Where is Ballıkayalar Area? What's the cover charge?

Dec. 20, 2023
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Ballıkayalar Area is one of the touristic regions that stands out with its lush green nature and natural beauties. This region is also known as a nature park. The region, which is among the must-see places for nature lovers, attracts attention with its rich vegetation and greenery. There are many activity options that allow you to have a wonderful and enjoyable time in the Ballıkayalar Area, which can be visited in all four seasons. In a way, this place is different in summer and different in winter. In the summer, you can go hiking or join frequently organized trekking tours. In addition, there are also recreation areas that allow you to have a pleasant picnic.

If you choose to come in winter, an adventurous rock climbing sport awaits you. In this region, which is among the first rock climbing spots in our country, you can climb the valley walls ranging from forty to eighty meters on average and have exciting hours. This region is an ideal place for those who are overwhelmed by the chaos of the city and want to be away from sight. Transportation is very important for those who will come to Ballıkayalar Nature Park for the first time. If you wish, let's start sharing with you many details, from how to get to the region to whether there is an entrance fee, without further ado.

Where is Ballıkayalar Area?

Ballıkayalar Area is located in the Gebze district of Kocaeli, which has the distinction of being the tenth most populous province of Turkey. This region, which covers an average area of two kilometers, fascinates its visitors with its magnificent natural view. It is also possible to see many different creatures in the region, from wild boar to mole, from bird species to marten. The best time to visit Ballıkayalar Area, which is among the natural beauty areas of our country, is summer. However, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, there are many beautiful and diverse activities in winter. That's why it is among the places you can visit regardless of summer or winter.

How to Get to Ballıkayalar Area?

There are many different transportation options for travel lovers who want to come to Ballıkayalar Area. The region hosts many visitors, especially since it is located close to Istanbul. Visitors coming from Kocaeli can reach there quickly with the help of navigation if they have a private vehicle. Those who do not have a private vehicle can reach the region by public transportation, first by taking minibuses going to Gebze district and then to Tavşanlı Village. There are three different transportation alternatives for travel lovers planning to come from Istanbul. One of these is a private vehicle, the other is a bus, and the last one is a train journey. Those who come with a private car are recommended to use the D100 Highway. As long as there is no traffic congestion, you can reach the region after a journey of approximately one hour.

If you do not have a private vehicle or do not prefer to come by private vehicle, you can take the buses to Gebze. To do this, you can purchase a bus ticket and choose the buses departing from Istanbul Bus Terminal to the region. The last transportation option is the train line from Pendik to Gebze district. After reaching Gebze after a pleasant train journey, you can take public transportation to Tavşanlı Village and come to Ballıkayalar Area. Those coming from more distant cities with their private vehicles can also reach the region directly via navigation. Visitors who do not plan to come by private car can choose intercity buses or air transportation. The first destination for those coming by intercity buses is Gebze district.

The destination for those who will travel by air is primarily Istanbul. To do this, all you have to do is buy a flight ticket by choosing one of the companies that organize flights from your region to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. After arriving in Istanbul, you can go to Gebze using public transportation, then take a minibus to go to the region, or you can take a taxi and arrive directly at Ballıkayalar Area. The same route is valid for those arriving by intercity buses.

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What is the Ballıkayalar Area Entrance Fee?

We would like to point out that you do not pay any fee to enter the Ballıkayalar Area. If you enter without a vehicle, there is no entrance fee. However, visitors who plan to come with their private cars must pay a certain amount of entrance fee for their vehicles. Although this entrance fee is 60 TL, it is actually a parking fee and the fees may vary from season to season. Let us also say that if you want to have a picnic in the area and rent a picnic table, you will have to pay a certain fee.

Is barbecue allowed in Ballıkayalar Area?

You can have a pleasant picnic here with your family or loved ones. and you can have a great time. Since barbecuing is allowed in the region, you can crown your picnic with a barbecue. Since it is quite crowded, especially on weekends, we recommend that you come on a weekday if you have the opportunity. If you do not have such an opportunity and are coming on the weekend, it may be better to arrive early to find a place.

Can you swim in Ballıkayalar Area?

Ballıkayalar Area is one of the touristic areas that attracts attention with its lush nature and magnificent atmosphere. The region is a very suitable place, especially for those who like day trips. After arriving here, when you proceed a little further, you will be greeted by a dazzling waterfall with its magnificent beauty. Since swimming in the waterfall is free, you can have a pleasant swimming experience. Of course, the best time for swimming is summer, so we recommend that you plan your trip accordingly. 

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