Where is Lovers Waterfall?

Sept. 18, 2023
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Aşıklar Waterfall, located in Nebiler Village of Dikili district of İzmir city in the Aegean Region of our country, is a place that attracts attention with both its story and its magnificent natural beauty. Izmir is one of the most popular holiday destinations in our country. Throughout the year, many local and foreign tourists from outside the city come to the city for a day trip or holiday. Izmir itself is as popular as its districts. Located in Dikili district, Aşıklar Waterfall is among the first preferred spots for those who want to spend time in touch with nature. As its name suggests, it is known as the meeting point of lovers, visited by people who love each other.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush green nature. There are large and small cave formations worth seeing in the region, and hiking trails where you can breathe in the fresh air and walk among the plane trees. It is also possible to camp here while enjoying the magnificent view and peaceful sound of the waterfall. Aşıklar Waterfall, one of the first holiday spots that comes to mind when Izmir is mentioned, is quite crowded, especially in the summer season. It is among the holiday routes that must be visited by those who want to escape from the noise of the city. It is extremely easy to reach the region, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year.

What is the Story of Lovers Waterfall?

Aşıklar Waterfall is one of the most popular holiday areas in Izmir. The area where the waterfall is located is especially visited by lovers. The name of the waterfall is Lovers because of a love story that happened in the past. The story tells the sad love story of Sümeyra, the daughter of the Fairy Sultan, and a young mortal boy named Yörük Ali. The fairy sultan opposes the meeting of these two young people. Thereupon, Sümeyra and Yörük Ali continue to meet secretly under the influence of big interests in the Nebiler Valley. Learning about this secret meeting, the father wants to kill Yörük Ali, and just as the sultan's soldiers are about to kill the young man, the plane trees split into two. Both the fairy sultan's daughter and Yörük Ali get lost in the plane trees. At this very moment, the two lovers pray to God, "Let us not be separated forever." This wish is accepted and the two lovers turn into a waterfall flowing from the rocks. The water flowing from Aşıklar Waterfall represents these two lovers.

Can you swim in Lovers Waterfall?

Aşıklar Waterfall is a place that stands out with both its natural beauty and historical atmosphere. It hosts visitors very often, especially because of its story. With the beginning of the summer months, it is flooded with visitors. If you want to witness this love story and have a peaceful holiday alone with nature, we definitely recommend you to visit this place. Over time, a small pond has formed where the waterfall flows. It is possible to swim in this pond. Since the water is cold, you can cool off by entering this pond in the scorching heat of summer. Especially in summer, the length of the pond remains around one meter. That's why you can swim comfortably. Since the sound of the waterfall gives peace of mind, you can both have a quiet holiday and accumulate unforgettable moments.

How to Get to Lovers Waterfall?

There are many different alternatives for transportation to Aşıklar Waterfall, one of the favorite holiday routes of Izmir. It is easy to reach with your private car, taxi or public transportation. Guests who want to come with their private vehicle should follow the direction of Izmir-Dikili-Ayvalık highway. As you continue on your way, you will see a sign for Nebiler Village. When you see this sign, you need to turn right. After making a right turn and moving forward for a while, you will see a sign stating that there are 800 meters left to Aşıklar Waterfall. By following the signs, you will arrive at the natural wonder area where the waterfall is located.

Visitors who want to come by public transportation can choose public buses departing from Izmir to the region. These buses will take you directly to the area where the waterfall is located. There is a bus service from the city center to Dikili district, where the waterfall is located, every hour. Apart from these means of transportation, you can also benefit from taxi services.

Is Lovers Waterfall Paid?

A certain fee must be paid to visit Aşıklar Waterfall. Parking fees are charged, especially for visitors arriving by car. The entrance fee by car is 15 TL. Visitors who are students pay 10 TL to enter. Visiting hours of Aşıklar Waterfall, which can be visited both on weekdays and weekends, are between 08.00 in the morning and 19.00 in the evening. There are also facilities that offer shopping opportunities after entering the waterfall. If you wish, you can shop for yourself or buy gifts for your loved ones from these facilities. This hotel hosts thousands of visitors every year. You should definitely see this place closely when you come to Izmir. 

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