Places to Visit in Samandağ

June 28, 2024
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Samandağ is one of the touristic districts of Hatay city, located in the easternmost part of the Mediterranean Region of our country. Located approximately 24 kilometers from Hatay city center, the district also has the longest coastline in our country. Samandağ, one of the most striking districts of Hatay, is visited more frequently, especially in spring and summer. Therefore, you can come to this district by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket and have an unforgettable trip. Samandağ is also known as an interesting region in terms of places to visit. In addition to historical buildings, there are also many natural beauty areas worth seeing. You can choose this district for a peaceful trip or holiday with your family or friends, accompanied by lush green nature.

It is extremely important for travelers coming to Samandağ district to learn detailed transportation information. Travelers who plan to come with their private vehicles can download the navigation application that provides directions to their devices and easily reach the district through this application. Those who do not want to come with a private vehicle or do not have a vehicle can consider transportation options by bus or plane. You can easily come from every point of our country by bus. However, since there is no bus terminal in the district, we would like to point out that your destination should be Hatay Intercity Bus Terminal. You can come here by purchasing a bus ticket from your current location. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can pass to the district by taking other means of transportation such as minibuses and buses.

For air travel, your destination is Hatay Airport. From your location, you can browse the airline companies that fly to this airport and choose among them to buy a flight ticket. After arriving at the airport, you can use other means of transportation to go to Samandağ, rent a private car or take advantage of taxi options. When we return to our topic of places to visit in Samandağ, let us state in advance that a very peaceful travel process awaits you. Among the travel routes you should definitely visit when you come to the district are Samandağ Beach, Titus Tunnel, Beşikli Cave, Vakıflı Village, Hıdırbey Village and Batıayaz Plateau. You can add these places to your travel list and start visiting the tourist spots on your list as soon as you step into the district.

Samandağ Beach

When you come to Samandağ district, the first place you should definitely visit is Samandağ Beach, which has the distinction of being the longest beach in our country.

The total length of this beach, which is also seen as the symbol of the region, is around 15 kilometers on average. Here you can take a long walk with both your family and friends. In fact, you can also swim in the sea from here. However, since there are always waves in the sea, we do not recommend beginners to swim. If you are a professional in swimming, of course you can swim here and enjoy the deep blue waters.

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Titus Tunnel

The most important historical point you can see by purchasing a Samandağ bus ticket is the Titus Tunnel. You can easily go to the location of this historical place by taking public transportation from the town center. This tunnel is located within the Çevlik Ruins.

In the past, this district was a port city. This tunnel, dating back to when it was a port city, has an average height of seven meters. This historical building, whose width is about six meters, is approximately one and a half kilometers long. Since it is the most important historical ruin of the district, it is one of the places you should definitely see closely. This tunnel is closed to visitors on weekends, but you can come and see it on weekdays.

Cradle Cave

The next route on our list of places to visit in Samandağ is Beşikli Cave. Since it is located very close to the Titus Tunnel, you can also visit this cave after visiting the tunnel.

This cave, like the tunnel, appears as one of the important historical structures of the region. This cave, which is one of the frequent destinations of those who like to visit historical places, is also a historical structure within the Çevlik Ruins, like the tunnel. There are many Roman tombs on the walls and floor of this cave, which provides important information about the history of the region. You can visit this historical cave, which is closed to visitors on weekends, on weekdays.

Vakıflı Village

Another touristic spot that you can get the chance to see closely by purchasing a flight ticket to Samandağ is Vakıflı Village. This village also has the distinction of being the only Armenian village in our country.

As soon as you step into this village, one of the prominent residential areas of the district, the scent of orange flowers will hit your nose. There are many citrus gardens you can see around the village. You can visit the village accompanied by the fragrant scent of flowers and visit the Virgin Mary Armenian Church in the region.

Hıdırbey village

After Vakıflı Village, another village you should visit is Hıdırbey Village. This village is famous for its plane tree, called the Moses tree.

By purchasing a Samandağ bus ticket or flight ticket, you can have the opportunity to see the Moses tree closely, which is of great importance in terms of religious tourism. This tree is Hz. It represents Moses coming back to life with water, which is called immortality, after hitting the ground with his staff. You can take a souvenir photo in front of this tree, which attracts attention with its magnificent appearance, and relax under the shade of the tree.

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Batayaz Plateau

The last route on our list of places to visit in Samandağ is Batıayaz Plateau. Located in the Batıayaz District of the district, this plateau stands out with its lush green nature.

Who wouldn't enjoy the plateau air? Here you can breathe in the pure oxygen, sit by the stream flowing through the trees, and spend time in touch with nature. We recommend that you add this plateau, one of the natural beauties of the district worth seeing, to your list of places to visit.

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