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Nov. 22, 2023
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Kadirli is a touristic district in the province of Osmaniye, located in the Adana part of the Mediterranean Region of our country. Kadirli district is a charming district that stands out with its historical structure and natural beauties and hosts many tourists, especially during the spring and summer periods. There are many different alternatives for transportation to the district, which is approximately 46 kilometers away from Osmaniye city center. If you have made your holiday plans for this district, we recommend that you read the rest of our article.

You can use road or air to reach Kadirli district. If you have a private car, you can easily reach every point of our country. It's okay if you don't have a private break. Because there are bus companies that organize trips to the region from many of our provinces. It is possible to come from locations close to the district by direct intercity buses. However, you may not be able to come directly from some areas by bus. In such a case, you can provide transfer transportation. Another transportation option is air travel.

There is no airport in Kadirli district. Therefore, you can choose Adana Airport, which is located closest to the region and is approximately 105 kilometers away from the district. After arriving at the airport, you can take the shuttle cars to Osmaniye and then go to the district by using public transportation or directly rent a private car to reach the district. Kadirli district is a very popular place, especially with its delicious food. Throughout the year, many tourists from outside the city come to the district for both sightseeing and holiday purposes.

Adana Kebab is a very popular flavor in the district. It also has delicious dishes such as tirşik, stuffed meatballs, milk soup and rice soup. While creating your list of places to visit in Kadirli, we definitely recommend you to try these foods. Among the prominent touristic places of the district are Karatepe Aslantaş Open Air Museum, Ala Mosque, Karatepe Castle, Kadirli Municipality City Museum, Kokar Thermal Spring and Kadirli Municipality Kilim House. You can have a peaceful holiday while visiting these places. So, without further ado, let's start listing the features of these prominent popular places!

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Karatepe Aslantaş Open Air Museum

When you come to Kadirli district, the first place you should visit is Karatepe Aslantaş Open Air Museum. This museum, located within the borders of Kadirli Kızyusuflu Village, is approximately 22 kilometers away from the town.

For transportation, you can use your private car or take advantage of taxi services. This place also has the distinction of being our country's first open-air museum. The region, which received the title of national park in 1958, is home to both historical buildings and natural beauties. That's why there are many enjoyable activities you can do here.

The area where the museum is located is surrounded by Aslantaş Dam. So, while wandering around the museum, you will also encounter a magnificent view of the dam lake. Inside the museum, you have the opportunity to closely see many historical artifacts from the Young Hittite period. You do not need to pay any fee to enter the museum.

However, you have to pay a certain fee for the part that is a national park. The park section fascinates visitors with its lush green nature. Here you can pitch a tent and stay with your family or friends, go on a nature walk, have a picnic and have a great time alone with nature.

Ala Mosque

The second place on our list of places to visit in Kadirli is Ala Mosque, which has great historical importance. Located in the eastern part of the Savrun Stream in the town centre, this mosque is an important historical building from the Roman period.

The building, which was used as a church when it was first built, was later converted into a mosque. This mosque, known as Alaüddevle, was shortened to Ala in later periods and has survived with this name until today. The stairs of the mosque and the water structures on the southeast side date from the Early Byzantine period. We recommend that you take a close look at this structure, which is frequently visited by those who are interested in historical mosques.

Karatepe Castle

Our next stop in Kadirli is Karatepe Castle, located in the national park area and easily accessible by private car or taxi.

This historical structure, built during the Young Hittite period, was built with the intention of protecting the region from external damage. However, unfortunately, during the Assyrian period, this structure suffered serious damage and only ruins remained. However, we think that Kadirli should be on your list of places to visit as it is one of the historical buildings worth seeing in the district.

Kadirli Municipality City Museum

While visiting the district, you should not miss this city museum. It has been operating as a museum since 2014. Kadirli Municipality City Museum, which continues its activities, is located within the district.

Before it became a museum, it served as a prison for many years. In this building, which is frequently visited by those who love visiting museums, there are many works that reflect both the social and economic structure of the region. You can visit this museum, whose entrance is free, every day except Mondays and travel into the deep-rooted history of the district.

Kokar Thermal Spring

Kokar Thermal Spring is a touristic place that stands out with its healing waters. The reason why its name is Kokar is due to the smell of water. The water of this thermal spring, located within the borders of Avluk Village of the district, is good for many different ailments.

The area where the hot spring is located is completely covered with greenery. While you are in touch with nature, you can also benefit from the healing power of the hot spring water.

Kadirli Municipality Kilim House

While finishing our list of places to visit in Kadirli, our last stop is Kilim Evi. Located in the Cengiz Topel District of the district, this place, as its name suggests, is a workshop where rugs are woven.

Women living in the region make their living by weaving rugs here. These rugs are then offered for sale by the Municipality. We recommend that you take a closer look at these beautifully handcrafted rugs.

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