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Nov. 30, 2023
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Kütahya is a touristic city located in the Inner Western Anatolia Section of the Aegean Region of our country, attracting attention with both its historical sites and natural beauty. Our city is neighboring with many cities such as Konya, Eskişehir, Afyon, Balıkesir and Bursa; It has great value in terms of tourism. There are many popular places to visit in this city, which is very important in terms of nature, health and cultural tourism. There are many options for transportation to our city, which hosts many local and foreign tourists throughout the year. Those who want to come to Kütahya can reach by road, air or rail.

You can easily come here with your private vehicle from many regions, especially the surrounding provinces. Visitors who do not have a private car or do not want to travel by private vehicle can easily arrive by intercity buses. The bus terminal in Kütahya is located very close to the city center. It is also possible to arrive directly in the city by air. After arriving at the airport located in the Altıntaş district of the city, you can take shuttle vehicles, take advantage of taxi services or rent a private car to reach the city center.

Another way to reach the city is by train. You can take the train services heading towards Ankara and then come to the city with a transfer. The city, which is one of the important touristic regions of our country, is also very rich in terms of places to visit. Among the places to visit in Kütahya, Aizanoi Ancient City, Phrygian Valley, Kütahya Castle, Tiled Mosque, Domaniç Forests, Kütahya Tile Museum, Dumlupınar Martyrdom, Kütahya Archeology Museum, Clock Tower and Yoncalı Thermal Springs are among the top places. You can benefit from this article when planning your city trip and create your travel route according to these prominent places.

Aizanoi Ancient City

The first place you should visit when you come to Kütahya is the Aizanoi Ancient City, which is located approximately 5 kilometers away from the Çavdarhisar district of the city and stands out with its historical texture.

Since Kütahya has a deep-rooted history, it contains many important historical sites. This ancient city is also among these important historical places. Although the history of the city dates back thousands of years, it has not lost anything from its historical texture. When you enter the city, you can come across many historical buildings such as stadium complex, temple and theater.

In order to visit this city, which is among the most valuable ancient cities of Roman times, you must pay a certain amount of entrance fee. There may be differences in wage information from year to year.

Phrygian Valley

The second place among the places to visit in Kütahya is the Phrygian Valley, which is called the settlement area of the Phrygians. It is located approximately 27 kilometers from the city center.

In the area where the valley is located, you can come across historical ruins such as tunnels, houses and graves from the Phrygian period. There are also areas where you can walk on the valley. The most striking part of the region is the hiking trail, which stands out with its length of 500 kilometers and is very suitable for mountain hiking. When you come to this valley, it is possible to take a cultural tour and a nature tour at the same time.

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Kutahya Castle

Kütahya Castle, located on the region called Hisar Hill, which is known as the place where the city was first built, dates back to A.D. It was built in the eighth century.

This castle, which is one of the historical buildings from the Byzantine period; It consists of three parts in total: inner, lower and upper. The most striking feature of the castle, which is surrounded entirely by steep rocks, is its ornate structure.

Inside the castle, there are places where you can sit and take a breath, such as a country coffee house and a rotating casino. If you want to have a pleasant journey towards the cultural riches of the city, you can visit here.

Tiled Mosque

Çinili Mosque is an important historical building located on Maltepe District of the city center and attracts attention with its magnificent appearance.

This historical mosque, built in 1973 by Ahmet Yakupoğlu, who is both a ney player and a painter, consists of two floors in total. You will not be amazed when you see the blue Kütahya tiles outside this building, which reflects the characteristics of Central Asian Turkish architecture.

You can visit this mosque, which continues to serve as a place of worship, without paying any fee. You can also visit the Ulu Mosque, which is located nearby and is the only Ottoman sultan mosque.

Domaniç Forests

Another spot among the places to visit in Kütahya that you should definitely see is the Domaniç Forests. Located in the Domaniç district of the city, which has the same name as the forests, this region stands out with its lush nature.

Spend time in touch with nature in this region, which has a rich vegetation. You can have a picnic with your loved ones in the recreation areas, explore the surroundings using the hiking trails and have a great time.

Kütahya Tile Museum

This museum, which has the distinction of being the first and only tile museum in our country, is among the frequent destinations of many tourists with its location in the city center.

The museum, which contains many sections such as a madrasa, social complex and library, was built in 1411 by Germiyanoğlu Yakup Çelebi II. In 1999, it underwent some renovation works by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and was then opened as a tile museum. We recommend that you add this museum to your travel list, where you can see many valuable items including tile decorations.

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Dumlupınar Martyrdom

We think that it is not possible to come to Kütahya and return without seeing the Dumlupınar Martyrdom, which was built in memory of our soldiers who lost their lives in the Battle of Dumlupınar.

Located in the Dumlupınar district of the city, this martyrs' cemetery contains the graves of many soldiers and officers. During your visit to the region, you can pray and have the opportunity to see the names of our martyrs up close.

Kütahya Archeology Museum

Located in the city center of Kütahya, this museum is a valuable historical place built by Umur Bin Savcı in 1314.

If you are one of those who like to visit historical museums, we recommend that you add this place to your list. Because you can see many historical works in the museum, from the Ottoman period to the Seljuk period, from the Byzantine period to the Ancient period. The museum is open to visitors every day of the week except Mondays. Since entrance fees are paid, you can contact the museum before going to get information about the latest entrance fees.

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Clock tower

It would be impossible if we did not add the Clock Tower to the places to visit in Kütahya. Those who examine the architectural structure of the tower estimate that this structure was built in the 19th century.

The Clock Tower located in the city center was demolished after 1975 and a bazaar was built in its place. After a certain period of time, the tower was rebuilt in accordance with its original form and again became one of the remarkable historical structures of the city.

Yoncalı Thermal Springs

Kütahya is a very popular city that stands out with its thermal springs as well as its historical buildings. Yoncalı Thermal Springs, located in the Yoncalı district of the city and having the same name as the district, are among the places to visit in Kütahya.

These hot spring waters, which are said to be good for many diseases ranging from hormonal disorders to joint and muscle disorders, also have therapeutic properties for lung-related problems. When you visit these hot springs located in a lush green nature, you can benefit from their healing waters and spend peaceful times in touch with nature.

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