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Oct. 16, 2023
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Ohrid is one of the touristic cities of Macedonia, which is called the Balkan Peninsula and whose capital is Skopje. Located in the eastern part of Macedonia, the city is also known as the lake city. Many local and foreign tourists flock to this city, which attracts attention with both its historical and natural beauties. There are many different alternatives for transportation to Ohrid, which is the 8th largest city in Macedonia. While one of these transportation alternatives is air, the other is road. You can reach the region by road by bus. However, for this you need to make more than one connecting journey.

Visitors who plan to buy a bus ticket from Istanbul and come by bus must first arrive in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Then, you can reach Skopje and then Ohrid. As you can see, this journey is quite long and difficult. Therefore, the easiest transportation option is air. It is not possible to reach Ohrid directly by air. You must first travel to Skopje by purchasing a flight ticket from your current location. After arriving in Skopje, you can take the buses from here to Ohrid.

Ohrid is one of the most frequently visited cities in Macedonia. Ohrid Lake comes first among the places to visit in Ohrid. After the lake, St. We recommend you to visit Sofia Church, Robevi Family House, Ohrid Ancient Theater, Tsar Samuel Castle, St. Naum Monastery and Ohrid Castle. You can read the rest of our article to get more detailed information about the places to visit in this city, which is among the places frequently visited by many tourists and has great importance in terms of tourism.

Lake Ohrid

At the top of our list of places to visit in Ohrid is Lake Ohrid, which has the same name as the city and stands out with its magnificent beauty. You can reach the region by private vehicle, or you can also participate in boat tours organized from the port to the lake.

The lake is located at an altitude of approximately 693 meters above sea level. The region, which gained the right to be included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1979, attracts attention with its wonderful natural beauty. You can explore the surroundings in the region, have a pleasant swimming experience by immersing yourself in the water of the lake, and see the trout living in the lake.

St. Sofia Church

During your trip to Ohrid, you may come across historical churches at many points. Because the city stands out with its historical churches. St. Sofia Church is also among these important historical churches.

This church, also called St. Sofia Church, was built in 852. There are many houses inside the church built using the fresco technique. These houses fascinate those who see them with their architectural structure. You can take lots of photos in the region and examine the historical buildings closely.

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Robevi Family House

Robevi Family House, also known as Robev Family House, is among the important historical museums of the city. This house, which is very suitable for those who like to visit museums, consists of three floors in total.

This museum, which is among the places frequented by history enthusiasts, was built in 1864. It is possible to see many historical artifacts in the museum, from golden grave masks to ancient statues. In addition, many stone monuments unearthed as a result of archaeological studies are exhibited in this museum.

Ohrid Ancient Theater

One of the must-see places on your list of places to visit in Ohrid is the Ohrid Ancient Theatre. This ancient theater, dating back to the ancient Roman period, is of great importance in terms of cultural tourism.

This ancient theater, which has a very large interior, was discovered by chance as a result of archaeological studies carried out in the region. If you time your trip to Ohrid during the summer months, you can have the chance to see the activities held in the ancient theatre.

Tsar Samuel Castle

If you want to watch the magnificent view of Lake Ohrid from the top, we recommend you go up to Tsar Samuel Castle. This castle, which is a medieval castle, is also known as Tsar Samuel's Fortness.

This castle, which is among the largest and tallest castles in the Balkan region, consists of a total of four gates and eighteen towers. When you visit the castle, you can watch Lake Ohrid, which offers a magnificent visual feast, take lots of photos and have a great time. Let us also remind you that a certain fee is charged for entrance to the castle. It is also possible to visit the castle every day of the week.

St. Naum Monastery

Our next destination among the places to visit in Ohrid is St. Naum Monastery. It is extremely easy to reach this historical monastery, which is approximately 45 minutes away from the city. You can go with your private vehicle or you can also benefit from car rental opportunities.

You can also use bicycles to reach the monastery. There is also a rental option. You can explore the surroundings by bicycle and have more enjoyable times. There are many important historical inscriptions in the monastery. There are beaches near the coast around the monastery. You can visit the monastery, which is among the tourist spots, every day of the week.

Ohrid Castle

Before finishing your trip to Ohrid, we recommend that you take a closer look at Ohrid Castle, which stands out with its wonderful view.

The castle suffered serious damage and collapsed over time, and was immediately restored to its magnificent state by renovation works. After visiting this castle, which has an entrance fee, you can visit restaurants to taste the prominent local flavors of the city and spend your whole night full of fun.

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