Places to Visit in Pertek

Oct. 24, 2023
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Pertek is a touristic district of Tunceli, located in the Upper Euphrates section of the Eastern Anatolia Region of our country. Located approximately 52 kilometers away from Tunceli city center, the district stands out with its lush green areas as well as its historical places. There are many different alternatives for transportation to the district. One of these transportation alternatives is road transportation, while the other is air transportation. It is also possible to reach the district by ferry from Elazığ, which is one of the closer regions. You can easily reach many points of our country with your private vehicle.

Those who do not have a private vehicle or prefer intercity buses should first come to Tunceli. By purchasing a bus ticket for Tunceli, you can reach the city and then arrive at the district. Travelers who want to travel by plane must land at Elazığ Airport, which is located closest to the region. For this, you can buy a flight ticket from your current location and go to Elazığ. After reaching the city, you can rent a car or use taxi services to go to Tunceli.

Pertek is a district that stands out with its historical places in terms of places to visit. If you do not know where to visit when you come to the district, you can benefit from this article. Pertek Castle is one of the most popular places to visit in the district. Then, you can visit Sağman Mosque, Sungur Bey Mosque, Çelebi Ali Mosque, Monumental Plane Tree and Sultan Hıdır Tomb, which is believed to provide healing, and have a wonderful sightseeing process.

Pertek Castle

If you want to see a wonderful view of the dam lake when you come to the district, we recommend you to visit Pertek Castle first. Located in the immediate southern part of the district, this castle stands out with its magnificent beauty. There are regular boat trips to the region.

When you arrive at the castle located on a hill, you will also see the magnificent Keban Dam Lake. Since the castle is under the water of this dam, it is an island today. Unfortunately, there is no clear information about the construction date of the castle. One of the most striking features of the castle is the blue tiles and red bricks among the chipped stones on the south side. The walls of the castle consist of interlocking walls. It is also possible to come across various historical ruins within the castle.

Sagman Mosque

At the second stop of our list of places to visit in Pertek, Sağman Mosque welcomes you. Located approximately 20 kilometers away from the district, this mosque is located in Sağman Village with the same name.

Colored stones were used in the construction of the door of this mosque, which is one of the must-see places for those interested in historical buildings. You can examine these very striking stones closely and also photograph them. To reach the minaret of the mosque, you need to go outside. Because there is no means of transportation within the mosque to go to where the minaret is located. Right next to the mosque, there is also a tomb in which colored stones were used.

Sungur Bey Mosque

Another historical mosque that should be on your list during your visit to the district is Sungur Bey Mosque. Located in the southern part of the district, this mosque is located on the banks of the Murat River.

This important historical mosque, also known as Yukarı Mosque, was built during the time of Suleiman the Magnificent. This mosque, which was built in 1569 by Bay Sungur, son of Rüstem, one of the Turkmen Beys known as Pertek Beyi, was made in a square shape. One of the important parts of this building, which has a single dome, is worth seeing is its crown gate and mihrab. We definitely recommend you to see this mosque, which is among the cultural riches of the district, closely.

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Çelebi Ali Mosque

Another striking historical structure of the district is Çelebi Ali Mosque. This historical mosque, located in the district, is among the places frequented by many tourists.

Rubble stones were used during the construction of the rectangular mosque. The mosque was built by Çelebi Ali, who bears the same name. Although the mosque was built simply, it is among the cultural heritages worth seeing. There is no time restriction for visiting the mosque.

Monument Plane Tree

Our next stop on our list of places to visit in Pertek is Anıt Plane Tree. This tree, located in Sağman Village, is also known as Sağman Plane Tree.

Monumental Plane Tree, as its name suggests, is a very old tree. That's why it was given the title of Monumental Tree by the decision of the Natural Heritage Preservation Board. You can also take photos of many trees in this place, which is ideal for those who want to spend time in a lush green area. There is also a fountain and a pool located right in front of the tree.

Tomb of Sultan Hıdır

Sultan Hıdır Tomb is located in Dorutay Village of the district. on a hill This tomb, located in , consists of three parts in total.

The first part of the tomb is the courtyard. There are areas where you can sit in this courtyard. The second part represents the place where the tomb is entered. The second part appears as a room. Three different tombs are waiting for you in this room. There is also an area in this room, called sacred, made of fine sand. Since many people buy this sand, you can too. In the last part, there is the tomb where Sultan Hıdır lies. Visitors who come to the tomb pray a lot here. Especially women who want children and people with mental illnesses visit this shrine for healing. We recommend that you add this tomb, which has great spiritual importance, to your list of places to visit in Pertek. 

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