Where is Berçelan Plateau? How to go?

Feb. 29, 2024
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Turkey is a country that contains many beauties with its plateaus, plains, sea and historical places. There are touristic spots worth seeing in many regions from south to north, east to west. Berçelan Plateau is a region that stands out among these beauties and provides a peaceful atmosphere to its guests with its lush green nature. Berçelan Plateau, located close to Hakkari city center, also appears as an area where people living in the region continue their lives during the summer period. Because people here graze their animals during the summer and continue their lives by setting up black tents. Berçelan Plateau, like other plateaus, attracts attention with its calm structure and oxygen-rich air. Location and transportation information are of particular importance for those planning to come to this region. In the rest of our article, we will specify the exact location of the plateau and also talk about transportation options. So, without further ado, let's start telling you everything you want to know about Berçelan Plateau.

Where is Berçelan Plateau?

Berçelan Plateau is located close to the city of Hakkari in the Eastern Anatolia Region of our country. Located approximately 18 kilometers from Hakkari city center, the plateau stands out with its natural beauties. It is possible to have a good time accompanied by lush green nature in the plateau, which is among the frequent destinations of those who are tired of the city chaos and want to spend a quiet day. This region, which is of great importance in terms of plateau tourism, is perfect for nature lovers. The plateau, which stands out with its clean air and unique view, is also very suitable for those who are interested in nature photography.

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How to Get to Berçelan Plateau?

There are many different alternatives for transportation to the plateau, which is only eighteen kilometers away from Hakkari city center. Those coming from Hakkari city center can easily reach there with their private vehicles. Those who do not have a private vehicle can benefit from car rental services or take a taxi. Because it may not be possible to come here directly by public transportation. You can also come from the surrounding districts with your private vehicle, rent a car or use taxi services. Those planning to come from outside the city may need to first reach Hakkari city center. There are transportation options for this by both road and air. While there are private vehicles and intercity buses in road transportation, as the name suggests, air travel awaits you in air transportation.

Holidaymakers who prefer to come to the plateau with their private vehicles can reach the plateau with the help of navigation from every point of our country. Those who come with a private vehicle can go directly to the area where the plateau is located. Those who plan to come by bus should first come to Hakkari city. While there are direct bus services to this region from some cities of our country, there is a high probability that you will travel with transfers from others. Therefore, it would be beneficial to research the bus companies operating to Hakkari Bus Station in advance. After finding the suitable bus company, you can buy a bus ticket and reach the city after a pleasant journey. Ticket prices and travel time may vary depending on your departure point. After arriving, you can take a taxi or rent a private car to go to the plateau area.

For those coming from more remote areas, transportation by air may be suitable. Transportation by air is frequently preferred as it shortens the travel time. There are direct flights from major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara to the airport serving in Hakkari's Yüksekova district. You can choose among the companies that fly to this airport from your location and buy an affordable flight ticket to have an exciting flight among the clouds. The point where the airport is located is approximately 79 kilometers away from the city center. After landing at the airport, you can go directly to the plateau by renting a private car from here. If you wish, you can first go to Hakkari city center by public transportation and then rent a private car from there. We would also like to remind you that you can also benefit from taxi facilities.

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What to do in Berçelan Plateau?

Berçelan Plateau is one of the places where you can discover natural beauties. In this place, which is very suitable for nature lovers, you can go for a nature walk, breathe in the fresh air accompanied by lush green nature, and take plenty of photos with nature views. It is possible to spend peaceful hours in this place, which is also ideal for people who take photography professionally. Additionally, if you are looking for a little adventure, you can also experience sports such as mountaineering. top of the plateau It is worth underlining that as you ascend, you can also see the snow at the top. It is a place that must be visited by those who want to integrate with nature.

When to Go to Berçelan Plateau?

Berçelan Plateau always welcomes you with its natural beauties, regardless of spring or summer. You can encounter a different view in four seasons and discover the beauties that each view offers you. One of the most suitable periods to visit Berçelan Plateau is spring and the other is summer. We would like to say that the plateau air will be good for those who are overwhelmed by the heat and want to cool off, especially in the summer months. This plateau, which attracts attention with its lush green valleys, eye-catching ponds and mystical atmosphere, can be described as a natural paradise.

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