Places to Visit in Puglia

March 26, 2024
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Many regions of the world have points that attract attention with both their historical structures and natural beauties. Puglia also appears as one of these important points. This is a region in the southern part of Italy that stands out with its deep blue sea and lush nature. It is possible to have a wonderful and enjoyable time in the Puglia region, which is among the frequent destinations of those who like to go abroad. The easiest way to get here is to buy a plane ticket and travel by plane. It is not possible to travel by road by purchasing a bus ticket. The central city of the Puglia region is known as Bari. You may consider flying to Bari as the shortest way to travel by air. We recommend that you go to this region, located in Southern Italy, especially during the summer. Because if you plan to swim while you are there, you can choose between June and September.

As it is known, Italy is compared to the shape of a boot. We would like to point out that when you reach the heel of these boots, you will have arrived in the Puglia region. Puglia is a region rich in places to visit. However, if you do not have the opportunity to visit all the places, we recommend that you visit the most frequently visited spots. In our article, we will include the most notable tourist spots of the region. The most preferred means of transportation to the Puglia region is plane. For this, you need to research the companies that organize flights to Bari, which is known as the center of the region. You can choose the most suitable one among these companies and buy a flight ticket. Another transportation alternative is to go to Rome first. After arriving in Rome, you can also reach this region by traveling by train. However, we would like to say that it is not possible to go directly to this region by purchasing a bus ticket from our country.

Puglia is a must-visit region for those planning a trip to Italy. This region attracts attention with its quieter structure compared to other places. However, since many tourists flock here, especially in the summer, it is likely to be crowded. Puglia has many important tourist spots in terms of places to visit. The most popular spots that you should not miss when you come to the region include Castel del Monte, Direzione Regionale Musei, Tremiti Islands, Piazza Del Duomo, Santa Maria al Bagn and Santa Maria di Leuca. Because when you visit these regions, you will see many important places, from beaches to historical places. Since there are many places to visit in the Puglia region, unfortunately it is not possible to fit them all into this article. If you wish, let's start talking about what will meet you in these important places without further ado.

Castel del Monte

When you come to the Puglia region, the first place you should visit is Castel del Monte castle.

This structure, also known as mountain castle in Turkish, is famous for its octagonal form. This castle, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list, is located on such a high hill that you can see it even from very distant areas. It is impossible not to be amazed when you see this castle built by the Second Swabian Emperor.

Direzione Regionale Musei

Direzione Regionale Musei is located in Bari, known as the central city of the Publia region.

This historical building, built by Norman King Roger II, was used as a castle when it was first built. Today, it welcomes its visitors as a museum. The museum is open every day of the week except Tuesdays. If you want to have a pleasant travel experience in the Puglia region, you can buy a cheap flight ticket and easily reach here.

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Tremiti Islands

The next destination on our list of places to visit in Puglia is the Tremiti Islands. Since the Puglia region is located on the Adriatic coast, transportation to the islands is extremely easy.

When you arrive at the Tremiti Islands, which are an archipelago, you can feel like you are in heaven. You can enjoy the sea by swimming a lot on the islands, walk to explore the surroundings and take various landscape photographs.

Piazza Del Duomo

One of the places you should definitely visit when you come to the Puglia region is the city of Lecce. As soon as you set foot in this city, you will see Piazza Del Duomo Square.

The most striking feature of this square, which is closed on three sides, is that it reflects the traces of baroque architecture. While visiting the square, you can also visit structures such as the Priest's Palace, Bell Tower, Cathedral and see many important points at the same time. Since it is a bit difficult to get from one place to another within the Puglia region, it is recommended that you rent a car. You can also use city public transportation by purchasing a bus ticket.

Santa Maria al Bagno

Located in the Puglia region, Santa Maria al Bagno is a fishing town. Despite being a small town It has a lot of visitors.

If you have sea plans during your trip to Puglia and are looking for a sandy beach to swim in, we would like to say that you are in the right place. Because the coastal part of this town is covered with sandy beaches. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun here. After visiting this town, you can also visit Portoselvaggio Park, which is located right next to it and is a natural park.

Santa Maria di Leuca

The most convenient option for transportation to the Puglia region is undoubtedly to purchase a flight ticket and have a pleasant flight. Because you do not have the chance to come to this region by purchasing a bus ticket directly.

There are many places to visit in the Puglia region. Santa Maria di Leuca is also among these places. In this region, located at the southernmost tip of Puglia, you have the opportunity to see many caves that were formed completely naturally. There is also a lighthouse here. We especially recommend you to watch the sunset from here.

Since Puglia is a very rich region in terms of places to visit, unfortunately we could not write about all the places one by one. After completing these travel routes we have prepared for you, you can visit many other important places such as Tomba di Rotari, Rione Monti, Porta Napoli, Taranto Archaeological Museum.

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