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June 25, 2024
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Taşucu stands out as a holiday resort in the Silifke district of Mersin province, which is located in the Mediterranean part of our country and has great importance in terms of tourism. This town, which hosts local and foreign tourists throughout the year, has many historical points and natural beauty areas worth seeing. By purchasing a Taşucu bus ticket or a flight ticket, you have the chance to see the notable touristic spots of the town closely. Taşucu, which gained the right to gain town status in 1955, also offers important touristic spots to its guests in terms of places to visit. It is possible to reach this region by road or air. Transportation information is extremely important for visitors who plan to come to Taşucu town, one of the remarkable towns of Mersin.

Those who will come to Taşucu town can get directions via the navigation system if they will use their private vehicles as transportation. Visitors who do not plan to come with their personal car can consider the intercity bus alternative by purchasing a bus ticket if they wish. There is already a bus terminal in the town. Depending on your location, you can search for bus companies that organize bus services to this town. If there is no direct transportation, you can first come to Mersin Bus Terminal and from there you can transfer to the town by other means of transportation. Those coming from more distant cities may prefer transportation by air. To do this, you need to buy a flight ticket to Adana Şakirpaşa Airport, which is located closest to the region.

After arriving at the airport, you can go to Taşucu by other means of transportation. If you wish, you can also use taxi options. If you have no idea about places to visit in Taşucu, we can easily say that this article is for you. Among the touristic spots you should definitely see closely when you come to the town are Narlıkuyu, Taşucu Atatürk House Museum, Liman Castle, Boğsak Bay, Taşucu Arslan Amphora Museum, Göksu Delta and Aya Tekla Church. You can have an unforgettable holiday experience in this town, which stands out with both its historical and natural beauties. Visitors who plan to come to Taşucu town for sightseeing or holiday purposes can review our list of places to visit in Taşucu and create travel routes according to the places in this article.

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If you are thinking of going on your Taşucu trip in the summer, the first place you should visit is Narlıkuyu.

Located approximately half an hour away from the town, this area offers its guests a wonderful sea view and lush nature. In this region, which is among the frequent destinations of many tourists, you can swim in the sea, have a pleasant time in the lush green nature and take many nature-themed photos.

When you come here, you can also visit the Heaven and Hell Sinkholes, which are only two kilometers away, and kill two birds with one stone.

Ataturk House Museum

Atatürk House Museum, located on the coastal part of the town, is one of the historical points you must visit when you come here.

This museum is of great historical importance. Because this museum was built exactly the same as the oldest house in Thessaloniki where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born. As soon as you enter the museum, you can come across various items belonging to Atatürk. You can visit this museum, which is open to visitors every day of the week except Mondays, without paying any entrance fee. To see such historical museums up close, you can buy a flight ticket that suits your budget.

Port Castle

The next destination on our list of places to visit in Taşucu is Liman Castle, located approximately seven kilometers from the town.

This castle, built in the 15th century, is one of the most striking and rich historical landmarks of the town. Since the area where the castle is located is surrounded by pine trees, it is possible for you to experience both a historical and lush atmosphere at the same time. When you enter the castle, you can see historical ruins such as baths and workplaces. We recommend that you add this historical castle, also known as Boğsak Port Castle and Incekum Port Castle, to your list of places to visit.

Bogsak Bay

While you are in Taşucu town, you may also want to enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun.

Boğsak Bay, one of the places where many tourists frequently visit, awaits you with its magnificent natural beauties and deep blue sea. You can swim in this bay, which is one of the places you can come to by purchasing a bus ticket to Taşucu, go fishing at the pier and have a wonderful day. Facilities such as sun loungers, umbrellas and showers are also offered here.

Taşucu Arslan Amphora Museum

One of the historical places you should not leave without seeing when you come to Taşucu is the Taşucu Arslan Amphora Museum located on the main street.

The museum has a magnificent appearance because it was built entirely using stone masonry. This museum is our country It has the distinction of being the first and only amphora museum. Let's give brief information to those who do not know what amphora means. It is a type of pottery used in ancient times to transport products such as olive oil and wine. The amphora, also known as a Greek pot, has two vertical handles. These pots exhibited in the museum were unearthed by chance, caught in fishermen's nets. You can closely see and examine many important historical Greek pottery of different sizes in the museum.

Goksu Delta

Another touristic spot that you can see closely by purchasing a Taşucu bus ticket or plane ticket is the Göksu Delta, which is located approximately 20 kilometers from the town.

This region, one of the spots frequently visited by nature lovers, is located at the intersection of the Mediterranean and the Göksu River. In this region, which has a tremendous natural beauty, you have the chance to see different creatures, from blue crabs to various bird species, from summer ducks to various fish species. It is an ideal place for those who want to spend time in touch with nature.

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Hagia Thecca Church

The last stop on our list of places to visit in Taşucu is Aya Tekla Church, also known as the underground church.

This church, which stands out as one of the oldest centers of Christians, is also known as Meryemlik. If you are interested in historical churches, we definitely recommend you to visit this place. You can also find historical cisterns, baths and grave ruins in the area where the church is located. You can see this church, which stands out with its mystical atmosphere, up close for free.

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