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Sept. 20, 2023
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Palu is one of the touristic districts of Elazığ city, located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of our country. Since the history of the district dates back to ancient times, it is very rich in terms of historical places. The district, which has great importance in terms of cultural tourism, is approximately 73 kilometers away from Elazığ city center. It is possible to find traces of many civilizations in the district, from Sumerians to Romans, from Persians to Hittites. In Palu, which is among the frequent destinations of history lovers, you can take a short tour into the past of the district.

Historical places are common among the places to visit in Palu. However, since some of these historical places also host natural beauties, you will kill two birds with one stone during your visit. Among the places you must see when you come to the district, Palu Castle, Small Mosque, Cemşit Bey Complex, Old Bath, Palu Bridge, Murat River Side, Old Palu Church and Alacalı Masjid are among the most popular places. You can take a look at this article we have prepared to explore the most beautiful places of the district and create your list of places to visit.

Palu Castle

One of the first places on your list of places to visit in Palu is Palu Castle, which smells of history. The region where this historical castle is located, which is approximately 8 kilometers away from the district, has hosted many civilizations in the past.

This castle, which is also mentioned in the books of Evliya Çelebi, one of the leading travelers of the century, is one of the important historical buildings of the district. It is estimated that this structure dates from the Urartian Period. However, when you visit the area where the castle is located, it does not only belong to the Urartians; It is also possible to come across historical ruins from the Ottoman, Seljuk and Persian Periods.

You do not need to pay any fee when visiting the castle. It is among the places you can visit every day of the week. We definitely recommend you to see this historical castle, which takes its name from the district, closely.

Small Mosque

Another point you should visit when you come to Palu is the Small Mosque, which also carries historical traces. Located in the Çarşıbaşı District of the district, this mosque was built as a square.

There is no clear information about when and by whom the mosque was built. Today, most of the building has been demolished. However, when you visit, you can get the opportunity to see the ruins up close and take lots of photos.

Cemşit Bey Social Complex

Cemşit Bey Social Complex, which is among the must-see places in Palu, is located on the old Palu Road. This complex, which is one of the historical buildings worth seeing in the district, was built during the Ottoman period.

When you enter the social complex, you are greeted by a madrasa, a mosque and a tomb. We strongly recommend that you see this complex, which is unique in terms of its architectural structure, closely. You can visit this complex, which has become a center of attention for both local and foreign tourists, for free.

Old Bath

In our list of places to visit in Palu, we turn our route to the Old Bath, another historical building from the Ottoman period. You can see many historical ruins closely in this bathhouse located in the Çarşı District of the district.

Only ruins remain of this historical bath, which was built in 1619. However, it has great importance in terms of cultural tourism as it served many people in the past. You should definitely visit this bath, which is an ideal place for those who like to visit historical places.

Palu Bridge

Palu Bridge, located on the Murat River in the eastern part of the district, is one of the historical structures worth seeing. There is no clear information about who built this bridge.

When you visit this bridge, which is estimated to have been used in Byzantine and Seljuk times, you will have the chance to see a magnificent river view up close. While walking on this historical bridge dating back to Roman times, you can watch the river flowing under it and have a pleasant time.

Murat Riverside

Although Palu hosts many historical buildings, it also has natural beauty such as the Murat River. This river, located on the eastern side of the district, offers a visual feast to its visitors.

A magnificent river view welcomes you at the Murat Riverside. There are places where you can have a picnic in this place, which is known as an area of natural beauty. You can have a picnic overlooking the river with your family or loved ones, join boat tours on the river, take a pleasant walk by the river and spend very peaceful hours.

Old Palu Church

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Palu is the historical church from the Byzantine period. Located in the Çarşıbaşı District of the district, this church is among the frequent destinations of those interested in history.

The church is located in an area that stands out with both its historical and natural beauties. Be complete from past to present Although it has not survived intact, it has many ruins worth seeing. When you visit the church, you can take photos, explore the surroundings and have a day full of history.

Alalalı Masjid

If you want to see one more historical place before ending your Palu trip, we recommend you to visit Alacalı Masjid, which is of great importance in terms of religious tourism.

The exterior of the mosque was built entirely using black and white stones. Its name was Alacalı due to the stones used. Unfortunately, there is no clear information about who built this historical building, which is thought to date from the Seljuk period. 

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