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June 27, 2024
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Mezitli is a district of Mersin province, located in the Mediterranean part of our country and especially popular with its Tarsus Kebab. Although it is a small region, it contains many natural beauty areas and historical sites worth seeing. You can easily visit the district, which is among the frequent routes of those who want to get away from the city crowds and have a peaceful holiday, by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket. Mezitli district is also known as one of the central districts of Mersin province. Since the history of the region dates back to the time of Ancient Rome, it hosts various cultural structures. Many holidaymakers who come to Mersin also visit this district and have a pleasant holiday. You can have a great time here with your family or friends.

Before moving on to the list of places to visit in Mezitli, we would like to tell you about the easiest way to reach this district. The first option to reach the district, which is approximately 34 kilometers away from Mersin city center, is by road. The first alternative for transportation by road is private vehicles. If you plan to come with your private vehicle, you can use the navigation system and get directions. The second road transportation alternative is intercity buses. Many holidaymakers come to this district, especially from cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. If your transportation choice is bus, you must first arrive at Mersin Bus Terminal, based on your location. You can choose one of the bus companies going to this bus station and buy a bus ticket.

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After arriving at the bus terminal, you can reach the district by taking public buses from here. The second transportation network is transportation by air. However, since there is no airport in the district or even in our city of Mersin, you can choose Adana Şakirpaşa Airport as the nearest airport. You can search for airline companies operating flights to this airport and buy a flight ticket. After arriving at the airport, you can first take Havaş transfer vehicles to Mersin, and then to the district by public transportation. When you come to the district, the places that should definitely be on your list of places to visit include Fındıkpınarı Castle, Fındıkpınarı Plateau, Kuyuluk Nature Park, 100. Yıl Gümüşkum Nature Park, Soli Ancient City and Kuzucubelen Castle and Ruins. By adding these tourist spots to your travel list, you can step into a wonderful holiday process.

Fındıkpınarı Castle

The first stop on our list of places to visit in Mezit is Fındıkpınarı Castle, which dates back to the Middle Ages.

Unfortunately, there is no clear information about when the castle was built historically. However, since it is a building dating from the Middle Ages, it has great cultural importance. The parts of the castle that have survived to the present day are its bastion and tower. You can see this castle, which is located in a high place, closely and witness the history of the district by purchasing a Mezitli bus ticket.

Fındıkpınarı Plateau

When you come to Mezitli district, Fındıkpınarı Plateau is one of the places where you can have the opportunity to be alone with nature.

You can breathe in the clean air, fill your lungs with clean oxygen and spend peaceful hours in this plateau, which is one of the natural beauty areas worth seeing in the region. You can also come across various tree species on this plateau. You can listen to the sound of nature and create pleasant memories with your family and loved ones in this plateau, where there are various trees from juniper trees to pine trees.

Kuyuluk Nature Park

Kuyuluk Nature Park, one of the travel routes preferred by those who want to spend time in nature, is located close to the Çamlıca District of the district.

There are various activities that you can do with your family or friends in this nature park, which covers an average area of ​​twenty hectares. In this park dominated by Mediterranean trees, you can have a picnic in a peaceful atmosphere, go on a nature walk, closely examine the surrounding plant varieties and have a pleasant time.

There are also facilities here that you can use, such as toilets or fountains. A certain entrance fee is charged for entering the nature park. You can leave yourself in the lap of nature by purchasing a Mezitli flight ticket.

100th Anniversary Gümüşkum Nature Park

The next route on our list of places to visit in Mezit is 100.Yıl Gümüşkum Nature Park, which stands out as an area dominated by natural beauties.

There are various activity options that can help you have a great time in this nature park located on the coast of the district. If you come to the district in the summer, you can benefit from the beach and enjoy the sea after entering this park. There are also areas where you can pitch a tent. On the one hand, you can camp here to stay and on the other hand, you can carry out picnic activities in the recreation areas.

Let us point out that it does not end with these. Additionally, this park stands out as an area where Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs. You can come here by purchasing a Mezitli bus ticket, explore the natural beauties and take nature photographs with beautiful views.

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Soli Ancient City

Mezitli district is a region that attracts the attention of many tourists with its cultural structures as well as its natural beauties. If you want to witness the history of the district closely when you come here, you can visit the Soli Ancient City located in the center.

This region, which has been used as a settlement by various civilizations since the 700s BC, is of great importance in terms of cultural tourism. Since this place is also known as a port city, it also hosts various historical ruins. One of the historical ruins you can see when you come here are forty-one columns. If you are among those who like to visit historical places, we recommend that you see this place closely during your Mezitli holiday.

Kuzucubelen Castle and Ruins

The last place on our list of places to visit in Mezit is Kuzucubelen Castle and Ruins. You can get here by purchasing a flight ticket and go on a pleasant historical journey.

This castle, built on a high place, is also called a watchtower. This castle, built in rectangular form, consists of two floors in total. There is no clear information about the construction date of the castle. However, as a result of some investigations, it is thought that the castle dates from the Middle Ages. There are also some historical artifacts inside the castle. It is estimated that these works belong to the Roman and Byzantine periods.

As we end our article here, we strongly recommend you to visit the restaurants of Mezitli district, which stands out with its natural beauties and historical buildings, and taste the delicacies prepared with natural products. 

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