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March 29, 2024
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Many regions of Turkey stand out with both their natural beauty and cultural structure. Taşköprü is a place that embodies these beauties. Taşköprü is one of the districts of Kastamonu province, located in the Black Sea region on the northern coast of our country. The name of this district, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, comes from a bridge made of stone. There are many different alternatives for transportation to this district. You can reach here by intercity buses by purchasing a bus ticket. Travelers who plan to come from more distant regions can purchase a flight ticket and consider the option of a pleasant flight. This district, which has great importance in terms of cultural tourism, is especially rich in historical buildings. There are many cultural structures worth seeing in this district, which was used as a settlement area by many civilizations.

In this article, we will give you information about places to visit in Taşköprü. However, first we would like to talk about how you can come to the district most comfortably. There are many alternatives for urban transportation to Taşköprü, which is a historical district of Kastamonu. You can reach Taşköprü by taking one of the public transportation vehicles moving from Kastamonu city center to other districts and transferring between districts. It is also possible to reach directly by taking a taxi. Travel lovers who plan to come from outside the city can easily reach there with their own vehicles. Those who do not have a vehicle or do not want to drive can use intercity bus lines if they prefer road transportation. To do this, it is enough to research the companies that provide bus services to the bus terminal serving in Taşköprü district from where you live and choose among them and buy a bus ticket. Another transportation method is air. However, there is no airport service in the district.

That's why you need to reach Kastamonu Airport first. As with the bus option, you can also inquire about the companies that offer flights to this airport from your location and purchase a flight ticket by choosing the one that best suits your budget. After arriving at the airport, you can first go to the city center by taking private shuttles, and then go to the district by other means of transportation. If you want direct transportation after arriving at the airport, you can also take a taxi. Taşköprü stands out in terms of places to visit, especially with its historical buildings. Among the places you should definitely visit when you come to the district are the Historical Taş Bridge, Seymenli Recreation Area, Pompeipolis Ancient City, Şeyh Hüsamettin Mosque, Abdalhasan Tomb, Rock Tomb Monuments, Stone Mosque and Abdalhasan Pond. By adding these places to your travel list, you can have a historical and enjoyable trip.

Historical Stone Bridge

When you come to Taşköprü district, the first place you should see is undoubtedly the Historical Taşköprü, which gave its name to the district.

There is no clear information about when this important historical building, which you will immediately see when you step into the district, was built. Cut stone and rubble stone were used during the construction of this historical building, which was built on Gökırmak. We definitely recommend you to see this bridge, which was also used in the Ottoman period, closely.

Seymenli Recreation Area

If you want to have a picnic in a clean atmosphere when you come to the district, you can choose Seymenli Recreation Area.

Located on Küçük Çiftlik Road, this place is approximately 22 kilometers away from the town. Since this place is covered with a lush green area, it is a spot where local people often come. You can have a picnic with your family and loved ones, surrounded by nature, and spend quiet and peaceful hours. We would like to remind you that you can also come to Taşköprü district by purchasing a bus ticket.

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Pompeipolis Ancient City

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Taşköprü is the Ancient City of Pompeipolis, located in the Zımbıllı Hill region in the northern part of the district.

Some archaeological excavations were carried out in the region where this ancient city is located, and as a result of these studies, many historical ruins such as graves were found. The artifacts found in this region are exhibited in Kastamonu Archeology Museum.

Şeyh Hüsamettin Mosque

The district is also a region that attracts attention with its historical mosques. If you are among those who like to visit historical mosques, we recommend that you add Şeyh Hüsamettin Mosque to your travel list.

Located in the Tekke District of the district, this mosque is a historical building dating from the principality period of the region. If you time your mosque visit in May, you can participate in the Saints' Week celebrations and have a pleasant time. We recommend that you purchase a flight ticket in advance in order not to leave your transportation plans to the district to the last day.

Abdalhasan Tomb

This historical building, located in the district's Abdalhasan Village, which has the same name as the tomb, is among the important points you should see.

This tomb, in which rubble stones were used in its construction, was opened in May. It is one of the places visited by many tourists during the Saints' Week event.

Rock Tomb Monuments

Taşköprü district is a very rich region in terms of rock tombs.

While there is a rock tomb known as Aygır Castle in the Ağcıkişi District of the district, there is an Urgancı rock tomb with the same name as the village in Urgancı Village. It is also possible to see many rock tomb monuments closely in Bademci and Donalar Villages. Especially the rock tombs located in Donalar Village attract attention with various relief patterns such as lions and eagles.

Stone Mosque

Taş Mosque, located in the town center, is one of the important historical buildings that should be on your list of places to visit in Taşköprü.

Since this building, also known as Kara Mustafa Pasha Mosque, has no inscription, there is no trace of when and by whom it was built. The top of the building is covered with a roof and a ceiling made of wood. The most important feature of this mosque, which used rubble stone in its construction, is that it is the only mosque where funeral prayers are performed.

It is important for those planning a trip to Taşköprü district to choose transportation options in advance. Because if you book a flight ticket or bus ticket before going on a trip, you will not have the problem of not finding a seat afterwards.

Abdalhasan Pond

The last stop on our list of places to visit is Abdalhasan Pond, which stands out with its lush green areas.

The location of this pond is Abdalhasan Village of the district. When you come here, a wonderful view of the pond will greet you. You can spend peaceful hours in lush green nature and capture wonderful pond views.

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