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Nov. 27, 2023
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Kula stands out as a touristic district of Manisa province, located in the Aegean Region of our country. Located approximately 126 kilometers from Manisa city center, the district attracts attention with its natural beauties and historical places, as well as its food culture. It is a district that is especially rich in terms of roasted chickpeas. Because this district is shown as the homeland of roasted chickpea. It is also a place where you can taste different flavors, from authentic food types to vegetable varieties. Transportation to the district is also extremely easy. You can use the road to come to the district, or you can also choose air or railway.

Since there is no airport in Manisa, you must land at the nearest airport in Izmir. Those who will come by road can choose their private vehicles or easily reach by intercity buses. Those who want to travel by train from Izmir, Ankara or Afyon provinces can choose the railway lines operating between Izmir-Afyon-Ankara. Kula contains many historical sites and natural beauty areas worth seeing. Therefore, it has an important place in terms of tourism.

When you come to the district, it is possible to buy gifts for your loved ones while traveling. The souvenirs of the region, especially mesir paste and souvenirs made using copper, brass, wood or silver, are very popular. If you don't know where to start visiting when you come to Kula, this article is for you! Kula Fairy Chimneys (Kuladukya) comes first on our list of places to visit in Kula. Afterwards, Kula Divlit Volcanic Park, Kenan Evren Ethnography Museum, Historical Kula Houses, Emir Thermal Springs, Virgin Mary Church, Tabduk Emre and Yunus Emre Tomb follow this list. You can give priority to the places we mentioned during your trip to the district and have a pleasant travel experience.

Kula Fairy Chimneys (Kuladukya)

When you come to Kula district, the first place you should visit is the Kula Fairy Chimneys. You need a private vehicle to reach this place, also known as Kuladukya. If you do not have a private vehicle, you can benefit from taxi services.

For directions, you must first pass the town center. As you head towards Ankara, you can see the fairy chimneys on the left side of the road. The region, which is both a natural protected area and a first-degree archaeological site, fascinates visitors with its wonderful view. The region, which is ideal especially for those who like to take photographs, also attracts attention with its eye-catching formations.

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Kula Divlit Volcanic Park

After visiting the fairy chimneys, we recommend you to visit Kula Divit Volcanic Park, which is the only and first Unesco Global Geopark in our country. Located on the northeast side of Kula center, this park stands out with its remarkable volcanic formations.

When you come to this park, which is one of the places visited by many local and foreign tourists throughout the year, you can see many different characteristic shapes, from tunnels to ditches, from cones to lava flows. You can ride a bike to explore the surroundings in the region, take a pleasant walk on the walking paths and have a great time. The region is one of the spots that should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Kula.

Kenan Evren Ethnography Museum

We recommend that you visit historical places as well as natural beauties during your trip to Kula district. The area that stands out among historical places is the Kenan Evren Ethnography Museum. Located within the district, this museum consists of two floors in total.

In this museum, which is known as the residence where our seventh President, Kenan Evren, started his life, objects and photographs depicting Kenan Evren, as well as items reflecting the region, such as porcelain plates, local clothes and trays, are exhibited. You do not need to pay any fee to enter this museum, where rubble stone was used in its construction. It is among the places that must be visited by those who are interested in history.

Historical Kula Houses

Another historical point during your Kula trip is the district's famous Historical Kula Houses. It is possible to see these historical houses on almost every street of the district.

There are many historical houses from the Ottoman period in the district. In addition to reflecting the Ottoman period, these houses also stand out with their architecture. If you like taking photos in historical places, you should definitely bring your camera with you when you come here.

Emir Thermal Springs

Our next stop on our list of places to visit in Kula is Emir Thermal Springs, which stands out with its healing waters. Many tourists from outside the city, including local people, frequently visit these hot springs for healing purposes.

It is said that hot spring water is good for many ailments, from stress to stomach diseases. If you have any stress or stomach-related problems, you can benefit from the water of these hot springs. It is also possible to come across many Roman bath ruins in the region.

Virgin Mary Church

We think that you cannot come to Kula and leave without seeing the Virgin Mary Church. This church, located in the eastern part of the district, was built in 1831.

This important church, which has a single apse, underwent intensive restoration work in 1837 and was subsequently opened to visitors. Although a large part of this church, which has an important cultural place, has not survived to the present day, some parts of it are still standing.

Tomb of Tabduk Emre and Yunus Emre

Last on our list of places to visit in Kula are Tabduk Emre and Yunus Emre Tombs, which are very important in terms of faith tourism. Located in Emre Village of Kula, this tomb stands out with its deep-rooted history.

Yunus Emre, one of the pioneers of Sufi poetry, has his grave in many places. One of these points is Kula district. The graves of Tabduk Emre and his family, known as Yunus Emre's teacher, are also located in this tomb. Every year, millions of tourists visit this tomb and pray. After ending your tour of the district, you can visit the restaurants where you can taste the local flavors of the region and have a pleasant evening.

Photo: Kula District Governorship

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