hosts seven different geographical regions and is extremely important in terms of tourism. One of these seven geographical regions is the Mediterranean Region. There are many important cities in the Mediterranean Region, one of which is Adana, a city that enchants its visitors with both its historical structures and natural beauties. İmamoğlu is also known as an important district of Adana. Visitors planning to come here from distant regions may consider the option of air travel. For this, we recommend purchasing plane tickets in advance. Those who do not wish to fly can reach the area with their private vehicles or by purchasing bus tickets for intercity buses.

İmamoğlu, which gained district status in 1987, is a district that stands out with its historical sites. Located approximately 45 kilometers from the Adana city center, it is very easy to reach the district. Although İmamoğlu is not very rich in terms of places to visit, it still has important spots where you can spend a wonderful time. Before discussing the prominent places to visit in the district, we would like to briefly explain how you can get here. Those coming from within the city of Adana can use public transportation vehicles such as minibuses and buses or can easily come with their private vehicles. For visitors planning to come from outside the region, there is the option of air or bus transportation. If you have a private car, you can easily reach the area by using a navigation system.

Travelers who wish to fly can choose one of the airlines that have flights to Adana Şakirpaşa Airport and purchase plane tickets. After landing at the airport, you can take transfer vehicles or a taxi from there. Those traveling by bus can research companies that have routes to the Adana Central Bus Terminal from their location and purchase bus tickets at an affordable price by choosing from among them.

In addition to its touristic spots, İmamoğlu is one of the regions that attract attention with its local delicacies. Places you must visit when you are in the area include the Ağzıkaraca Village Rock Tombs, Altınini Cave Underground City, Koyunevi Village, and Kazan Lake Recreation Area. The district offers visitors a pleasant holiday and sightseeing experience with both its historical and natural beauties. In this article, we will talk about the beauties of the district.

Ağzıkaraca Village Rock Tombs

The first place on our list of places to visit in İmamoğlu is the Ağzıkaraca Village Rock Tombs, located in the district's Ağzıkaraca Village. One of the most important features of these rock tombs is that the interiors of the cave structures are carved out. Moreover, human labor was used in their construction. These tombs, carved by hand, are among the important historical structures that shed light on the district's history. The main reason for building these tombs was to provide a home for the deceased when they were believed to be resurrected.

These rock tombs, which have a rather interesting story, are also thought to have been used as food storage areas. Those who wish to see such significant historical sites up close can purchase bus or plane tickets to reach the Adana İmamoğlu district. It is recommended to buy your tickets before the date you have planned for your trip or vacation. This way, you can take advantage of various campaigns and discounts that may be available during certain periods.

Altini Cave Underground City

The Altınini Cave Underground City, located in Çörten Village of İmamoğlu district, is one of the must-see historical sites. This underground city was discovered in 1990 during excavation works in the region and was constructed by carving out the interiors of natural rocks. In the past, this city housed many people and has now been declared a first-degree archaeological site. Archaeological studies conducted here have also revealed areas such as stables and marketplaces.

If you love exploring historical structures, this region is perfect for you. A specific area of the underground city has been opened to tourism and is available for visitors. When you enter the section open to visitors, you will be greeted by the lifestyle and old belongings of the people who once lived here.

Koyunevi Village

The next stop on our list of places to visit in İmamoğlu is Koyunevi Village, which stands out for both its natural beauty and cultural value. This village, known for its ancient historical remains, got its name from the sheep pens it once housed. In this village, which is one of the oldest inhabited areas in Çukurova, you can find many historical baths and mosaic remains. Additionally, the village is notable for its natural beauty.

For those planning to visit Adana's İmamoğlu district, it is recommended to book plane or bus tickets in advance. To avoid any last-minute issues, we advise reserving your tickets before your travel date.

Kazan Lake Recreation Area

When you come to İmamoğlu, wouldn't you like to have a picnic in lush nature? We can almost hear you say yes. The most frequently visited picnic spot is Kazan Lake Recreation Area, located approximately 20 kilometers from the district. Situated within a forested area, you can enjoy a barbecue picnic with your family or friends, sip tea against the magnificent lake view, and spend unforgettable pleasant hours.

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