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Dec. 18, 2023
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Kotor is known as a touristic city of Montenegro, located in the European continent. This region, also known as the port city of sailors, also has a coastline on the Adriatic Sea. There are many different places to visit in Kotor, which is among the overseas holiday and travel options. The city, which draws attention with its historical structure, also has great importance in terms of cultural tourism. The population of the city, which is also on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, is quite low. It is possible to come across historical artifacts, especially from the Middle Ages, in the city, which has hosted many civilizations in the past. It is famous for its beaches that stand out with their crystal clear sea as well as its historical structure. The easiest way for travelers who want to come to Kotor is by air.

You do not have the chance to reach this city directly from Turkey by air. Because there is no airport in Kotor. However, it is possible to reach the airport in Tivat, which is approximately 10 kilometers away from the city. For this, you need to make more than one connecting journey. Therefore, Podgorica Airport, located approximately 90 kilometers from the city, is preferred rather than this airport. Because there are direct flights from our country to this airport. Those who plan to travel from Istanbul by plane can choose among the companies that organize flights to Podgorica and purchase a flight ticket. After arriving at the airport, you can go to Kotor by road.

Travelers arriving at the airport should first reach Podgorica city center from here. For this, you can take a taxi or choose bus lines. After arriving at the city center, you need to get to the bus station and buy a bus ticket from there to take the buses to Kotor. Those who want direct transportation can go to Kotor in a shorter time by using taxi options. Some places are more prominent among the places to visit in Kotor. Highlights of the city include the Clock Tower, Army Square, Sveti Luka Church, Kotor Beach, River Gate, Maritime Museum and San Giovanni Castle. You can add these places to your travel list and have a wonderful travel experience.

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Clock tower

The first stop on our list of places to visit in Kotor is the Clock Tower, which dates back to the 17th century and has an important historical value. This tower is located in Ordu Square when you set foot in the city.

This historical tower, built in 1602, suffered great damage due to multiple earthquake disasters in the region. Restoration work was carried out in the damaged areas, but it was damaged again in another earthquake and took its current bent appearance.

Army Square

It is possible to come across more than one historical building in Ordu Square, located in Kotor city center. One of these is the tower that we specified as our first tour stop.

There are many cafes around the square. You can sit in one of these cafes to take a breather during your trip. The square also includes an accommodation facility, which was used as a theater building in the past, and the town hall. You can also take photos of historical buildings while spending time in the square.

Sveti Luka Church

Sveti Luka Church, which has great importance for Christians, served as a Catholic Church in the early days of its construction.

The church, which has changed over time, has become a frequent destination for Orthodox Christians as well as Christians. We definitely recommend you to visit the church, which has been intact in this region since 1195.

Kotor Beach

The next route on our list of places to visit in Kotor is the Kotor Beach region, which revitalizes summer tourism with its crystal clear sea.

If you are looking for a place to swim when you come to Kotor, you are at the right place. Located next to Kotor Port, you can swim in the sea and have a pleasant time from this place.

River Gate

There are three different buildings in total that are preferred to enter the city. River Gate is one of these three structures.

This gate was built to protect the area when the city was tried to be surrounded during the Ottoman period. We recommend that you take a close look at this gate, which has great historical importance and opens to the river.

Maritime Museum

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Kotor is the historical building known as the Maritime Museum, which means Maritime Museum in Turkish.

While you are visiting the museum, the metal reliefs at the entrance may attract your attention. These reliefs are one of the important structures that tell the history of the city. Inside the museum, you can see items such as furniture and local clothing that reflect the cultural values of the city.

Castle of San Giovanni

Every corner of the city of Kotor smells of history. That's why it contains many historical buildings. At the last stop of our Kotor trip, hari San Giovanni Castle, which hosts a stunning view, is located.

This castle consists of 1,350 steps in total. Yes, you didn't misread the number of digits. It is possible to rest at regular intervals while climbing these steps. Because when you reach the top, you will be greeted by a magnificent view of the Bay of Kotor. You can watch the wonderful view at the top of the castle and take lots of landscape photos.

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