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Oct. 24, 2023
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Karabiga is a holiday resort in the Biga district of Çanakkale, located in the southwestern part of the Marmara Region. This town, which stands out with its lush nature and historical buildings worth seeing, is quite crowded, especially in the summer season. The town, which has been known as an important port city since ancient times, is approximately 24 kilometers away from Biga district center. It is approximately 110 kilometers away from Çanakkale city center. There are many different means of transportation you can choose to come to the town.

Road options for arriving in Karabiga include private vehicles and intercity buses. If you want to come by bus, you can choose the bus companies that organize trips from your location to Çanakkale or Biga. You can easily reach the region by purchasing a bus ticket. There are bus companies that organize trips to the region from many different points such as Istanbul and Bursa. After arriving at the terminal, you can choose public transportation from here to the town. If you want to travel by plane, you can check out Çanakkale flight schedules and buy a cheap flight ticket to reach the region in a short time.

Karabiga is a town rich in places to visit. In this article, we have mentioned the most popular places in the region so that you can plan your trip or holiday more easily. Ladies' Bath Beach is at the top of our travel list. Then, you can visit Kocakum Bay, Söğütlü Yalı Beach, Parion Ancient City, Nilüfer Lake, Halimbey Mansion City Museum and Çartepe and have an unforgettable holiday experience.

Ladies' Bath Beach

Ladies' Bath Beach is waiting for you first on our list of places to visit in Karabiga. Don't let the name mislead you. It is a beach where both men and women can enter.

The coast of the beach and the sea bottom have a sandy structure. Since it does not deepen quickly, it is also very suitable for families with children. If you want to have a wonderful holiday accompanied by sea, sand and sun, you can choose this beach. There is no fee for entrance. However, if you want sun loungers and umbrellas, you can rent them for a certain fee. There are also cafes around the beach where you can meet your eating and drinking needs.

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Kocakum Bay

Another place where you can swim in the Karabiga town is Kocakum Bay. Located just one kilometer north of the town, this bay stands out with its untouched nature and crystal clear sea.

You can swim to your heart's content, sunbathe under the warm sun and have a pleasant day in this bay, which is among the frequent destinations of those who want to spend a secluded, peaceful day. We definitely recommend you to see this bay, which is completely surrounded by greenery.

Söğütlü Yalı Beach

Another stop on our list of places to visit in Karabiga is Söğütlü Yalı Beach. This beach, which stands out with its crystal clear sea and magnificent sandy beach, is located within the town.

The coastal part of the beach is completely covered with sand. Although the bottom of the sea is sandy, you may run into stones in some parts. That's why we recommend that you bring sea shoes with you in case of any situation. There is no cafe or restaurant on this beach, which is also suitable for families with children. You can bring your own food and drinks with you to this beach, which has free entrance.

Parion Ancient City

We think that when you come to Karabiga town, you cannot return without seeing the Ancient City of Parion, which is very important in terms of culture. It is extremely easy to reach this ancient city located in Kemer Village of Biga. You can go with your private vehicle, use taxi services or rent a car.

Parion Ancient City appears as a historically important port city. Many important historical buildings have survived from this ancient city to the present day. When you visit the city, you can come across many historical buildings such as walls, cisterns, baths, theatres, temples and towers and have the opportunity to see them up close. We definitely recommend you to see this ancient city, which is among the frequent destinations of history lovers.

Lotus Lake

Nilüfer Lake is one of the natural beauty areas of the town worth seeing. We cannot help but be fascinated by the magnificent view of this lake, which has become the symbol of the town.

In this region, which is very suitable for those who want to spend a quiet day alone with nature, you can take lots of landscape photos, sit in the businesses serving around the lake, sip your tea overlooking the lake or fill your stomach. The name of this lake comes from the water lily flowers found on the lake. You may be amazed when you see these flowers.

Halimbey Mansion City Museum

Another place that should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Karabiga is the Halimbey Mansion City Museum. This museum, located in the Turan District of Biga district, is especially known for its historical artifacts. It is an ideal place for those who like to examine things.

Many works worth seeing are exhibited in this building, which was once a mansion and was converted into a museum after renovation works were carried out in 2008. When you visit the museum, you can closely see artifacts from that region, such as radios, wedding dresses, newspapers, swords and guns, and have a pleasant time. Entrance to the museum is free.


The last place you should see before finishing your Karabiga trip or holiday is Çartepe. Located in the location of the town, Çartepe is visited very frequently, especially by lovers.

If you visit Çartepe in the morning, you can welcome a brand new day with a wonderful sunrise. If you stop by in the evening, you can witness a magnificent sunset.


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