Where is Emet? Places to Visit in Emet

Feb. 21, 2024
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Many regions of our country stand out with both their cultural structures and natural beauties. Emet district is also among these important places. Emet district, which has great importance in terms of thermal spring tourism, is also very rich in boron mines. Most boron almonds are mined and seen in this region. In other words, we can say that almost two-thirds of the world's boron reserves are here. Because it is famous for its thermal springs, it was granted the distinction of being a Thermal Tourism Region by the Council of Ministers in 1993.

Many local and foreign tourists come to the region every year. Especially the number of visitors who want to benefit from its healing waters is quite high. Emet, which was known as a town in the Kutahya Sanjak in the past, gained district status in 1922. The district, which has a total of thirteen neighborhoods, has an average population of around twenty-two thousand. There are many important places you can visit in the district, which is located in the inner parts of the Aegean Region of our country.

Where is Emet?

Emet is a district of the Kütahya province located in the inner parts of the Aegean Region of Turkey. While Çavdarhisar and Aslanapa are located in the eastern part of the district, Tavşanlı district is located in the northern part. It borders Simav district on the west side and Hisarcık and Gediz districts on the south side. Emet district, which stands out as one of the districts of our city of Kütahya, is very popular especially for its thermal tourism and boron mine. The district is approximately 94 kilometers away from Kütahya city center.

What's Emet like?

Emet district, which has an important place in terms of thermal tourism in our Kütahya province, is a region visited by many local and foreign tourists every year. The district, which has more than one hot spring, also has culturally rich and natural beauty areas worth seeing. The number of people who come to the district, which is a touristic area in terms of thermal springs, for healing purposes is also considerable. Especially the digestive system comfort of the hot spring waters in the district; It is said that it is good for many different diseases such as rheumatism, gynecological diseases, and skin diseases. There are also many historical mosques and castles in the district, as well as many natural beauty areas. Emet, which is one of the most beautiful districts of Kütahya, is a frequently preferred travel destination by those seeking both healing and peace.

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Places to Visit in Emet

There are many places you can visit in Emet district, one of the districts of Kütahya. Before moving on to the sights of the region, we would like to briefly talk about how you can get there. Visitors who want to come from Kütahya city center can easily reach by road if they have their own vehicle. Another option is to take public transportation from the city center. For those coming from outside the city, road, air and rail transportation options are available. If you are coming by road with your own vehicle, you can use the navigation application. Those who will not come with their private vehicle can choose the companies that provide bus services to the bus station in the city center. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can take a taxi to the town or use public transportation.

For transportation by air, Zafer Airport located in the city is preferred. Visitors planning to come from Istanbul can directly reach this airport. You can also travel from other regions via transfers. After arriving at the airport, you can take the transfer vehicles to the city center. After arriving at the city center, you can go to Emet district by taking public transportation or consider the taxi option for faster transportation. Another way of transportation is by train. We would like to inform you in advance that you can make the train journey with a connection. Guests who want to come from Istanbul by train can provide direct transportation. After arriving in the city, you can reach the district by taking public transportation or a taxi.

Emet is a district that stands out with both its natural beauties and cultural structures. The most popular places to visit when you come to the district are Emet Cevizdere Martyrdom, Dereli Kaynarcaları, Yeşil and Kaynarca Thermal Springs and Tahtalı Recreation Area. You can find more detailed information about these prominent tourist spots of the region in the rest of our article.

Emet Cevizdere Martyrdom

The first place to visit in Emet is Emet Cevizdere Martyrdom, located within the borders of Günlüce Village of the district.

Many people became veterans and martyrs in the district, which was subjected to Greek occupation in 1921. This monument was built in 1985 to commemorate this city and its veterans. During the Greek occupation, the people of the region also helped our soldiers, and thanks to this unity and solidarity, the occupation was stopped. Dereli Kaynarcalari

Located approximately 20 kilometers away from the town center, Dereli Kaynarcaları is a region that stands out with its healing waters.

It is said that the water coming from these springs is good for psychological movement disorders, nervous system diseases, joint and rheumatic disorders. That's why many visitors come to the district every year to benefit from these healing waters.

Green and Kaynarca Thermal Springs

Yeşil and Kaynarca Thermal Springs, located in the Emet district center, are a region that stands out with their healing waters, like other thermal springs.

This spa water is effective in relieving chronic ailments; It is also used in the treatment of stomach, digestive, bile and liver diseases. There are also areas such as an outdoor pool, sports areas and sauna that visitors can benefit from in these hot springs. You can also stay here if you wish.

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Tahtalı Recreation Area

When it comes to places to visit in Emet, we think we should include Tahtalı Recreation Area in our list.

You can encounter a magnificent view when you come to this picnic place located close to the Emet region. Since the recreation area is located around the pond, you can watch the view of the pond while having a picnic in the company of lush green nature.

Photo: Emet District Governorship

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