The Best Mountainering Routes

Sept. 15, 2022
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Top 5 routes for mountaineers have ideal options for those who want to spend time alone with nature. If you want to climb and experience a different action, you can choose one of the routes with different features and have an exciting experience. It is very enjoyable to take a nature walk in the spring, when nature wakes up and the wonderful colors of autumn. Enjoy the scenery and breathe the fresh mountain air in October and November.

Küre Mountains (Kastamonu)

The Küre Mountains and its immediate surroundings are a very large land stretching from Kastamonu to Bartın. It offers 36 routes at 482 km and alternative routes at 762 km. Camping is possible on this route, which includes the Küre Mountain Road. The path with its idyllic scenery appeals to all audiences and is a destination for hikers of all levels. The best timing for this tour, which includes camping and mountain biking, is from May to November.

Yenice Forest Road (Karabük)

Karabük is located in the Western Black Sea Region. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Yenice Forest 'is among the 100 most valuable forest areas in Europe in terms of biodiversity and is in urgent need of protection' has a way. The most important part of the road, where mountain bike trails are located, is the place called 'Nature Conservation Area and Arberetum Area' with monumental trees. For those who want to visit this road, the best timing is from April to November. This place, which stands out among the routes for trekking, has a unique view.

Ihlara Valley (Aksaray)

One of the most beautiful climbing routes is Ihlara Valley. Located 10 km from Aksaray, Ihlara Valley is a wonderful blend of nature and culture. The valley has a very special topography, churches and chapels. 

The length of the Ihlara Valley is 18 km, its depth is 150 m and its width is 200 m. It has the characteristics of the largest canyon inhabited throughout history. This region, where many streams connecting to the Melendiz River meet, is the center of various cultures and civilizations. There are 382 steps at the bottom of the valley. It takes 2 days to visit the whole valley. When the works are completed, Ihlara Valley will be the longest trekking route in Cappadocia.

GR 20 (Corsika)

Located in Corsica, a Mediterranean Island near France, the GR 20 hiking trail is famous for trekking lovers as the most challenging and complete hiking destination in the world. This 180 km long road is completed in about 15 days. It is necessary to be assertive and have hiking experience to walk on the GR 20 path. It is a route considered the best 'Sea to Sea' hiking activity in the world. The GR 20 route is a place where many people come, thanks to the flights of Lufthansa, KLM, Air France and Turkish Airlines. It is a unique place that stands out among the best climbing routes.

Inca Trail (Peru)

Known as one of the oldest hiking routes in the Andes, the Inca Trail is among the best mountain routes. This place is an ancient route with a very rich history that has been used since the Incas era.

It takes 4-5 days to walk the entire path and there are still original structures built by the Incas. To go to the Inca Trail, you can go with Turkey – Peru flights thanks to the companies KLM, Air Canada and Air France.

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