Places to Visit near Antalya Kemer

July 5, 2024
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Antalya Kemer region is one of the most frequently visited spots in our country and hosts many tourists. There are many natural beauty areas and historical buildings worth seeing in this region, which is quite crowded especially in the summer season. In this article, we will give you information about places to visit near Antalya Kemer. There are touristic spots such as beaches, canyons and nature parks that you can visit close to Kemer holiday resort. It is extremely easy to reach this region. If you are planning to spend your holiday in Kemer and its surroundings, you can choose one of the flight ticket or bus ticket options. When you go to Kemer, you can also visit the natural beauties and historical buildings located close to the region. Transportation information is of particular importance for those who will go on holiday to Kemer.

You have two different transportation alternatives to reach Kemer: road and air. When it comes to highway transportation, the first thing that comes to mind is traveling by private vehicle. However, if you do not have a private vehicle or do not want to drive for hours, you can choose the bus transportation option. You can come to Kemer by bus by purchasing a bus ticket directly from cities such as Izmir and Istanbul. Unfortunately, we cannot say anything clear about this since bus ticket prices and travel time may vary depending on the departure point. If you want to use air transportation as your choice, you need to arrive at Antalya Airport in Antalya. From where you are, you can take a look at the airline companies operating flights to this airport.

You can buy a flight ticket by choosing one of the discounted ticket options offered by these airline companies. You can have a wonderful holiday in Kemer, one of the most important holiday resorts of our Antalya province in terms of tourism. If you get bored of visiting the same places during your Kemer holiday, you can also visit other touristic spots close to the region. Places to visit close to Antalya Kemer include Göynük Canyon, Göynük Beaches, Olympos, Köprülü Canyon, Sivri Dağ National Park, Lara Düden Waterfall and Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park. We recommend that you visit these places before ending your Kemer holiday. You can shape your travel plan according to these points and get the chance to see more touristic places during your holiday.

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Goynuk Canyon

One of the top places to visit near Antalya Kemer is Göynük Canyon, which stands out with its magnificent nature and peaceful atmosphere.

This canyon, located in the Göynük document, is approximately 12 kilometers away from the Kemer region. You may feel like you have fallen into heaven in this canyon region full of natural beauties. You can go for a nature walk around the canyon, reach the top and watch wonderful waterfall views, take lots of photos and have a pleasant time. Since it is very crowded on weekends and holidays, we recommend that you come earlier if you can.

Goynuk Beaches

Another touristic spot close to Kemer is Göynük Beaches. If you time your holiday during the summer, you can visit these beautiful beaches and enjoy the sea.

The sea of ​​these beaches located in the town of Göynük is very clean and clear. The first of these beaches is Göynük Beach, which has the same name as the town. Another beach is Beldibi Beach, which stands out with its approximately three kilometers of sandy beach. You can choose among these beaches and enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun. There are also businesses on the beaches where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. In addition, there are also facilities such as umbrellas, sun loungers and showers.


Another travel route that you can have the opportunity to visit by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket is Olympos. It is located at an average distance of 28 kilometers from Kemer district.

Located close to Kemer and Çıralı holiday destination, this region attracts attention with both its historical and natural beauties. This place also has the distinction of being an ancient Lycian ancient city. So, when you come to this region, you can discover the historical texture of the ancient city while having a day full of natural beauties.

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Bridge Canyon

Another touristic spot that you should not miss during your Kemer holiday is Köprülü Canyon, located close to Kemer.

Located within the borders of Manavgat district of Antalya, this canyon has a wonderful natural view. This place is also known as a national park. Many tourists come here especially to do rafting water sports. If you are interested in this water sport, you can participate in the rafting tour and spend hours full of adrenaline. While you are here, we definitely recommend you to see the historical Roman Bridge.

Sivri Mountain National Park

Another sightseeing point on our list of places to visit close to Antalya Kemer is Sivri Dağ National Park. It is one of the highest points of the Ey Mountains.

There are many different natural beauty areas that you can explore in this national park, which is located approximately 50 kilometers away from Kemer district. From here, you can also watch the Mediterranean view from a bird's eye view and take plenty of landscape-themed photos. You can also visit this place by purchasing an Antalya Kemer flight ticket.

Lara Düden Waterfall

Located close to Antalya Çağlayan District, this waterfall is one of the touristic places you should visit during your Kemer holiday.

Lara Düden Waterfall, located approximately 60 kilometers away from Kemer district center, fascinates its visitors with its appearance falling from a height of approximately 40 meters. You may be left speechless in front of this magnificent and fascinating image, let us tell you now! We recommend that you add this waterfall, which is among the places to visit close to Kemer, to your list.

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Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park

The last route on our list of places to visit close to Antalya Kemer is Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park, located approximately 65 kilometers from the district.

This nature park, which is one of the natural beauties that you can explore with your Antalya Kemer bus ticket, is located within a canyon. You can go for a nature walk in this park and its surroundings, photograph the natural beauties, and have a nice time having a picnic with your family in the recreation areas around it.

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